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Gang Stalking – No Springtime for us targets!

Okasy, Spring is around the corner. Can you believe it? Another Spring spent as a target? That makes 5 springs for me. I’m going on my 6th year in August. Six years of putting up with scumbags, zombies, sickos, drunks, homeless people, alcoholics, money hogs, etc. Spring is the time you should start getting ready for what they’re going to do to you during the summer.

If you’ve recently become a target, this is what they’re going to do to you. The areas where you live, apartment, or house, will become increasingly dirtier.  This is the time of year where they try to make your place a place for all kind of vermin – roaches, ants, spiders, etc.  They want your place to become a disgusting place to place. Once you get all the vermin  in  your  apartment/house, it’ll be hard to get rid of them during the summer.  If you are not careful, you’ll have so much vermin, you’ll have to find a different place to live, or hire an expensive exterminator.  If you live in an apartment, the  manager will not do much to send an exterminator to your apartment. And if she/he does, it’ll be some watered down stuff that will only kill you. So make sure you clean  any garbage they throw around where you live. You will see twice the garbage you used to see in winter.

And then  all the  “little darlings” will be home from school for the summer with nothing to do, but drive you crazy.    They will do a lot of screaming,  knock on your door for the hell of it, run by door yelling and spend all their time looking toward your house apartment so they can snitch on you. They will make summer a lot of fun for you!!!   All the little brats running around making your life even more miserable than in winter.  And if you thought winter was bad, you ain’t  seen nothing yet!!!

And if you’re a man, or woman, the women will come out wearing practically nothing.  They want to entice you to talk to them. Don’t fall for it! They’re lowlifes.  As a matter of fact, if a man finds a woman attractive, don’t let her know it, because they will use the woman to get you to give up information to her, so don’t go there no matter how lonely you are! And it’s the same with men, women don’t fall for the man who’s very sweet to you. It’s springtime and it’s the time for the hormones to rage.  Be very careful who you let into your life this time of year.

So I’m warning you ahead of time. I know someone who’s never experienced gang stalking in summer can be easy prey. Spring and summer should be a time for relaxation, but not if you’re a target! No springtime for any of us targets! Only more gang stalking.

Gang Stalking – Summer, the season of bugs and kids.


sunglasses (Photo credit: Judy **)

London 022 Obese man

London 022 Obese man (Photo credit: David Holt London)

Roaches eating cheesecake small

Roaches eating cheesecake small (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As I’ve written before, the worse season for us targets is summer.  Even though, it’s still spring, thing are really bad  in Las Vegas. It’s like summer here.  No one’s wearing a jacket anymore, and all the women are wearing short-shorts.  I told you about the short-shorts already.

As I’m sit here typing, I keep hearing banging on my door again.  The two little kids I told you about are throwing rocks at my door again. This time I’m not going to the office, I’m going to call the police.  What kind of parents do these kids have?  The other day, I saw them pulling branches off a tree planted a few months ago.  The branches are new and it’s going to destroy the tree.  Can you imagine what these two kids are going to grow up to be?  If they don’t learn now about right and wrong, their chances of succeeding in life are slim.  And believe me, it’s not only going to be the problem of the parents, but all of us who have to deal with kids like this.

As I was writing, summer’s a bad month for targets.  You’re going to be seeing a lot of food strewn around where you live.  Make sure that you remove whatever food you see. It’s put there purposely to attract roaches, ants, flies and other vermin. Already they’ve been putting roaches into my apartment.  I’ve had no roaches all year.  I’m very careful I don’t get any, but in the last few days, I’ve seen roaches come from outside and come into my apartment.  I’ve put pesticide all over my apartment and when they get in, they don’t make it for too long.  I see them barely making it inside.  They die.

So I just want to remind you to buy pesticide and put it around the crevices, otherwise, I can assure you, you will spend your summer killing bugs, or calling the exterminator.

Usually the one who bring bugs into your apartment is the janitor. He has access to your apartment and  he’s the one who comes into it and breaks things, puts roaches in it, and does a lot of nasty things.  The owner usually doesn’t involve himself in doing these things, but he’s the one who tells the janitor what to do.

Cover all the crevices, get rid of whatever garbage you see, make sure you don’t have any drips from your faucets (the roaches get thirsty during summer and like it inside by the water), don’t leave any food out, unless it’s in a can.  Put whatever you can into the refrigerator.  Make sure you don’t leave the garbage out at night, if you do, cover it tightly.  Check behind the refrigerator to make  sure that the perps haven’t put crumbs under it. Check  your cabinets to see if  any of your plates have crumbs on them.  Check your pots, a lot of times they’ll put crumbs in pots.

Believe me, I know what I’m talking about.  I’ve spent almost every summer I’ve been a target trying to prevent bugs from getting into my apartment.  I know, summer brings a lot of bugs, but this goes beyond a lot of bugs, it’s an infestation. It’s disgusting what the perps do to make sure your apartment becomes a bug heaven. Don’t let your home become a welcoming place for vermin.

And buy a pair of dark sunglasses so you don’t have to look at a bunch of ample women in short-shorts.  Or hefty men who are shirtless.

(Look at the roach photo above, that should be enough to convince you to be careful.)

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Gang Stalking – Gang Stalkers, go away, go away, away like the roaches you are.

Lucifer - torturing souls as well as being tor...

Lucifer - torturing souls as well as being tortured himself in hell (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

National Poetry Month Display @ Forest Hills

It’s National Poetry Month, so I decided to write a poem.

Gang stalkers, gang stalkers,

go away, go away,

away like the roaches you are.

Your time will soon be over.

You are all miserable pieces of human waste.

Hope your kind never sees the light of day ever again.

Gang stalkers, gang stalkers,

Enjoy eternity in hell!

I know I won’t win a prize for poetry, but it states exactly how I feel.

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Gang Stalking – Gang stalkers are the devil’s spawns (gross stuff below).

Fred C - Spider

Fred C - Spider (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Roaches eating cheesecake small

Roaches eating cheesecake small (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Alex's fake cough

Alex's fake cough (Photo credit: /dave/null)

This image shows two 0.28 inch (7 mm) small fl...

This image shows two 0.28 inch (7 mm) small flies of the family Anthomyiidae. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)Earthworm faeces

I was  looking around the front area of my apartment complex,  and all over, there were ant trails leading to my apartment.  This is the time of year you constantly have to check around the front of your house/apartment.  I also noticed that a lot of flies were around the front of my apartment.  I took a close look and found feces on the ground.  If you see a lot of flies around any area, check it out, probably feces have been put around the area. For some reason, flies just love feces. I’m getting so used to all the stuff the gang stalkers do to me that I’m no longer as grossed out as I used to be.  It’s part of my everyday now.  Funny, how things that happen to us change us. Also, check the back and the surrounding areas.  Make sure they’re not filling your house/apartment with roaches, ants, spiders.  Check every crevice, because if you don’t, some day you’re going to wake up to roaches, ants, spiders and other vermin running all over the place.

Yesterday, I told you  who the gang stalkers are,  but I didn’t tell you exactly what they do.  Let’s just say gang stalkers are the devil’s spawns.  The gang stalkers are so evil that I’m surprised their horns aren’t showing.  I’m sure they’ve been sent straight from hell to make our lives miserable.

The gang stalkers will hunt you down 24/7.   No matter where you go, there they’ll be.  They’ll act  very innocent, but be very careful with people who suddenly show up wherever you are. The first thing you’ll notice, they’re always fidgeting with their phone.  You’ll notice that they’re never talking to anyone.  What they do is input a code into their phone and sit quietly trying to get electricity into your body.   Sometimes, they’ll make-believe that they’re talking to someone, but you can usually tell  if they’re not.  Their eyes are always watching you, not directly.  They never want you to catch them watching you. The code they use attracts electricity.  Notice that they’ll turn their phone toward you. That’s the first step in identifying a gang stalker.  Also, another way of spotting a gang stalker, they’ll  be wearing  a style of clothing that you wear, or colors that you wear. Or same type of shoes you wear.

Let’s say you enter a restaurant, you order, sit and eat.  Most times the gang stalkers will follow, or already be in the restaurant.  Usually, they’ll order a drink and that’s it.  Rarely do they order a meal.  They’re in the restaurant to harass you.  After a while, you’ll begin to recognize the signs.  The best thing to do is to IGNORE THEM!  They’re looking to get your attention. They feel successful if they can get you to make a remark to them.  Then they can report it to their monitor.  The monitor is the one they report to, and the one who gives them their gang stalking schedule.  They keep in touch with the monitor by cell  phone and he’s always told what you’re doing. They email the monitor, so you won’t hear them.  When you leave, the gang stalker notifies the monitor.  The monitor notifies other gang stalkers who are in the area to keep an eye out for you and report your location.  And this goes on all day.  You’re monitored 24/7.  Some targets are not monitored as much, but most targets I know are.

And be careful of men and women who try to befriend you.  A lot of times they’ll send a gang stalker to spy on you by befriending you.  So be careful what you say to anyone.  Not everyone who befriends you is a  gang stalker, but you really can’t be careful enough.  Talk about the weather and that’s about it.  Let them do the talking and learn about them.  And never mention you DISLIKE something, because it will become part of your gang stalking.  Try as best you can to ignore things done to you, because anything that annoys you will become a game for them.

Another way to tell a gang stalker, is the stupid cough they always do.  As they pass you, they’ll cough.  Don’t pay attention to the cough.  It’s just a cough!  Or they’ll pass by you and call you “crazy.”  Ignore it.  Not worth getting upset about.  You know you’re not crazy, but they’ll try to make you believe you are. That’s basically their aim to get you to believe you’re crazy and should be on medication.

That’s it for today.  I don’t want to bore you to death.  Tomorrow I’ll write about “Street Theater.”


Gang Stalking – For summer, don’t let your apartment become a “bug heaven.”

Ant Party

Ant Party (Photo credit: sbfisher)

ant party

English: A pile of Borax based washing detergent.

Image via Wikipedia

Fire hydrant in Charlottesville, Virginia, USA

Image via Wikipedia

English: Cigarette butts thrown on the ground ...

Image via Wikipedia

Summer’s coming, but summer is not a great time for T.I.s.  This is the time of year the gang stalkers go all out to make your house or apartment a place for bugs. If you live in an apartment, you really have to watch all those crevices, because the gang stalkers  will try to make your apartment a welcoming place for all bugs.  The gang stalkers will put food, sugar, anything sweet that will attract roaches, ants, spiders and other pests.  Make sure you cover any holes in your apartment or house. I use plastic bags and cover all the holes with them.  It really works. Bugs can’t stand trying to get through all the plastic, so they don’t even try.  They just stay away. Just keep on top of it, or your apartment will be ” bug heaven”  for the bugs.

I also found that dish detergent works really well in keeping bugs away.  I take some dish detergent and put it around my sink. If they drink the detergent, it makes their bodies bloated.  When they get too bloated, they die.

Do you see a lot of cigarette butts in front of your apartment or everywhere you go?  They’re put there by the gang stalkers.  Make sure you remove the butts from the front of your apartment or house.  Cigarette butts attract electricity, that’s why they put them in front of your apartment. As a matter of fact, anything you usually see in front of your apartment, you should remove. These things are there to draw electricity to you. If you remove the butts, you’ll just find new ones, so keep on top of it.  You’ll also find batteries, pennies, paper, fast food cartons, plastic bottles, etc.  You’ll stay busy just removing the crap that’s put in front of your house or apartment. They especially like to put them near irrigation control valves, fire hydrants, on the ground, in the grass.  So every day check the front and back of your house or apartment.  Check  in the morning, night and any other time you think of it.

Everything you do is in the gang stalkers’ radar.  They’re always watching you.  So don’t think because you can’t see them that they’re not watching you, because they are.  And they’ll mess with whatever they see you do.  Just always keep your eyes open.  Don’t become paranoid, but play it on the safe side.  Do everything you can to keep yourself safe and then don’t worry about the rest.  There’s just so much you can do. And be nice to yourself, since no one else is.

Oh, one more thing, if you see a trail of ants, just keep pouring water on the area where they are. It’s like a flood happening to them.  Just keep doing it.  They’ll get so annoyed, they’ll move  somewhere else.  Maybe they’ll move to your neighbor’s apartment, or house.  I’m sure they had something to do with the trail.  Why don’t you just re-direct it to their apartment or house?  I do.

I know.  I know.  I’m so sweet.

If you have time, read the articles below, especially “7 Reasons Ants Will Inherit the Earth“.  Very funny and kind of gross.


Gang Stalking – Off topic – PostaDay 2011 – What is a fear you think you can conquer today?

Well, I’m not afraid of spiders. They’re considered good luck in the Puerto Rican culture. And I know they’re good luck. Every time I see one, I know something good is going to happen. Or, anyway, I’ve convinced myself something good is going to happen.  And roaches, they’re everywhere in New York.  Even in the richest of neighborhoods, so I lost my fear of them a long time ago.  But I still think they’re ugly little things with their wings.  

So what  else do I fear?   Let me see?  I don’t fear dogs and cats.  I prefer them over people.  That’s it!  People.  People can do more harm than can any other  animal.  People will stab you in the back; lie to you;  kill you;  harass you; take your money; sexually abuse you; blow you up.   All the while telling you how civilized we are compare  to the cave man.  We are more cave man today than the original Neanderthal people.  And a lot more dangerous.  But it’s not a fear I can conquer in a day.

So what else  can I conquer in a day?  I thought of something I fear and can conquer in a day.  But I’ve decided to keep it to myself.  If I tell, the gang stalkers will use it to  hound me and harass me more than ever.

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