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Gang Stalking – Just play it cool.

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Well, the floozy is back.   I told you about her before.  She lived upstairs and she left in January.  I went out to throw away my garbage and  two men were walking in front of me.  One of the men turned around, and it was her.  She’s very mannish looking. I really thought it was a man!  She was, of course, with another  man.  Must be like about the 8th or 9th man she’s been with this year.  I don’t know if she’s living upstairs, or living in another apartment.  But this time, we’ll see who gets the better of whom. This time if she throws me on the ground, I’ll be ready with my camera.  I’ll get her and put her in jail where she belongs.

I wrote yesterday about everything that happens to targets is just third world nonsense.  And it is.  I don’t like to write blogs that are too long because no one will read them.  I know if someone writes a blog that goes on for 5 or 6 paragraphs, I lose interest. So I try to get my ideas across in a blog that’s as concise as I can make it.

As I was writing, everything that’s done to you is third word nonsense.  No satellites or Directed Energy Weapons follow you around.  That job falls to the gang stalkers.  If you live in a house or apartment, the gang stalkers surround your area.  A lot of times, your gang stalker will be someone sitting in a car(s) right near your house.  If you live in an apartment, all the apartments surrounding you become places where gang stalkers hang out.  You’ll never hear them, but they can hear everything you say. (Not only can they hear everything you say, but everything you say is recorded. Just think of all the movies you’ve seen where the FBI is hanging out next door.  The same thing happens to you.) They’re told not to put their t.v. on, talk, take a shower, cook, etc.  Their main purpose is to harass you non-stop and listen to everything you say.  Also, they’re told to watch everything you do and report back to the government jerks. If you leave to go anywhere, they will report that you’ve left your apartment.  And from the minute you leave your apartment till you get home, you will have someone follow and watch everything you do.  A report is kept on everything you do.  If you yell at someone, it’ll be on the report, probably add some nonsense about you being violent.  So when you go out anywhere, play it COOL!  Don’t let the jerks get to you.  It gives them all great pleasure that they’ve annoyed you.  If they discover that something really annoys you, it will continue ad nauseam. Everywhere you go it will happen over and over.

And be careful when you go out, they’ll try to run you over, make you angry, get in line in front of you in the store, restaurants will keep you waiting, give you the wrong food, overcharge you, serve you cold food when it supposed to be hot.  Also when you go into a store, restaurant, etc. the music volume will increase, people will talk very loudly, children will scream, the restaurant help will drop utensils, pots, pans, anything that makes noise to annoy you.  So when you go anywhere, always have your radio on and put on ear plugs. Anything they can do to make your existence a horrible experience, they will do.  When you go out, be ready for anything. Just play it COOL!  Cool.

Until manana (tomorrow).


Gang Stalking – Off Topic – PostaDay 2011 – If you won two free plane tickets, where would you go?

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If I  won two free plane tickets, I’d head for New York.  I haven’t been in New York in years and it would  be nice to see all the changes that have been made.  I know that a lot of changes have taken place because I always keep track of what’s going on in New York.  I read all articles that pertain to anything about New York.  If there’s a new park being added to the cityscape, I’m on top of it.  If a new restaurant opens up, I know about it.  The subways break down, I know about it.  New Mayor, ditto. Anything and everything that goes on in New York, I know about.

It would be good to return to my roots.  To see friends I haven’t seen in years.  It’d be great to hang out with friends and just have fun.  Or take a ride on the Staten Island Ferry ; ride the subways; have a great piece of pizza (now I’m hungary thinking about the pizza);visit Central Park; see the Statute of Liberty.  Just to see the skyline of New York would be fantastic!

Countdown:  65 blogs to write.

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Gang Stalking – A homeless man put a smile on my face.

Today,  I ran into a homeless man who put a big smile on my face. I was coming out of a restaurant and a homeless man asked me if I wanted to buy a discount ticket to a nearby restaurant.  I replied, “No, thanks.” He told me, “You can have it for a dollar.”  I still said “no thanks.”   I left him and headed to the bus stop.  While waiting at the bus stop, the homeless man passed by me.  I saw him stop to smell some flowers.  As I looked at him, I could see him look around trying to find money.  He looked really hungary.  So I called to him and asked, “Are  you trying to get something to eat?” He headed back toward me and answered,”Yes, I’m trying to get something to eat.”   I didn’t know if I had any money, because I never carry any.   I always use my debit card to buy everything.  So I dug into my purse.  I came up with a dollar and  gave it to him.  He said thank you and hesitated.  I realized with just a dollar  he  couldn’t get  much of anything.  So, I kept digging into my purse.  I came up with a total of .86 cents.  He seemed satisfied and thanked me profusely.  He told me his name, Sebastian,  and walked away.  I watched  as he walked away and wondered what  had happened to him that caused his homelessness.  I turned to my left to see if the bus was coming.  I felt  someone on my right and turned to look.  It was the homeless man again.  He said, “Here, these are for you.”  He handed me a bouquet of flowers and hugged me.  I took a really good look at him.  A really good  look!  He was a very handsome man, and the suntan he had, brought out his very blue eyes.  He walked away leaving me with a feeling that even a homeless man can give someone a gift.  He left me with a smile  on my face.  And I’m still smiling.

Gang Stalking – Off topic – PostaDay 2011 – If you knew you were going to live forever, what would you change?

Yesterday, I only had 20 days to live. And now, I’m going to live forever (I don’t think I want to live forever).

Well, I’d start by ripping up all the credit cards I got because I thought I was only going to live 20 days. And now I’m  going to live forever (WordPress, you sure know how to mess with someone’s fantasy).

First of all, I have to get use to the idea of living forever. It’s not an idea that’s occurred to me.

I’d have to start really saving money. It takes a lot of money to live forever.

I’d probably go back to school.  Study all the way to a Ph.d. I’ll need a lot of knowledge to keep up with the rapidly changing times.

I’d definitely find myself a husband.  I don’t want to spend forever by myself.  It’s nice for a while, but forever is a long time to be alone.  Maybe going back to school is a really good idea.  I’ll find a husband at the school.  At least we’d have something in common.

If I don’t go back to school, I’d like to start a business.  What kind of business?  I don’t know.  Maybe start a restaurant.

I definitely have to buy a car.  I can’t imagine forever riding on a bus.  And having a car would enable me to travel out of Vegas and see more of the West than what I’ve seen.  I’d live in Europe for a few years and move on to other countries as the years went by.

God!  Just thinking of living forever is tiring  me out.  All that time to exist.  I can take my time doing whatever it is I want to do.

Does living forever mean we stay healthy?  Or do we grow really old and decrepit?

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Gang Stalking – PostaDay 2011 – If you could be invisible for a day, what would you do?

As a targeted person being chased around by a bunch of no good creeps, I definitely would try to drive them crazy. Wherever they were, I’d appear and do something.

 If  a gang stalker were in a restaurant eating a sandwich, I would tap him on the shoulder and he’d  have to turn around. Gone would be his sandwich!  He  would turn around and not see  it. He would  wonder to himself, am I crazy? I don’t remember eating my sandwich. 

Another  gang stalker would be in the store, wallet in her hand, I’d take the wallet right out of her hand and throw it in the garbage.  Now, she would think there were ghosts or spirits around. 

Another is in his home taking a shower, I’d turn the hot, hot water on (this is something they’ve done to me several times) and they’d have to move out-of-the-way very quickly or else they’d get a burn.  

A  gang stalker is talking with someone else, I’d  make him hear voices while he ‘s talking with  the another person.  He’d begin to wonder if perhaps he was losing it. 

If one of them were wearing a wig, I’d pull it off in front of other people.  My, how embarrassing! 

 A gang stalker on a date, I’d paint her face to look like a clown.  She’d have the date looking at her strangely and she would wonder what was up.  She would go into the ladies’ room  and scream.  Lipstick would be  all over her face and white, round spots would  be on her forehead.  She would have really big, red lips.  

All day  I’d do this  and try to do to them what they like to do to me.  I’d make sure  to leave a message in their head about doing evil to others.

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Gang Stalking – Off Topic – PostaDay 2011 – Your phone, laptop and i-pad are dead___

can you make it through the day?

Yes, yes and yes. It wouldn’t bother me one bit if all the phones, laptops, etc. were all put out of commission for a day.  Maybe we’d have a day of quiet. No one would be on his phone talking about nonsense we have to listen to. We could actually sit in a restaurant and it’d be a relaxing atmosphere. No phones going off and disturbing our every thought. There should be a day of no computers, no phones, no laptops, nothing.  A day of tranquility.

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