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Gang Stalking – American reporters open your eyes and ears??!!

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I couldn’t get on the computer  for almost two days.  The hackers tried to crash my computer, and they almost did, but I stopped the crash before they did. I finally fixed it, but I don’t know how long it’ll last this time. Every day it’s some nonsense with the hackers. I hope the miserable SOBs get back what they give out.

Anyway, I thought my life was miserable until I heard about a man in China.  I was listening to KNPR radio and there was a story on about a man who’s a blogger in China.  He blogs about the corrupt Chinese government, as I do about the American government. The Chinese government didn’t  like what he was saying about the government and put him in jail for eight years.  Finally, the government decided he’d served enough time and freed him.  But he’s not really free.  He’s now like us targets.  He’s harassed non-stopped as we are and he has security guards watching him all the time.  Since the man’s been released, he’s moved eighteen times in three years.  Sounds very familiar all the moving.

An American reporter had an interview with the man and when the security  guards found out the woman was a reporter, they turned off all the electricity and the elevators in the building in which the man lived.  The American reporter had to walk up sixteen flights of stairs to talk to him.

The same thing that’s happening to this man is happening to us in the U.S., so why is it that an American reporter has to go all the way to China to get a story about a blogger?  There are plenty of bloggers here in the U.S. who are suffering the same fate as this Chinese man, but, yet, no one cares enough about any of us to do a story.

I guess going to China to do a story on a blogger  is more exciting than reporting on what’s happening here in the U.S.

These are millions of stories about Americans being tortured, but  I guess, we’re not exotic enough.  The reporters have no interest in our stories, just people in China and other foreign countries.

Why don’t these reporters look in their own backyards?  They’ll find just as many stories about torture here in the U.S. as they will find in China and elsewhere.

It’s about time American reporters opened their eyes and ears and start reporting  on what’s going on in the U.S.  Don’t you agree?