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Gang Stalking – PostaDay 2011 – What is it you always talk about, but never do?

What is it you always talk about, but never do?  Why is it often on your mind?  Why does it never happen??

I guess I’m always thinking I have to get my driver’s  license.  I let my license expire, and ever since then, I tell myself I have to get my license.  That’s all I ever think about.  Day in and day out.  But I don’t do anything about getting it.  I really want to, but, somehow, I can’t push myself to go to the DMV.

It’s often on my mind because I keep thinking about all the things I could be doing, but are not doing because of no license.  If I had my license, I would be able to rent a car and drive all over Nevada.  I’d be able to see all the beautiful Nevada scenery.  I’d be able to visit Hoover Dam, Charleston Mts., Yosemite Valley, Death Valley, and, oh, so many other beautiful places in Nevada.  People who visit Nevada rarely go beyond the Las Vegas strip, and miss a lot of fantastic scenery.  And so am I by not getting my license.

But I guess I don’t do it because of the people who are gang stalking me.  I’ve heard too many stories about targets being driven off the road, and how it’s not safe to drive a car.  Some people don’t drive their cars at all.  They take the bus to get around instead of driving and leave their cars at home.  They consider it too dangerous.  So I figure I’m safer not getting a license.  If I got my license, I’d start driving around, and who knows what would happen to me.  Better that I stay safe instead of regretting that someone drove me off the road.

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