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Gang Stalking – I can recognize a face years later.

I came into the library and got a computer to use. I sat down and had to get up again. I stood with my chair underneath me.  I was about to sit down, when I remembered what they like to do to me. Sure enough, The man sitting next to me pulled the chair away from where I was standing. If I hadn’t turned around and checked, I would’ve ended up on the floor. I said to the guy, “I know better than to sit down without turning around.” He wouldn’t look at me. Coward!!

Well, anyway, as I left the library yesterday, I almost bumped into the guy who knocked  me down a few days ago. I said, “You’re the guy who knocked me down a few days ago.” He said, “Not me. It was someone else.”  He was very calm when he said it.

Now if someone said to me that I knocked him down, I would respond  with , “What are you talking about?  I haven’t done anything to you.” And I’d be angry at someone accusing me of hurting him/her when I hadn’t.

They like to do this. A few days after a criminal has done something to me, they always show up to see if I remember them.  I always do.  I used to be an artist. And when look at someone, I’m drawing then in my mind, so most times, I can identify someone if I see them later on. It’s very rare that I don’t remember a face.

These criminals train to respond in such a way that makes them sound innocent. But you accuse them of doing something and they always respond in the same loud way. And then show up a few days later looking unlike themselves,. They cut their hair, grow hair on their faces, wear different clothing. But no matter what changes they make to themselves, I can identify them. I have no problem.

These criminals can disappear for a yea and I will recognize them. They need a facelift for me not to recognize them. And even then, there’s other ways of telling who they are. So if they think they’re safe from me, they should think about what they’re doing. Some people remember faces, some don’t. And I happen to be one of those people who remember. Lucky me, unlucky criminals.

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