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Gang Stalking – RAT, malicious software program inventors arrested.

A   malicious software program by the name of RAT  (Remote Access Tool) has been installed in over half a million computers worldwide. This program allows anyone in the world to get into someone’s computer and infect it. This program can steal someone’s password, documents, control webcams to spy on users. It also allows someone to listen to keystrokes to enable them to  get someone’s  passwords. This spyware, disguised as Windows(R) Messenger and Yahoo(R), were put into half a million computers. And the users were not aware that they were not using the real thing. I’m sure it’s installed in mine.

I  want to let you know that these criminals are under arrest. And I’m  not sure, maybe the   site’s been turned off. There are more arrests to come.

I’m interested  in this program because what’s happening to me on my computer is what these rats are doing. I’m sure that a RAT program has been installed in my computer. I’m being watched by spy cam  from a computer, the hackers at the library listen to keystrokes (I’ve known it all along) to get my password, and looked at  photographs I used to have. I deleted them all. That’s why I don’t have any photos on my computer. I knew the hackers were looking at them.

Well, now that the top hackers are under arrest,  maybe they’ll go after the people who bought the software from the company. Maybe we’ll see these criminals go to jail. I know they are here at the library using the spyware. Everything that’s been written about RAT is happening to me. Every single thing.

I’ve complained  that I’m a victim of hacking but no one pays attention. They tell me it’s my imagination.  I’m being hacked now by an Indian man sitting next to me. I’m sure the library has a RAT program installed in the computers. The library is well aware of what’s happening in my computer, so it’s responsible for damages.

I hope the arrests continue and all the criminals end up in prison. It’ll be a warning to others who want to do the same: hack someone’s computer, go straight to jail. Maybe some of the hackers at the library will go to prison, maybe for 3-20 years. They’ve had it too easy for too long.

You can read more about Blackshades RAT on Google. There’s lots of information on this program.

P.S. Don’t forget to watch on May 20, on PBS, Frontline, the second part of the United Sates of Secrets. It tells of the men who came before Snowden. Men who believed in the rights of citizens not to be spied on without a warrant.  They’re heroes to me.


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Gang Stalking – Americans will continue to be lab rats.

Nerve experiments with rats

Nerve experiments with rats (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




English: Group of men who were test subjects i...

English: Group of men who were test subjects in the Tuskegee Syphilis Experiments (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I sit in my apartment feeling like a rat.  For a very long time, rats have been targets of government experiments, and they still are.  But now, I feel like one of those rats.  I’m kept in a cage, my apartment, and cameras  are set-up all over my apartment and I’m studied. I’m studied day and night.  And notes are kept on what I do.  Does she feel pain, anger, afraid, lonely, smart, stupid?

The government wants to know all these things about me because I’ve become their target rat, like many others. They are kept in cages and watched,too.  The rats are good enough for experiments, but the government needs living, breathing human beings to get real feedback.  The government wants to know what I and others will do in certain situations.

If we send electricity running into her body, how will she react?  Will she scream?  Will she complain?  Will she ignore it?

If we send vermin into her apartment, how will she react?  Afraid? Not bothered?  Get out her pesticide and kill them?

If we tell her neighbors to make a lot of noise and not ever let her have any peace, how will she react?  Ignore?  Start showing signs of insanity?  Will she make noise back?  Will she scream her neighbors are driving her crazy?

When she goes out, we’ll  break into her apartment and damage her clothes, steal her food, make holes in the walls,  put fingerprints all over her table, leave footprints in her bathtub and do a lot of damage to her apartment, how will she react?’

We’ll follow her everywhere she goes and never leave her alone outside.  We’ll make sure everywhere she goes, she’ll be belittled, ignored, cheated, treated rudely, given bad food, have things stolen from her handbag, or  rip it.  How will she react? Will she stay calm, or lose her cool?

I guess the government needs to know all this information so it knows what to do when it needs to control the American people.  Of course, the government already has a lot of control over us, but they still need to know more.  It needs more information on those people who won’t fall into line so easily. It needs more information on those it thinks will cause trouble.   They need to know how to control us.  The government can then guess how the troublemakers will react.   The government can ready itself to control those that will not obey.  It will know how to control those who will not stay quiet.  The government can’t take a chance on those who’ll speak up getting  citizens to turn against the government.

So we “lab rats” will continue to suffer.  The government will continue to abuse us until they get us to a point where we give up. And when we “lab rats” get to that point, the government will feel it succeeded in its experiments.

Why does it need more people to experiment on?  For many years, the government has done experiments on Americans.  Because there are always new drugs, new ways of acting and the government needs to know that it can control the masses. So, it will never  stop the experiments, and it will continue to make some Americans “lab rats”.

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Gang Stalking – Uglier than hell.

Pencil Thin Mustache

Pencil Thin Mustache (Photo credit: merfam)

Hell Show

Hell Show (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I just want to say “hi”.  I’m not going to type my blog today.  The bastard in apartment 211 keeps erasing everything I type. He sits like a rat ( he looks like one,too) in his apartment and hacks my computer.  He’s swarthy-looking and has a pencil-thin mustache. I get the feeling that he thinks he’s  all that and a bag of chips.  He should really take a good look at himself sometime. He’s ugly as hell.  Bastard!

That’s it. Have a good day all.

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Gang Stalking – “Tell Freedom I said hello”

Gun Con

Gun Con (Photo credit: yuichirock)

Brothers of a Political Prisoner

"first amendment area"

“first amendment area” (Photo credit: Thom Watson)

Freedom of speech

Freedom of speech (Photo credit: [togr])

“Tell freedom I said hello.”  Lauren DeStefano

I don’t like what’s happening to me, but I’m glad it happened.  I’ve learned so much from the experience of gang stalking.

1.  Don’t depend on your family or friends, because when it comes time for them to stand up for you, they won’t.  They’re just human being with warts. They’ll run like rats when it comes to fighting the government.  They’ll believe whatever the government tells them about us than believe  someone they’ve known all their lives.

2.   I used to believe in gun control. But experiencing gang stalking has made me realize how important the Second Amendment is.  The general public should always have access to guns.  If we don’t, a dictator can easily take over the country.  It is the guns that will keep the government from our doors.

3.   Most Americans are really spoiled, and that includes me.  We’ve grown up with no wars on our soil.  So we have no idea what hell war really is.

4.   We’ve always had food to eat.  Even poor Americans have had food to eat.

5.   We have a free educational system.  All we have to do is show up. A lot of people in other countries have to pay for this privilege.  It’s not a “given” for them.

6.   Most of our lives we’ve been free.  We’ve been free to live our lives as we see fit.  No one followed us around watching everything we did and said.

7.  I never really understood freedom. I always thought freedom was doing my thing, and everyone else doing theirs.  But freedom is more than this.

8.   I always thought government in our lives was a good thing. But I was wrong.  The less government interference in our lives, the better.  The more control the government has over us, the less freedom we have.

9.   I’ve learned that the Second Amendment is very, very important.  That it is not something for the people to try to change. Once the government starts nitpicking on our Second Amendment, that’s the beginning of  our country becoming less free.  It is the one Amendment, more than any other, that will keep Americans free.  The right to pick up our guns and fight a dictatorship is very important.  Our Second Amendment should be left alone.  No one should screw with it.

I once met a woman who told me she had to leave her country. I asked her, “Why did you have to leave?”  She replied, “A bunch of thugs took it over.”   I said, “Why didn’t people fight back?”   She replied, “They had all the guns.”

I’ve never forgotten what she said to me.  It was the beginning of my awakening.

So our job is more than doing “our thing” and everybody doing “their thing.”  It is our job as citizens to make sure our freedom’s protected. That we’re always on watch to make sure it’s not taken away from us.

All we have to do is take a look at other countries that have become dictatorships.

I’ve never really understood what freedom is. I’ve always had it. I took it for granted.  It took gang stalking to make me realize what a gift I have, and to wake me up.

I used to be an UltraLiberal. There are so many things that I didn’t understand about freedom. I cringe at the thought. How could I have been so blind?  So blind as to what freedom really is.  So, in a way, I’m glad gang stalking entered my life; otherwise, I”d be one blind rat.

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