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Gang Stalking – What the gang stalkers have stolen or destroyed these past few days.

Below is what the gang stalkers have been doing to me the past few days. And I’m sure these are not the only things they’ve done to me. I probably haven’t discovered some things yet.

1. My laundry bag cord was ripped to threads.

2. My measuring spoons were stolen.

3. One of my blouses was ripped.

4. One blouse was stolen.

5. They removed aluminum foil from my kitchen shelves.

6. Opened all my food jars slightly so air would escape and spoil food.

7.  Soiled my bath towel.

8.   Put holes around toilet brim and bath tub.

9.  Repeatedly hacked computer.

10. Sprayed pesticide non-stop from surrounding four, five apartments.

11.Broke towel rack.

12. Broke hooks behind bathroom door.

13. Raised oven door so when I put  something on it, it rolls into oven and makes contact with hot electrical system.

14. Took light bulb  out of package and turned it toward electrical system so it would draw electricity.

15. Put footprints on carpet (this happens every day).

16. Broke into my apartment again  (they break-in every day).

17. Tore a  hole in my bathrobe.

18. Replaced  a new deodorant I bought with old deodorant picked out of dumpster.

19. My phone stolen.

20. Broke my umbrella.

This all happened within a period of four days.  Imagine having this happen to you on a continual basis.  I have to spend money on the things that are stolen or ripped to replace them.  So my finances get worse and worse all the time.  This is what happens to targeted individuals on a regular basis.  We all have to put up with this crap every day.  It’s the gang stalkers’ regular ritual…destroy and destroy some more.