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Gang Stalking – Off Topic – PostaDay 2011 – Do you prefer aisle or window when traveling? Why?

If it’s a trip that’s taking me through an area that’s scenic, I prefer the window.  Otherwise, I prefer the aisle, especially on planes.  On planes there’s really not much scenery, except clouds.   I find an aisle seat convenient.  If I want to get up, go to the women’s  room, I don t have to bother anyone.  I don’t have to work my way through someone’s legs or wait until they get up.  I also don’t have to put with people giving me dirty looks every time I have to leave my seat.  And also, God forbid, there’ s any kind of a problem on a plane, I don’t have to wait for anyone to get up.  I just get up and go!  On the minus side, every time someone gets up, I have to get up and wait for them to  work their way through the legs. 

Window has its plus side.  When I sit by the window, I can lean my head against the window and sleep.  Or just relax by putting my head against window.  I also don’t have to worry about having to get up every time someone wants to leave his seat. 

How about you?  Window?  Aisle?