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Gang Stalking -Oh, happy day! I feel like dancing…

Happy Arcadia

Happy Arcadia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today when I went into the office to pay my rent, none of the people I knew were around.  I asked the new girl what happened to everyone.  She told me that a new company was running the complex and everyone left two weeks ago.  Two weeks! And I wasn’t aware that anyone left.  I wasn’t aware that anyone left because my harassment is still the same.  So they are perps, too, which doesn’t surprise me at.

I can’t say that I miss the people who were running the complex before.  I especially don’t miss the man who was so happy telling me how much money he was making this year “perping” people.

I felt like jumping up and down when I heard the news about the takeover, but I kept my cool.  But inside I was jumping up and down.

We never know what is going to happen in our life.  The man who was bragging about making so much money was, I’m sure, counting all the money he was going to be making this year.  But, fate stepped in and gave him a curb.  I don’t want to sound too happy about his fate, but I can’t help but feel good about it.  It’s about time some perp got his “just deserts.”   For too long we targets have gotten a raw deal.  It’s good to see a perp get his; not only him but his co-workers, too.  Now they’ll have to go stand in the unemployment line.

Oh, happy day! I feel like dancing…

I know, I’ll probably get punished for rejoicing, but it’s worth it.

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Gang Stalking – Off Topic – PostaDay 2011 – Would you ever throw food at someone?

Rupert Murdoch,  as part of an investigation at one of his newspapers, was attacked in the  courtroom by someone wielding a custard pie. Historically, people used to throw food at other  people as  a sign of protest, particularly eggs and tomatoes?   Would you ever throw food at anyone? Perhaps in a college dorm food fight? Or have you ever had food thrown at you? Tell the first story that comes to mind.

Yes.  I’ve thrown food at someone in my life.   I was in 8th grade.  A girl who bullied everyone in school especially liked to go after me.  One day she made a remark to me, which I did not like.  Usually, I stood there and just looked at her with a vacant look.  I never responded, though other students did .  I never responded because I thought she was such an idiot and  didn’t want to give her the satisfaction of letting her  know she annoyed me.   Well, I’d finally had enough of her.  I was eating an orange.  I took the orange and stuck it in her face.  Everybody gasped!  Everybody thought I was in for it.  I stepped back and told her never, ever  to mess with me again.  Well, guess what?  She began to cry.  All the students began to laugh.  From that day  forward, she never bothered me or anyone else.  She kept to herself and eventually transferred to another school.  Basically, bullies are cowards and if  someone doesn’t put them in their place, they continue to be bullies.  I learned a good lesson that day.

I became a  popular  girl for a while, but eventually everything returned to  normal.  But no one from  that day on messed with me!  Oh, I did get punished, though.  I had to serve a whole month of detention.  Detention meant that I had to spend an hour after the  school day was done  sitting in the gym thinking about what I did.

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