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Gang Stalking – We live in a very sick society.

I pass a row of stores on my way to the supermarket. I always look in the window of a handbag store to see what’s new. Yesterday, as I passed the store, a woman, the store owner, pushed out to the front of the sidewalk, a little boy of about 2-years-old. The woman had pulled the little boy’s pants all the way down to his shoes. He still had his underwear where it belonged. The little boy stood by the front of the store while his mother stood watching him with a smirky smile on her face.

What kind of sick mother would pull down a little boy’s pants and shove him out the door?  A sick bitch, that’s who. Are these people born without brains? I can’t believe what these perps do to their children to harass us targets. All week-long, I’ve had children shoved in front of my face. I guess with school out, these perps are probably told to use their children to annoy targets.

What exactly is throwing a 2-year-old in front of me supposed to mean?

It’s sending me a message, I guess. I don’t even want to think what it is.

These fucks are all sick.  To put a child in that  spot  is absolutely disgusting.

These idiots do whatever they’re told to do.  I can’t believe a caring mother would do this to her child. To me, it’s child abuse.

And then if something happens to their child, they wonder why.

The little boy is learning that’s it’s perfectly normal to run out of the store with his pants down to his shoes.

What a sick society we live in!

But, then, this is Vegas.

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