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Gang Stalking – Newscasters doubt gang stalking victims’ accounts of hearing voices.

Here’s  a  video on hearing noises. The psychiatrist, as always, denies that people are really hearing voices. That’s it’s some kind of problem with the brain. I think if there’s  a  problem with anyone’s brain, it is the psychiatrist’s brain. And look at  the newscasters, how they look at each other as if the people are all crazy in the video. I hope it happens to all of them.

See: http://www.youtube/watch?v=r6dkOMCOur8&feature=Youtube_gdata_player

If you can’t get it, go to http://YouTube.com and type in: Organized Gang Stalking and Electronic Harassment on MSNBC News!

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Gang Stalking – Psycho bitch will get her day in hell!

Continuation of my blog from yesterday.

I remember this woman  inviting me to visit her in Florida for Thanksgiving. I thought it strange, since  I don’t remember her ever inviting me to her home for Thanksgiving any other time. So I thought “what is she up to?” Out of curiosity, I took her up on the offer of spending Thanksgiving with her. The year was 2008.

In the year 2008, strange things began to happen to me, but nothing I couldn’t handle. I basically led a normal life.

When I visited this woman in Florida in 2008, she took a lot of pictures of me. I thought it weird for her to take so many pictures. Why? Now, I know why. It was a way to identify me to the perps who would haunt me for the rest of my life.

While visiting her, I noticed a birthday card on the couch. It was a birthday card from her  15-year-old daughter to one of her friends. I read the card. It said: Happy birthday__________. And we can have some fun stalking some people on your birthday. LOL.

Stalking people? I didn’t think it was funny. I’d read stories about men and women experiencing stalking and it sounded awful! What a strange thing to want to do for fun!

But, again, I put it out of my mind.

Now, I know why the daughter found stalking funny. She and her mother were probably involved in stalking people.

I didn’t know then I would become a victim.

I also remember this woman telling me that I should see a psychiatrist. I’d complain to her about the strange things happening to me.

I remember the look in her eyes when she told me I should see a psychiatrist. She looked at me in a very cold, unfeeling way. I stared back at her wondering if this woman wasn’t a little crazy. I responded that I did not need a psychiatrist and I was very sane.

I left for Las Vegas soon after the remark she made to me about the psychiatrist.

Now that I know she has a vendetta against me, what can I do? No one will believe she’s the cause of my gang stalking.

I don’t feel any better knowing who’s behind my gang stalking.

All I can think is: What an evil bitch! She’ll get her day in hell! Maybe she already is!!!

And by  the way, all the perps have the same psycho look in their eyes and  are very cold and uncaring.

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Gang Stalking – The Truman Delusion.

Cover of "The Truman Show [Blu-ray]"

Cover of The Truman Show [Blu-ray]

For a few days now, every single time I go to my comment section, there’s a message in Japanese. I delete it, turn on my computer the next day and there it is again. I delete again, shows up again the next day.  I think it’s a way for the perps to get into my computer. I erase it as soon as I see it.  I don’t open it. I guess the idiot who’s doing it thinks it’s funny.  Ha, ha, ha, you’re so funny, you idiot. Why don’t you do something that does something good for the world? Get a life!

There’s  a delusion that psychiatrist are now calling “The Truman Show Delusion“.  It’s a delusion where someone thinks he’s being followed around by cameras and everyone in his life is an actor in it.  The delusion takes its name from the movie “The Truman Show“.  That’s the movie where Jim Carrey discovers the life he lives is not real and everyone in his life is an actor.

Psychiatrist are now using this delusion to label people who complain about people following them around.  You see how this all works. Every time the government harasses its citizens, it backs it up with some made up delusion to go with what they’re doing to us. So, let’s say you go to a psychiatrist and tell him you’re being followed, watched in your home, etc., you’re probably suffering from Truman Delusion psychosis.  The delusion fits in with what they’re doing to us.  And instantly, you’re put on medication and told you’re delusional.  Now, doesn’t that make sense to you?

I never believed in psychiatry.  From all the psychiatrist I’ve met in my life, a lot of them didn’t seem to have it together. And these people, who don’t know whether they’re coming or going, are the ones who judge whether we’re mentally stable?  Thanks, but no thanks, to partaking in psychiatry.  I can very well do without them. I’ve never needed one and don’t need one now.  And pooey to “The Truman Delusion”.  Just another way for the psychos to make money off us.  And I sure don’t think I’m in a movie and the center of the universe.  What’s happening to me and others is real. Nice going, gov.

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Gang Stalking – Everybody still thinks we’re all crazy.

Sigmund Freud, founder of psychoanalysis, smok...

Sigmund Freud, founder of psychoanalysis, smoking cigar. Español: Sigmund Freud, fundador del psicoanálisis, fumando. Česky: Zakladatel psychoanalýzy Sigmund Freud kouří doutník. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Fire alarm - St Athan's hotel

Fire alarm – St Athan’s hotel (Photo credit: markhillary)

heavy sound bag

heavy sound bag (Photo credit: earsaregood)

Lately, I’ve heard a really high pitch sound in my apartment.  It just goes on and on.  And I thought to myself  “where is it coming from?”  So  turned I off the circuit board.  It didn’t involve the circuit board because the sound was still in my apartment.  So I thought and thought “what does it sound most like?  The sound was very similar to a  fire alarm.  Sure enough, it was the alarm from where the sound came.  It is not an ordinary fire alarm sound.  When your battery gets low, there’s a beep, beep kind of sound to warn you that the battery is low. This has nothing to do with an alarm.  It’s a sound made to drive you crazy.  I took out the battery, the sound stopped.  So if you’re  getting a high pitch in your apartment, turn off the circuit board first and see if it stops.  If it doesn’t stop, take the battery out of your fire alarm.  If it goes off, it’s the fire alarm.  If it doesn’t go off, it might be coming from above you, next door, refrigerator, walls, sockets, your lights.  It could be coming from anywhere.  Turn the circuit board off, and turn each circuit on one by one and see what happens.  Just keep trying.  Don’t give up.

This morning I also discovered the light in my kitchen is a mess.  They took the part where I put the bulb out.  They connected the bulb directly to electrical wires, red and green. The maintenance man probably did it while I was out. They can do these things because they always know where I am and when I’ll be coming home.  So there’s no longer a place where I can put a bulb.  Something told me to look into my light.  My instincts kicking in.  It’s amazing to me that when they mess with something in my apartment, something tells me that I need to check things out.  It’s just an example of the things they’ll do to things in your apartment.  Make sure you always check your lights, refrigerator, oven, etc.  Believe me, they’re always trying to make your life more miserable than it is  already.  The words I want to use to call the maintenance man and his wife are not printable. Oh, for the day to see both of them in handcuffs!  I dream of the day!

From what I’ve read of gang stalking, nothing seems to be changing.  No one believes that what is happening to us is happening.  Everybody still thinks we’re all crazy.  And so many articles written by psychiatrists  say that we’ve all convinced ourselves that we’re experiencing these things because we’ve gotten a mob mentality.  We’ve convinced ourselves that they’re really happening and they’re not.  I’m sure these articles have been put out there by the U.S. government.  So I don’t see  much help in the future;  only more torture and control of us. Bastards!

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