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Gang Stalking – Oh, my God, I’m becoming a Republican!

Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada (Photo credit: Frankphotos)

Mi iPod con vídeo

Mi iPod con vídeo (Photo credit: juanpol)

Republican Party (United States)

Republican Party (United States) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Rent day, so I had to go to the office to pay my rent.  I never go into the office, nothing but perps in the office.  Every time I walk into the office, the manager tells me of a complaint she has about me.  This week the complaint was about taking videos of other tenants.  The whiny crybabies went into the office and complained that I was using my phone to take photos of them.

I said, “Me, taking videos of them. I don’t even have a camera, all I have is a regular phone and all I can use for is my radio.”

The manager said, “Well, I’ve had a few complaints about you videotaping tenants.”

“Why is it they never tell you about all the things they do to me?”

She looked at me and nodded.

I walked out of the office and decided to find out what my rights are re taking videos. So I took a walk to the police station.

I told the man at the desk that I have a question about my rights in taking videos of others.

He said, “What do you want to know exactly?”

“I’m being harassed and I want proof of the harassment, so I want to take videos of the people doing it.”

He said, “Well, you have a right to take videos, but if the man who owns the building wants to throw you out he can. If he doesn’t like what you’re doing, he can throw you right out.”

“But the apartment complex has cameras watching everyone, why can it videotape us, but we can’t videotape other tenants.”

The man replied, “Well, it’s the man property and he can do whatever he wants. He can throw you out anytime he wants for absolutely no reason. It’s his property.”

I said, “Don’t I have any rights to protect myself?”

The man continued, “As I said, it’s the man’s property and he can throw you out  anytime he wants. He doesn’t need a reason.”

So I said, “Basically, I have no rights. What about if I videotape someone from the sidewalk?”

The man replied, “Same thing. He can still throw you out. It’s his property. The sidewalk doesn’t belong to him, but he can still throw you out if he wants to.”

I asked, “What if I put a camera in my apartment?  Can he throw me out?”

He replied, “Yes, it’s his property and if he doesn’t like what you’re doing, he can throw you out any time he wants.” He did tell me I can go to court if I don’t like it.

It’s all about property rights here in Las Vegas. At one time I wouldn’t  have understood about property rights, but now I do. It’s the man’s property and he can do whatever he wants to do with it.  And I agree.

I’m definitely going through a metamorphosis.  I’m afraid I’m turning into a Republican! Not.


But still being a Liberal, the question I have.  Whose right is more important? The property owner’s right?  Or the person who wants the right to take  videos to protect herself ?

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Gang Stalking – Disgusted by all the filth.

Lots of broken glass on the sidewalk after the...

Deutsch: Hundehaufen Zeit der Aufnahmen: 16:42...

Sidewalk, Baronne Street, New Orleans Central ...

Sidewalk, Baronne Street, New Orleans Central Business District. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Defunct business name in front sidewalk. Anoth...

Defunct business name in front sidewalk. Another entry to a shop, now a parking lot. Shreveport, Louisiana. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Business Park Several small businesse...

English: Business Park Several small businesses have been given premises and grants to start up here (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I just don’t understand it.  How can people who own a business or property let it get ruined?  Usually the gang stalkers do damage to a property by breaking the sidewalks, tearing down trees, dirtying area. And a business will usually have the same damage around their business.  Graffiti on the outside, lawn destroyed, door  broken or bashed in.  I can’t believe that people who worked hard all their lives let a bunch of savages destroy what they’ve built up over the years.  And all the businesses and properties take part in gang stalking.  I’ve always wondered, are they forced to do what they do?  Or do they do it willingly?  Do they get paid for the damage done to their property or business?  That’s the only answer I can come up with. The businesses get paid by the government for letting their business become places of harassment to the targets.  Otherwise, how else can I explain such stupidity by people who supposedly have brains?

And it’s not only the properties and business which allow the damage.  This also happens at the library, banks, churches, on busses, etc.  They all allow damage to be done to whatever they run.  It makes absolutely no sense to me.  None of it.  It’s like the monkeys have been let loose in the world, and are given permission  to do everything in their power to make the world an ugly place to live.  There seems to be no concern on any of their part that the damage is happening; that the world is being made a really nasty place to live in.

I’m sure you targets know what I’m talking about.  I’m sure you see all the damage around wherever you are.  That when you walk the sidewalks are usually a mess, that there’s dirt everywhere, the trees are dying, the bus stop is filthy and the seats broken.  This damage is purposely caused.  It’s not lack of funds.  I’ve seen new trees put in, new bus seats, the area cleaned up .  Within a month or so, the area becomes a disgusting place to be.  Cigarettes butts all over the place, papers strewn around, plastic bags everywhere, bottles, dog feces.  Just disgusting things to see.  All the damage done by the gang stalkers.  And the businesses know it’s being done by them.  But still, they allow them on their property to cause damage.

I’m totally baffled by the whole thing. And disgusted I have to deal with all the filth.

All the pictures above showing broken sidewalks, feces are exactly what the area I live in looks like.

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Gang Stalking – Government encourages gang stalkers to destroy, destroy, destroy…


Refrigerator (Photo credit: mhaithaca)

Fallen Water Oak Tree Crack Driveway Concrete

Oskargallerian, a shopping mall in Örnsköldsvi...

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I’m amazed by what property owners allow their managers and gang stalkers to do to their property to harass  targets.  I mean, it must cost money, or maybe the government reimburses them for all the property damage.  If I owned property I wouldn’t allow the damage that the property owners put up with.

In my complex, for instance, the maintenance man has made holes in the laundry room.  He’s made them in the ceiling, outside on the walkway, in the wall connecting the tube to the machine.  In my apartment, he’s ruin the oven by removing the front of the oven; the front and back of the refrigerator have no cover; the light  bulb in the refrigerator doesn’t work (he’s done something to it) and the compressor has loose wires; the  carpet has pock holes all over it (made by the maintenance man); the ceiling in the living room is full of holes; the maintenance man removed the baseboard; the window’s been loosened; the bathroom ceiling is full of holes; the cabinet below the bathroom sink is gone; the kitchen floor is covered with holes; the air conditioner been  tampered with; the  binding removed from the front door; holes in the wall,etc.  I could go on and on with the damage done to the apartment.

I don’t understand how property owners can allow this to happen.  And it is not only the property owners who allow all this damage.  Department stores, libraries, government offices, restaurants, buses, schools, shopping malls, banks, etc. allow damage to occur.  They ruin trees, throw trash all over the place, make holes in sidewalks, write graffiti on walls.  All I can think is that these places get government help.  If I owned property, I wouldn’t allow anyone to do the damage the gang stalkers do.  But that’s just my opinion.  There’s must be some payoff to the property owners, otherwise, why would they allow such damage?  And if there is no government payoff, why do they allow it?  Does the government force them to go along with the property damage?  Either way,  destroying property to harass targets is really sick.  Everywhere the gang stalkers go, the government encourages the  gang stalkers to create havoc.  The government’s motto is:  Destroy and damage anything and everything to get a target.

U.S.A., nice going!