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Gang Stalking – For want of .11 cents an old man goes hungry.

Okay, I’m warning you again, nothing about gang stalking. I let you know this because some of you don’t want to read about anything else but gang stalking.

I stood in line to pay for what I bought and an old man  stood ahead of me in line. He had a loaf of bread which looked like it had seen better days. It was his turn in line to pay. The cashier rang up the bread and told him it’s  .99 cents. He said, “I thought it was only .88 cents. I have only .88 cents.” The cashier said, ” No the price changed yesterday. It’s now .99 cents.” He said, “But I have only .88 cents.” The cashier sent the girl who puts things in the bags to check the price. I said to the old man, “It’s okay, I’ll give you the .11 cents.”  He looked at me as if I’d said a dirty word. He said,  “NO! I won’t take it.” I said, “But it’s only .11 cents. It won’t make much difference in my life.” He stood up straight with all the strength he had and said in a very clear voice, “NO!, I won’t take it.” He quickly ran out of the store without the bread.

I can understand pride. I have pride, but there are times when all of us help. This old man  probably had nothing else to eat at home, if he had a home, but still his pride wouldn’t take .11 cents from me.  I have pride, but if I needed .11 cents to keep me alive, I’d take the .11 cents.

The old man is probably on Social Security and ran out of money. The way elderly people in this country have to live is a shame. We should be learning from their wisdom and not abusing them as we do. Every time I think of the old man going hungry it makes me want to cry.

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Gang Stalking – Off Topic – PostaDay 2011 – What other person or animal could you have been in a former life?

I’ve often felt the call of the wild. Sometimes I feel a stronger connection to animals than I do other human beings.

My body tells me that in a former life, I was a lion (Panthera leo). I can see myself on the Serengeti sitting down calmly with my pride looking dignified. I’ve always had very thick hair and it remains me of a lion’s mane. And my eyes look lion-like. And I’m always ready if someone decides to come at me. A lion doesn’t go looking for trouble, but if someone wants him, he’s ready to fight. And that’s the way I am, too. I don’t go looking for trouble, but I don’t back down if someone wants to harm me. As a lion does, I look them straight in the eyes,and give them a warning that I’m won’t put up with bullshit. If they persist in coming at me, I’m ready like a lion.

Also, I was born in August, the sign of Leo the lion.  What more proof do I need?

Countdown: 111 blogs to write.

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