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Gang Stalking – Welcome home Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl.

This is going to be short and sweet, or as sweet as I can be.

I want to say welcome home Bowe Bergdahl. May you recover from your wounds and your torture.

And now as to the not so sweet part. Congress is complaining about President Obama not getting in touch with them to approve the release of Bergdahl. They complained that releasing 5 men from Guantanamo in exchange for Berdahl will only increase terrorism.  Well, the only reason  Congress is angry is because they’re not getting any credit for bringing him home. They really want attention and credit for bringing home the last P.O.W. from Afghanistan.  If the President tried to get the approval from Congress, Bergdahl would still be in a prison camp, and probably would’ve died there.

I’m sure his mother and father feel the same way. They don’t care how they got him out, they’re just glad he’s out of that awful place, as any parents would be.

I don’t really think the threats of terrorism will increase. Whether Bergdahl stayed in the camp or not, the world would still suffer the same fate.

And who knows, maybe releasing the men from Guantanamo might be a good thing. Maybe the terrorists won’ t think the U.S. is such a bad country after all.

So, Congress, stop pouting and do some work. Some real work, not just complain about something. Do something.

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Gang stalking – It’s hard keeping my mouth shut.

English: Official Presidential Portrait of Uni...

English: Official Presidential Portrait of United States President Bill Clinton commissioned by the United States government for display in the White House. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Official photographic portrait of US President...

Official photographic portrait of US President Barack Obama (born 4 August 1961; assumed office 20 January 2009) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I really hate going  to  the doctor.  I have slightly elevated blood pressure  and the doctor is always giving  me appointments to go visit him.  I’m sure if I didn’t have insurance, I’d probably never see him.  What I don’t like about going to  doctor, is the looks I always get from his workers.  Every time I go into the office,  they all come out to look at me.  It seems there’s a new group of workers every time I visit the office.  When they find out I’m in the office, they come out, begin talking loudly and watch me out of the corner of their eye.  And, there’s always the loud laughter.  I don’t know  if they’re making jokes about me, or they’re just laughing to annoy me. I’m sure it’s both.  I just keep my head down and think really nasty thoughts about all of them.   If they only knew the names I call them, they wouldn’t laugh.  Sometimes, I have to keep myself from laughing out loud.  They’re not the only that can make fun of someone, I can, too.

On my way home, I go into the store I hate.  The cashiers are the same way as the workers in the doctor’s office.  As soon as I enter, loud music,  loud people, and security guard follows me around.  And wherever I go in  the store, I have a lot of company.  If I stop at the meat section and check the meat over, someone will pop up right next to me and just, of course, have to stand really close to me.  They do it to annoy me so I’ll leave.  But I don’t leave.   I’ll stand in the same spot to annoy the hell out of them.  Eventually they get tired of waiting for me to leave, and take off.

I get home, more perps waiting for me.   They start beeping their car horns, begin talking and laughing loudly.  They stand right in my way when I’m going up the stairs, and more laughing.  As I walk to my apartment, everyone has his garbage out in front of his door.  Every single one of them.  Can you imagine if  where you live, everyone put his garbage in front of his apartment door?  It looks really nasty.  Some of the garbage containers don’t even have covers on them.  All that garbage attracts pigeons, vermin.  I’m thinking of putting my garbage out in front of my door, too.  I get to my door and someone has dug  garbage from some I threw out and has put it in the door slit.  Oh, what a nice present!  I’m just so excited. Don’t any of these people work?   I guess not, their  job is watching me.

I rush into my apartment and quickly close my door.  I know I’m on the edge of  opening my mouth and saying something to the perps.  I don’t want to make them happy  by giving them something to talk about.  Thank God!  I made it into my apartment without opening my mouth. Success!

By the way,  Bill Clinton is visiting Las Vegas tomorrow.  I have tickets to see him.  I wish I had a camera that worked so I could take pictures.  Maybe I’ll buy one of those “cheapie” ones that I can use only once.  There aren’t too many times that one gets a chance to see an ex-president.  Las Vegas is a swing state and everyone’s been here visiting us.  Last week is was President Obama.

Well, until tomorrow.

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Gang Stalking – You cannot trust sales people.


Official photographic portrait of US President...
Official photographic portrait of US President Barack Obama (born 4 August 1961; assumed office 20 January 2009) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
A mini SIM card next to its electrical contact...

A mini SIM card next to its electrical contacts in a . (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

CISPA extinct monsters

CISPA extinct monsters (Photo credit: Mataparda)

President George W. Bush addresses the media d...

President George W. Bush addresses the media during a visit to the National Security Agency in Fort Meade, Md., Wednesday, Jan. 25, 2006. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I told you about the CISPA (Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act. H.R. 3261)  law that the government wants to pass.  Well, it passed in the House.  The Republicans are in control of the House, and what phonies they are.  The Republicans supposedly are the party that want as little government intervention in their lives as possible.  And they pass a law that allows the military and the NSA (National Security Agency) to get access to all our email, phone and medical records.  They are  really what I call hypocrites!  If the Republicans truly care about  less government in their lives, why would they pass a bill that does exactly the opposite?  Hypocrites!  Obama said he would not sign CISPA,  because he has problems with its wording.  But Obama has lost my trust.  He said the same thing about other bills and signed them anyway.  So we’ll have to wait and see what happens.  Will he sign or not?  I happen to think he’ll sign it, as he’s signed all the other bills that have been put before him.  He’s just another Bush in a different suit.

I want to warn you about what happens when you buy a new computer, or a new phone. When you buy a phone or computer, the government has already pre-hacked both of these items.  You wonder how this can happen?  How can something that’s wrapped so tightly already be hacked?  They take the packaging off the computer, program it so they’re able to hack you, and then re-wrap it to make it look new.  And then the sales people put it in a spot where all  the computers are ready to be sold to a target.  When you decide what computer you want, that’s the computer that’s sold to you.   With the phone, you will be given a number that’s  been preset.   With the new SIM cards, it’s very easy to do.  They program the SIM card, and bingo, you’re a walking advertisement.  I discovered this recently when I bought both items.  From day 1, my phone and computer haven’t worked right.

What I suggest you do, before you do anything else, is factory reset your computer and phone.  It might not work, but try anyway.  And if you can’t fix  the problem, return it  right back to the company.  And don’t let them talk you into taking it back.  If the companies want to work with the government to screw you, they should suffer the consequences of losing your business.

When you’re in the store with a sales person, don’t let him take the phone or computer anywhere with him.  Always keep  both items by your side, and watch what the sales person does.  When you’re not looking, he’ll mess with your computer or phone. So keep your eyes on him at all time.

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Gang Stalking – Are you ready for “Star Wars”?

English: CBP Air and Marine officers control a...

Image via Wikipedia - unmanned aerial vehicle control.

The only GPS satellite on public display is at...

Image via Wikipedia - Global positioning satellite.

Pete Souza, Official White House Photographer

Image via Wikipedia - President Obama and his staff.

IAI Heron 1 UAV in flight. Location: NAVAL AIR...

Image via Wikipedia - unmanned drone.

If  you’re new to gang stalking, I just want to reinforce how careful you have to be when you leave home.  Don’t ever leave home without all your important papers, I.D., computer,  photos, anything you think is important should always go with you wherever you go.  If you leave  home without these things, they will disappear.  They’ll steal your computer, or do damage to it.  They’ll take your photos to help identify your friends, or rip them up.  They’ll take your I.D.  Whatever you care about will be torn, stolen, slashed.  It doesn’t matter what it is.  It can be clothes (ripped), computer (mashed), I.D. (stolen).  So if there’s anything you treasure, don’t ever leave it home, unless you have an absolutely safe place to put it.  And if you do take your things with you, don’t leave it in your car.  They will break into the car to get at the things you left in it.  Oh, I forgot, don’t forget your diary.  I thought I had a good hiding place for my diary. I was so wrong!  I came home one day and all the pages had been torn out.  They left the diary behind, but took out all the pages.

I don’t know if any of you have heard about the new law that’s been passed by Congress.  It is a new bill to let  airplanes use GPS instead of radar to land planes and take off.  Of course, every bill always includes more than just the basic law.  This one has an added item.  Now commercial and private companies can start using unmanned drones; and airspace reserved for military, airliners, cargo planes, business jets and private planes will all be sharing the same airspace over the U.S.  The companies will have to get certification.  By September 30, 2020, there should be 30,000+ drones flying  over your head.  The bill has already been passed by Congress.  It still has to be signed by President Obama.

Imagine unmanned drones  flying over your house watching everything you do.  Talk about losing your privacy!  You won’t have any.  These unmanned drones have cameras and can  see what’s going on in your home.

The name of the bill is NextGen.  The FAA has until 2015 to figure out how all these different aircraft can fly safely within the same airspace.

Welcome to the world of STAR WARS!!!  And you thought it was just a movie. May the force be with you!

Gang Stalking – PostaDay 2011 – And the “Turkey Award” goes to…

I was just thinking  about people who deserve an award.  So I decided to start an annual award:  The Turkey Award.  Below are some people who I think deserve a turkey award, but one gets the award for 2011.

10.   Jennifer Lopez – Jennifer, Jennifer, Jennifer, what’s up with you?  Your American Music Awards dance was like a strip show.  Have you forgotten you now have kids?  Jennifer,  stop embarrassing your kids.

9.    Anthony Weiner –  I hope you’ve gotten some help.  You’re not sex-texting women with your bulge?  Are you?

8.    Herman Cain – How many women will it take for you to admit you’re a pervert?  And now a new one.  A new woman came forward today who said she’s been having an affair with you for 15 years.  Is she also lying?

7.    Rupert Murdock –  You’ve always been so sure of yourself and so self-righteous, it seems now you’re getting payback.  You didn’t know anyone in your company was hacking everybody’s phones?  I don’t believe it.

6.    Strauss-Kahn –  To me you’re a creep.  I think the black maid is telling the truth.  You probably knew no one would believe her, after all, she’s only a maid.  And you are such an important person, why would anyone believe anything she said?  You got away with rape; you are a lowlife.

5.    President Obama – I’ve never been so disappointed in someone I voted for.  I thought things would change with you, but it’s the same old, same old.  And that Patriot Act you signed into law, how could you?

4.    The Senate and House of Rep.  –  What a totally useless group of people you all are.  I remember another group  called  “the do nothing congress”, but I think you beat them to that title.  What did any of you accomplish this year?  Nothing!  You should all be voted out.  You don’t deserve any of our votes.

3.    Penn State –  You’re supposed to be the cream of the crop.  You’re supposed to be intelligent, but it seems to me none of you cared anything about those kids being abused.  All any of you cared about is football.  And the poor kids have to suffer for the rest of their lives with a legacy that’s been handed to them by all of you so-called “intelligent people”.  You should all be ashamed of yourselves for what you let happen to those innocent children.

2.    Jerry Sandusky –  Men like you belong in jail.  You’ve ruined a lot of young boys’ lives with your molestation of them.  Penn State hid your crime, and they’re as guilty as you.  You have a sickness.  I hope you get help and don’t do it again.

1.    And the “Turkey Award” goes to those freaks who hound me day and night without let-up.  You people are beyond evil.  I award you all reserved spots in the devil’s den.  May all of you burn and burn and burn.

So all the above are on my turkey list for the year 2011.  But the year is not over yet, so who knows, I might have to change my turkey list.  From now on,  every year, I will have a “Turkey Award”.  I’m sure I will have no problem awarding a “Turkey Award”.

Countdown:  82 blogs to write.

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Gang Stalking – Off Topic – PostaDay 2011 – If you could make anyone in the world stop talking for 24 hours, who would it be? And why?

And if you could make anyone talk more for 24 hours?

I definitely would like to make those right-wing, conservative, blowhards, all to shut the hell up.  I’m talking about the obnoxious Rush Limbaugh, and some of the other idiots — Bill O’Reilly, Bob Grant, Michael Savage, Sean Hannity, etc.  They are so full of themselves.  They have the answers to everything.  There is no doubt in any of their minds that what they’re talking about  is not correct, because, of course, they know everything. The rest of us don’t know anything, and  they feel they have to tell us what is the right way of thinking. They go on and on and on and on, saying absolutely nothing of any importance.  They love hearing themselves talk.  And they’re always so angry!  Just hearing their voices, annoys me no end.  So I would like every one of them to stop talking for 24 hours. They’re not allowed on radio for the next 24 hours. They’ve stop talking.  Do you hear the silence?

And if I could make someone talk for 24 hours?  This is harder to answer.  I don’t know if I want to hear anyone talk for 24 hours, not even myself. Maybe Bill Clinton?  I like his molasses like voice.  It’s soothing.  But listen to him for 24 hours?  I don’t know.  Let’s see, who else? President Obama?  Naw, he’d put me to sleep, for sure.  Honestly, there’s no one I’d want to make talk for 24 hours.

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Gang Stalking – Off Topic – PostaDay 2011 – What makes someone beautiful?

What makes someone beautiful is not necessarily beauty.  I know some people who are beautiful in the way they look.  They have beautiful features, and everyone thinks they’re beautiful.

But to me what makes someone beautiful is their core.  The way they think.  How they treat people.  There’s something about the person that makes me curious about them.  It’s not someone who is a loud mouth and gets everyone’s attention.  To me that’s not beauty.  There’s  subtlety about someone’s who’s beautiful.  They tend to be people who  follow their own path.  There’s a kindness about them.  But at the same time, they’re strong.  They don’t let someone dump on them.  They will let you know in no uncertain way, you can’t step all over them.  They walk with confidence, but it’s a confidence that’s not haughty or nasty.  They’ll go out of their way to help a stranger, but don’t brag about what a good thing they did.

What these people have is a belief in themselves that says they’re decent people, and always try to do the best that they can with what life has given them.  This to me makes someone beautiful.

People I think are beautiful: My mother; Oprah; some of my sisters; my father; the woman at the 7-11; my niece, Tara; President Obama (even though I complain about him all the time); my ex-boyfriend, Michael; C. Wyatt; and many other people I’ve run into in my life.

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Gang Stalking – PostaDay 2011 – Obama worse president on civil rights.

I was listening to the radio (National Public Radio) yesterday and a professor from a university (I don’t remember his name, nor name of school) was talking about human rights abuses. He stated that President Obama is  the worse president so far on human rights abuses.  He stated that  Obama can just say he wants someone dead, and it’s done. Why is Obama getting away with all the things he’s doing? I voted for him because I thought he was going to be a good president, and I wouldn’t to  have to worry about my civil liberties. I was definitely wrong about him. What I don’t understand, why are the Democrats letting him get away with what he’s doing? If the president in office was a Republican, the Democrats would be all over him. But here is Obama committing human rights abuses all over the place, and not one Democrat has spoken up. They’re letting him get away with all kinds of things. I’m disappointed in the Democrats in Congress, and I’m definitely disappointed in Obama.

He had Anwar Al–Awlaki  killed.  Al-Awlaki was an American citizen.  He was born in New Mexico.  Al-Awlaki was accused of working with terrorists in Afghanistan.   At the time, Obama  had no proof that Al-Awlaki was involved in terrorism, but he had him killed anyway.   Why couldn’t he be captured, and brought back to the United States to face a court?  No, he ordered Al-Awlaki killed.  And then there was Osama, why was he not brought back to the U.S. to face a court?  No.  Supposedly, his body is in the ocean.  It seems very strange to me that he’s in the ocean.  It makes me wonder if he’s really dead. 

He also signed into law the Patriot Act.  An act which gives law enforcement the right to search telephone, e-mails and financial records of businesses without  a court order.  Law enforcement also can have access to library records of library patrons.  Law enforcement has also been given the right to “sneak and peek” at records without a search warrant.  They can apply for a search warrant, but they can do a “sneak and peek” before the search warrant is in their hands.  They can also search records and  surveillance can be done  on someone who is  a “lone wolf.”  They’re individuals suspected of terrorists activities, but not linked to any  terrorists groups.

So, Obama, is just another Bush in office.  He’s kept the Patriot Act, and feels he has the right to kill anyone at will.  

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Gang Stalking – PostaDay 2011 – To President Obama: I am disappointed in you.

When I returned home yesterday, I looked for my phone. I had it in my handbag when I left home. I emptied out the bag, nothing. It was gone. Stolen! This is about the fourth phone that’s been stolen out of my bag.  Stolen in Best Buy, I’m sure; when I was busy with the computer geek. This  phone I carried everywhere with me. All the evidence I’ve collected was in it. I didn’t import it to my computer because I knew the information would be erased. So I kept this phone close to me. Never let it out of my sight. Now, I have no evidence of what’s been happening to me. But the dogs haven’t worn me down yet. I still have a lot of spirit in me. I’ll just start anew again. Get new evidence again. Start all over again as if it’s a new day. It makes me stronger every time they do something to me.

I’m on Facebook with people who are going through the same thing I am. And all of them have the same stories to tell. Their houses/apartments broken into; money stolen; cameras stolen; furniture ruined; food stolen or has something done to it; doors taken off hinges; cars destroyed; holes made in walls; clothing torn or stolen; carpets are dirtied; footprints made on carpets; footprints in bathtubs; mirrors destroyed; door locks taken apart; fans destroyed, and I could go on and on with the things done to targets.

I just typed something about the United States and it was erased. But I’m going to have another go at it.

The people who do this to us are evil.  And the most evil of all is the United States government.  It is as evil as China, Russia. Libya, Saudi Arabia.  It’s just better at hiding what it is doing to its citizens.  It preaches to China and other countries about human rights abuses, but it is doing the same thing to its citizens.  When the President of the United States comes on television and tells the other countries that they better top abusing its citizens, it makes me laugh.  How dare he!  I thought President Obama was going to be different.  A President who believed in basic human rights, would stand up for his people.  But he’s turning out to be another Bush in a suit.  He passed the Patriot Act.  An act which allows citizens of the United States to be tormented.  Any citizen who is consider a danger, for whatever reason, is allow to be abused for any stupid reason. And believe me when I tell you that most of the people who are being gang stalked are very decent people.  People who lead ordinary lives and never been in trouble.  Most of them go about their day trying to live their life in peace and  let everybody else live their life as they see fit.  I guess that’s the kind of people that they don’t want around…people who live and let live.

So I say to President Obama:  I am disappointed in you.  Disappointed that you would let a bill like the Patriot Act be re-enacted again.  I thought you were going to be a good president, but you’re not.

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