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Gang Stalking – PostaDay 2011 – Why is there evil in the world?

This is a question I wish I knew the answer to.   Then I would understand why the evil that is happening to me on a day-to-day basis happens.  Every day I’ve been subjected to evil by a lot of people who don’t think they’re evil.  But  where I’m coming from, they’re all evil.  How can a human being do to me what they wouldn’t want done to them?  I would never do to another human the evil being done to me.   I know that  if I were in their place and  asked to do what they’re asked to do, my answer would be no.  I would tell whomever runs the program that it’s not something I want  to do to  another human being.  If they threatened me, it wouldn’t matter.   I’ve done nothing and look how I’m treated!  If I rejected their offer, how much more evil can they do to me?  I don’t think much more. 

There’s always been evil through the ages.   Think of the Holocaust.  The Germans cremated more than 6 million Jews.  They put children, old, young, middle age  people into hot ovens, without  even a hint of possessing a soul.  Right now in the Middle East,  people are being  denied their basic human rights.   And the tormentors seem to have no possession of a soul either. 

And I, along with thousands of others, feel the daily touch of evil.   People don’t care to know that we’re tormented.  They only care about their own  needs.  If I’m being sprayed with pesticide daily, it’s none of their concern.  I must have done something to call for such treatment, otherwise, why is the government on my back?  What the government says trumps anything I  say.  So every day, I face their evilness.  They have no conscience and don’t think it’s wrong to harass me non-stop.

I can’t answer the question of:   Why is there evil in the world?  I  can only  say, I wish I knew.   Then maybe I could understand what is happening to me and thousands of others.  But evil does exist.  I’m living proof of its reach.

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