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Gang Stalking – Americans, don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Every morning when I take my walk I feel as if I’m in a movie. You ever see those movies where cars are following someone and then the cars run into each? Well, that’s what happens to me every morning. All the cars running into each other to harass me. The cars run into each other practically running  over people to get to me. It’s so nice to be so popular!

What they’re trying to do to us is break our spirits.  They want to make us  empty shell of ourselves. They want to make us obedient zombies as they’ve made all those people who harass us. Those people are all zombies. They can’t think for themselves. They just do what they’re told. Most of them have to do what they’re told because most of them have been in prison and they get threaten to be sent back to jail if they don’t obey the lord and master. This is exactly what happened in Nazi Germany. The people were so afraid of being picked on, they kept quiet and said nothing. There were those who saw what was coming and began to prepare. Those who didn’t prepare thought it was just a passing phase. That it wouldn’t last too long before life would get back to normal. And we know what happened to all those people who didn’t prepare. They were sent to camps where they were  mistreated and some put in ovens. Those who saw what was coming did a little better. A lot of them escaped and went to other countries. Others stayed and fought back. And others hid and were never found. Others took on  identity of being Germans, and passed.

So now the same thing is happening in the U.S. and no one is listening or paying attention to what is going on. They think that corrupt police, politicians, government employees, etc. is just a passing phase. They’re not preparing for what is to come. There are, of course a lot of American who are aware of what is going on, but nothing’s happening to them, so they don’t care what’s being done to others Americans. They happily take part in tormenting other Americans. And then there are others who know and are preparing for what is to come. They’re the smart ones.

But in the end, we  tormented  targets can’t get anyone to listen to us. How can we when the news media’s owned by  politicians and the 1 percent?  It’s amazing how the internet can get millions of people to comment on some nonsense, but we who are out here trying to warn the world of what is happening, can’t get anyone to pay attention to us.

To all those Americans who don’t believe what’s going on, don’t say we didn’t warn you!

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Gangstalking video of a Targeted Individual

As they do with all us targets, they screwed driver of car in this video. The video is over an hour long. NE1


Published on Sep 5, 2013
Video of gangstalking, with commentary about who is doing it and why.

Gangstalking video from Tolland, CT.

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Violence has broken out at Bundy Ranch

This is what I wrote about yesterday. I couldn’t get the video to work, maybe you’ll be able to see this one. It’s amazing to me how little attention the media is paying to this story. NE1

Gang Stalking – You don’t own your private information.

Channel 10 (India)

Channel 10 (India) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Official photograph portrait of forme...

English: Official photograph portrait of former U.S. President George W. Bush. Português: Foto oficial de George W. Bush, presidente dos Estados Unidos da América. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I went apartment hunting again.  Next to finding a job, this must be the worse thing for targets.  Everywhere I go, I see the looks I get from everybody.  They  either act extremely friendly (sickening), or give me nasty looks.

I found an apartment I like, but the rent is too high.  My first concern is safety.  And this apartment was the safest one I’ve come across. Of course, there were perps everywhere, but at this place I’d be able to handle them. I wouldn’t have to look at any of them.  Only when I get my mail. The apartment’s surrounded by a hospital, diagnostic clinic and a grade school.  Which means at nighttime, I wouldn’t have to worry about a lot of people hanging around the complex. And it faces Channel 10 News. I think news people are too busy to perp someone when they’re working. And even if perps hang around, news people would be on the lookout for anything going on around them.

I was listening to the radio and got this info.  I thought you’d like to know about it.  Police no longer need a warrant to look at any information on your phone, your cloud, energy records, doctor’s records, etc. The court ruled that the information on a cloud belongs to the people who own the cloud.  Your energy records are not private, so they can be shown to anyone who needs info about you.  And your phone records are also not private. If the police want to know who you call, they have the right to the information without getting a warrant.  The idiots on the court took away all your rights. Whatever info someone wants, he can get it.  Also, if you hire a private detective to do some work for you, that’s also not private. The detective has to give up the information if police ask for the information.  Isn’t it nice to know that you don’t own your private information? A warrant is no longer needed for most things.   You can thank President Bush for this.

The thought of looking for an apartment tomorrow makes me want to scream.

Take care.

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Gang Stalking – Get proof and put perps away for years.

The Burden of Proof

The Burden of Proof (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Wooden kitchen table and chairs

English: Wooden kitchen table and chairs (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Well, the perps are at it again.  They come into my apartment every single day as if they live in it. I can’t tell you how angry this makes me feel.  I know the people coming into my apartment.  There’s the man I caught from apartment 205, and the women from apartment 206.  I’m sure there are others.  I just haven’t caught them, but I will.  I can’t prove that they’ve been in my apartment, but I saw them, from a distance, right outside my apartment with my door open.  And everything is about proof.  Without proof, there’s nothing that the perp cops can do. And even with proof, who is to say, the cops will help us. I’ve  heard of  targets giving police proof and it “accidentally” disappeared”.  Sure, it did.

Anyway, the perps were in my home again and broke another chair to my kitchen table.  They broke the seat off, and the chair has a shorter leg than it used.  So now the chair is uneven.  I’m so glad I decided not to decorate my apartment.  What a waste of money that would have been.  As I’ve written before, I have very little furniture.  A table with four chairs in my kitchen, a bed, and some pots in my kitchen. They broke the tops off the covers to my pots.  So now, if I want to cook something and need a cover, I have to put something heavy on the tops to keep them from falling off.  They’ve stolen about five knives, so I have to keep buying knives. Other than these items, I have nothing else.

It makes me angry that these vandals can get away with what they’re doing to me and other targets.  That they can walk in and out of our apartments as if they live in them.  They seem to have no fear whatsoever.  They know that nothing will be done to them unless they’re caught in the act.  Because that’s the way it works.  They’re told to make our lives as miserable as possible without getting caught.

The thing is, once they’re caught, no one will be around to help them.  There will be no acknowledgement by the government that the perps work for it.  They’ll deny any knowledge of their existence.  So if you can get proof, you can put the bastards in jail.  Just make sure that you have triple copies of the proof.  Because if you turn your evidence over to police, you’ll probably never see it again.  Somehow, or another, it’ll get lost in their files.  Or they’ll deny you ever gave them anything.  So make sure that if you get proof you carry it with you wherever you go.  Don’t ever leave it home.  And if the police want proof, make several copies of the proof.  That’s the only way you’re going to stop the bastards.  And don’t tell anyone else you have proof.  Keep that to yourself. The less people who know you have proof the better. I know from personal experience how evidence can disappear into thin air. Make sure you get a receipt of the report you made and the evidence you gave to police, and always carry these things with you.

Try to get evidence of them doing damage to something you own, or going into your house or apartment.  You need real proof. Real proof is not someone walking down the street. It’ll just look like someone walking down the street and nothing else. Try to get them damaging your car, or throwing things at your door. And if you can get real proof, you can put the bastards in jail.  No government will be around to defend them. The cowards will be on their own.  Poor things!

The more  perps we put in jail, the less likely other perps will be willing to join in our gang stalking.

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Gang Stalking – Targets, stay calm, that’s the only way to survive.

Close Your Eyes. Open Your Heart


It makes me sick to hear that something awful happened to a target.

If you’re ever in a situation where you’re getting to a point where gang stalking is too much to handle, here’s what to do.

Just stop! Stop! Find a place where you can sit down, or stand against a wall, close  your eyes and tell yourself to calm, calm down.  Keep saying it to yourself.  Repeat it over and over – calm, calm, calm, calm.  And when you feel calm, just get away from the situation.  Don’t stick around.

This can happen anywhere, in a store, as you walk, at home, on the bus, bank and any place you frequent.  The harassment can get so bad that your mind can’t handle more abuse.

I’ve found myself in situations like this a few times.  I went off into a corner and repeatedly told myself to stay calm. And it’s always worked.

Find a spot where you can sit, or stand against a wall and close your eyes. Closing your eyes and not seeing anything around you has a calming affect(effect?) .

Don’t ever let the gang stalkers get you to a point where you’re yelling and screaming at someone, and you look like a crazy man or woman.  Because if you do, the gang stalkers will call the police and tell them that you’ve gone crazy.   The police will show up and take you away to a mental facility, where you’ll be given pills to calm you down, zombie pills.

Once you’re given zombie pills, it’ll be written and you’ll be labeled a crazy person.  Once you’re given the label of crazy, it’ll be easier for the police to put you in a mental facility, or spend time in jail. I know a man who complained a lot to police about the gang stalking and ended up in a mental ward.

If someone calls the police on you, don’t say anything.  Don’t admit to anything. Answer the most basic questions, your name, address, etc., but nothing that might incriminate you. Take the fifth if you have to. They can’t make you talk without a lawyer. And the less you say, the less the police can use against you. Don’t be a blabbermouth. Don’t be  anxious to get your point in to prove you’re right. You might say something that hurts you. Keep your mouth shut!!!

So no matter what happens, don’t let them make you lose your temper.  It’s normal for someone to lose his/her temper sometimes, but with us targets, it’s a no-no ever.  You’ve already been labeled crazy, so it takes very little to convince police you’re crazy.

Always, always stay calm.  And if you can’t stay calm, leave the area right away.  Don’t let the perps ruin more of your life.

Don’t get into it with any of the perps. It will always be you against a gang of them, because even if you start with just one, within a few minutes, there’ll be a group of  them ready to back up each other.

Remember, whatever they do to you, stay calm. That’s the only way you’ll survive this hell of a life you’re living.

I’ve been in the situation where police were called on me, and the advice I gave you worked for me.  I admitted nothing, said nothing, answered only basic questions and nothing else.  You have to learn how to play the game.

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Gang Stalking – Some day, we will need permission to use bathroom.

Monument to the victims of Totalitarianism

Monument to the victims of Totalitarianism (Photo credit: Juliano Mattos)

"Woodfall's Law of Landlord and Tenant"

“Woodfall’s Law of Landlord and Tenant” (Photo credit: umjanedoan)

Social Security Card

Social Security Card (Photo credit: 401(K) 2013)

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Nazi Germany test2

Nazi Germany test2 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Adolf Hitler in Yugoslavia.

Adolf Hitler in Yugoslavia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I walked into the office today to pay my rent, and this is the sign that greeted me:


For the safety of all our customers, this establishment voluntarily provides tenants‘ names, dates of birth, Social Security Numbers, drivers’ license numbers, vehicle license, and tenant building/apartment numbers to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.

The information is utilized by police department to determine wanted person status.  No criminal history information will be disseminated to property owner/agents.

You are under no obligation, knowing this, to enter into a rental agreement, and will suffer no forfeiture or other financial penalty for exercising your right to decline to do so.]

I asked the manager  about the sign.  She told me it did not apply to me. It applied only to new tenants.

Talk about becoming a totalitarian country!  This sounds like a sign the Nazis would have put up. This sounds to me like the beginning of  information given to the police so they can track  all tenants.

I told this to the manager, and she said it was to keep us all safe.

That’s how it begins.  Use the excuse that it’s to  keep us all safe, and people will not protest.  After a while, more and more of these things will happen, and the people will just think that it’s to keep them safe.  And before they know it, they’ll all be under a government that will tell them when they’re allowed to go to the bathroom.

I really feel as if I’m living at the beginning of the Nazi era. This sign gave me the creeps.  I thought of Nazi Germany right away.

I hope people wake up before it’s too late.  Before we’re all put into Nazi camps.

We’re getting closer and closer to a totalitarian state.

Let me know what you think of the sign.  Does it give you the creeps as it gives me?

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Gang Stalking – What sheep we Americans are!

Russia's Putin Feeding Bashar Assad  Syrian's ...


clark_county_regional_justice_center_1 (Photo credit: time_anchor)

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (Photo credit: cliff1066™)

If you read my blog, you know the other day I wrote about having a problem videotaping the people who harass me.  The complex manager said she had a few complaints from tenants about me videotaping them.

I went to the police department to find out what my rights are re videotaping my harassers.  The person I spoke with told me a lot of  nonsense,  but  he did tell me, I could go downtown to the Constable‘s office to find out more information about it.

So today, I went down to the Constable’s office.  The woman at the desk told me she could not help me and said the Constable’s office only handles evictions, and re-directed me to Justice Court.

The Justice Court is only a few blocks away, so I decided to walk over.  When I got to the Justice Court, there were a lot of people.  We all had to go through metal detectors, plus have everything we had with us checked.  I had to put everything in a plastic container and pass through the metal detector.

While I was waiting to go through the line, I mentioned to a woman near me that this was Communism. She replied, “They’re just trying to keep us safe.”   I replied, “No, they’re not. This is Communism.”  She quickly moved away from me.

I was told by one of the police officers that I had to take my belt off, too.

I had to remove my sweater, my shoes, my belt, and give my  handbag to the police officer.  He dumped everything out of my bag.  He said I had a lot of things in my bag and it felt heavy. I told him  I had to carry everything that’s important with me because of all the break-ins I have.

I had a nail file, Swiss type manicure set, scissors, and some other things in my bag  that were considered weapons.  The police officer told me that I could not enter the Justice Court with any of these things.   He would have to throw them out.  I asked him, “Can’t you just save them and when I come out  I can pick them up?”  He pointed to sign that said everything gets thrown out and nothing’s saved.

The police officer held the items in his hand while I decided what to do.  If I decided to keep the items,  I could not enter Justice Court.  I said to the officer, “This is getting more and more like a Totalitarian state.  Everywhere we go, we’re checked and not allowed to take our things with us.”  I told him I wanted all my things back.  I was  not about to go out and spend more money buying things that were not weapons.  The officer gave me back my things and I left.

I remember I’d been at Justice Court about a year before and  had to go through a metal detector.  I had to pay $190.00 fine because I’d jaywalked.  Someone I worked with had gotten a jaywalking ticket and didn’t  bother  to pay after getting a few notices.  One Friday night, two police officers showed up at his door and arrested him for not paying the ticket.  He spent the whole weekend in jail.  There are no judges in court on weekend, so he couldn’t see one. So to jail he went.  I remembered this and did not want to end up in jail, so I paid my ticket right away.

Anyway, I got distracted. There were only metal detectors then.  I did not have to take off my shoes, belt, etc.  It’s amazing how things changed in less than a year.

The U.S. is certainly headed toward  totalitarianism.  If what I went through can take less than a year to happen, what will the U.S. be like ten years from now?  The U.S. will definitely be a place where no one will want to live.  It will be worse than China or Russia.

What amazed me about going through the line is how everybody just accepted what was happening.  No one complained, no one said anything, they just accepted things as they were happening.  No questions, nothing.  Just a bunch of sheep doing what they were told.

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Gang Stalking – Targets, only death will free us.

Edelman PR Punching Bags

Edelman PR Punching Bags (Photo credit: Articulate MediaWorks)

Axis of Evil

Axis of Evil (Photo credit: Kevin Krejci)

Engraving illustrating the caning of J.R. Grav...

Engraving illustrating the caning of J.R. Graves by an ex-congressman in front of Scovel’s drug store in Nashville for alleged slander. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Reduce to tears, mock, slander, knock down, befoul, oppress, bad-mouth, deride, scorn, denigrate, despise, demoralize, dirty, bankrupt, dispirit, pauperize, beat down, abase, damage, devalue, write-off, worthless, violate, cheapen, defile, belittle, put down, disparage, degrade, debase, debauch, smear, rape, demean, take down a peg, weaken, ill-treat, vilify, undetermine, humiliate,,  ruin, hurt, tame, declass, disgrace, lessen, discredit, etc., etc.

The words above  someone can use to describe a target’s every day life.  A life full of nothing but misery.  A life that doesn’t allow for a target to have any kind of joy  in it.

We targets have become punching bags for anything that’s wrong in the U.S.

If we’re somewhere and something happens, it’s the target’s fault.  The target must have stolen the money, caused the argument, dirtied the street, caused the hurricane, etc.  There isn’t  anything that happens that isn’t a target’s fault.

We targets are such evil people.  We’re thrown out of stores, told to leave a park, not served when we go into a restaurant, or kept waiting for a long time if we’re served,  police follow us around,  threatened and told something will happen to us if we dare answer back,  told we’ll be beaten,  told we’re  ugly, fat, looked at in disgust, everyone feels superior to us,  followed everywhere, threatened to be put in jail by police, police don’t believe us when we complain about being abused. People basically treat all of us like the lowest form of life.  There is no one lower than us.

This is a target’s life.  We targets who have never committed crimes, hurt anyone, or never been in prison, suffer like those in prison.  We are really treated worse than those in prison, because we’re being punished without being given a fair trial, had a lawyer represent us in court, or been accused of committing a crime.

This is our punishment by the great U.S.A.

And no matter what any target wants to believe, the U.S. government‘s involved in our gang stalking.  I don’t think there’s a  government  department that doesn’t know about the torture.

And if it’s true that everyone in government doesn’t know, then why is it that we can’t get help from any government agency?

Not one government agency wants anything to do with any of us and treats us like bad children.  Children no one wants to be bothered with.  They don’t want us in their face.

I wonder why it is that the government agencies don’t want to hear the truth?  They don’t want to hear the truth, because they know the truth.

Just as in earlier times in the U.S., no one listened to Americans who complained about torture. It was only twenty, thirty years after their torture that someone listened. And the ones who listened, it wasn’t because they were good people, but enough time passed so no one would suffer the consequences of their evil.

And thirty, forty, fifty years from now, there’ll be congressional hearings, and everyone will shake their heads in disbelief.  And it will happen all over again.

So, targets, in our lifetime, no will come to our defense.  We’re going to have to wait twenty, thirty, forty years before anyone finds out what’s happening to us.  And by that time, we’ll probably all be dead.

So, targets, leave behind the  history of what happened to you. Tell your story.  Tell it so others can learn about your miserable treatment by the U.S. government.

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