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Gang Stalking – Off Topic – PostaDay 2011 – How do you battle bad science?

Here’s something different for  today.

Watch this 15 minute talk about bad science. And then write a brief review on your blog, or simply write about a topic that comes to mind from listening to his presentation.


I just watched this video, and I tend to agree with everything he said.  We are not aware of all the negative results about prescription drugs.  We’re just told to take a pill, or whatever it is, and we’ll feel better.  The drug companies just want to show the positive results of a drug, so a patient will be more likely to take the drug.  The doctor stated that he tried to get the truth about the drugs he was prescribing, but the drug companies withheld information.

I think taking drugs of any kind is putting our lives in jeopardy, because we don’t know the actual results of how our bodies will react.  Maybe if  I take a pill the doctor recommends, I might  discover the drug is causing my hair to  fall  out from the drug, or  maybe the drug  is causing my heart to race abnormally. And nothing  about the two reactions, I just stated,  are  in the sheet given to you by the pharmacist.  So all us have to be careful about the drugs we put in our bodies.  We can’t always trust what a doctor says, since he, himself, doesn’t have the truth about the drug he’s prescribing to you.

There’s also the vaccines we’re told to take for pneumonia, flu, etc.  I really don’t think most of these work.  My doctor tried to get me to take a  flu  shot, but I read the  ingredients that goes into making a flu shot, and  I refused to take the shot. I no longer take a vaccine for flu.  Most of the stuff that goes into a flu shot is harmful to your body. And I read somewhere that even doctors don’t think most of the vaccines do much good.  But I guess doctors have to push  us to take vaccines so they can make money off us, otherwise, most of them would not have  much of a practice.

Countdown:  118 blogs to write.  Only 57 days left in this year.  Will I accomplish my goal of writing 500 blogs for the year?

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Gang Stalking – Off Topic – PostaDay 2011 – Stand up now, or die? (Get out of your chair)

One health story making the rounds is how sitting too much all day will kill you. Since we at WordPress.com want you around, forever, we’d like you to get up, right now, and do some push-ups. How many do you think you can do? Write it down (16).  Then go do ’em.  And write a blog about the results.  Did it feel good?  Did you do more or less than you guessed?  According to fitness scientists, a 40-year-old woman should be able to do 16.  A man, 27.  And Jack LaLanne was doing push-ups into his 90s.

I didn’t realize Jack LaLanne had died.  I thought he was still running around doing his exercises.  I didn’t think he’d  ever die.  He was so healthy.  I had to check out the cause of death.  He had been sick for a few days and it developed into pneumonia.  He would not go to a doctor.  The pneumonia killed him.  He died at the age of 96.

I think I might live forever, since I never sit down.  I wrote about never sitting down in my blog the other day and recommended to women to keep moving and they’d lose weight.

I guessed that I would do 16  push-up exercises.  I got right down on the floor and started doing the push-ups.  No warm-ups.  But first I had to look up how to do push-ups correctly.  I haven’t done a push-up since I can’t remember.

I began very slowly.  I didn’t want my body to go into shock!  But as I continued, I speeded up  a bit.  I reached the number 16 (the number I had guessed) and still had a lot of energy.  By the time I reached number 30, I was losing a little energy.  I continued on.  Hit number 40, and continued to number 43.  I was pooped.

It felt really good to get the exercise done.  I usually walk everywhere, but this exercise got the part of my body I never exercise, my arms.  I’m going to start doing push-ups everyday.  It’s really a good exercise and made me feel good.  I feel ready to box with somebody!

Okay, now, it’s your turn.  Can you beat my number?

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