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Gang Stalking – PostaDay 2011 – Pick a number from 1 to 10.

Step 1:  Pick a number from 1 to  10.

Step 2:  Now think of something interesting in your life or what you’d like to have in your life, related to that number.  For example, if you picked 6 , tell me about your favorite kind of beer (which comes in packs of 6).

I pick number 8.  I pick number 8  because it’s the month of my birthday.  I’d like to be free of this gang stalking.   Maybe something good will happen by August of next year that will  free all the targets from the things we’re experiencing.  That will be my birthday present.  To be free.    I know that August is less than a year away, but a lot of  things can happen in less than a year.  Maybe all the planets will align and cause a change in our lives.  I’m keeping all  my 8 fingers crossed.

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Gang Stalking – Off Topic – PostaDay 2011 – If you were God, how would you have started it all?

If I were God, I wouldn’t have so many races. Everyone would be the same color, race, and practice the same religion, or not practice religion. It seems the world is falling apart because of all the diversity in different groups of people. I would start each person with equal advantages. Not have someone born poor while someone else  has a life of ease. . After this, everyone would be free to be what he/she chose to be.

I remember my mother telling me when I asked her, why was everyone  a different color?  She used to tell when God made people, he made them out of clay.  And as they came out of the clay, God washed all the dirt off.  But as time went by, God began running out of water.  As the last people came out,  there was less water and they came out not as clean.  She told me that’s why people were different colors.   Then I believed everything my mother told me.  Now that I’m older, I’d ask:  If God is so powerful, why didn’t  God  just produce more water?  I still love the story my mother told me about the differences in color.  And who knows, maybe it’s true.  No one really knows how we came into existence.

I don’t think I’d change anything else.  I like all the trees, birds, mountains, beautiful sunsets, wild animals, rivers, the nighttime, the moon, the rain, the flowers, all the planets and the food we eat.

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