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Gang Stalking – Maybe my blog has changed some things.

I’ve written this blog for 4 years now (thank you, WordPress.com  for letting me know), and I really thought I haven’t really accomplished anything. But rethinking it, I think I have. For instance, a few changes were made on buses, in the library, etc.

When I first arrived in Las Vegas, there were perps who used to carry backpacks. All of them carried a backpack with pesticide in it and a sprayer. They sprayed the pesticide on me. I used to get on the bus and the bus company put in a lot of vents. The bus driver would open up the vent and the pesticide would come streaming down on me. I realized how dangerous this was to my body. I didn’t complain to the bus driver because I knew it would do no good. What I did instead was tell the bus driver  he was spraying pesticide every day he hit the vent.  And I told him/her that the stuff was going into his lungs for 8 hours a day. I told this to every bus driver on every bus. After a while, I noticed, the spraying stopped. Not to stop it from spraying me, but because the bus drivers  probably complained about the pesticide going into their lungs. And up to this day, no spraying on the bus. And I think  I had something to do with it.

And then when I came into the library, the library also put in a lot of vents. I would sit down to wait for a computer and the a fine mist of pesticide would come streaming down on me.  I also played the same head games with the librarians. I told them that the thing that was being sprayed was pesticide and it was going into their lungs. The spray disappeared. The vents never go on no now. There are still a lot of vents in the library, but no more spraying. The librarians didn’t know that it was pesticide being sprayed. I made sure  they knew.

And then when I went for a walk, the same thing happened. Guys would walk round with backpacks with pesticide on their backs and a sprayer.  Well, I played with their heads, too. I told them, “Do you think  spraying that stuff isn’t affecting your lungs?  All the stuff you’re spraying is going into your lungs.” And I told them to read statics on men who do pesticide spraying for a living.  Men who work spraying pesticide for a living end up very sick and it’s hard for them to breathe.

So, the spraying in the bus, library, street stopped. But there’s one place, the pesticide spraying hasn’t stopped, and that’s in my apartment. I’ve had no luck with idiots who spray this stuff all night. They think they’re powerful because they know I have to sleep in my bed and there’s nowhere I get away from them. But it’s also affecting their lungs. Years from it will start showing up in their lungs. When they can’t breathe, they’ll know that I was telling the truth.  I will also  feel the effects of  pesticide spraying, but there’s really nothing I can do about it now. I wish I could. It makes me angry I can’t. Now, of course, they use their phones and computers to hit me in the library, on the bus and everywhere else I go.

So, in a way, I’ve stopped pesticide spraying.  I’m sure I wasn’t the only way being sprayed with the awful stuff. I’m sure others were, too.

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Gang Stalking- Am I being set-up?

A few strange things have happened to me since last week. At first, I dismissed the things that happened, but one came after another.

So here’s what happened to me in the last two weeks. I think the perps are trying to set me up.

First, there was the homeless man who parked a car (I think he stole it, or it was given to him),  got out of it and then he waited for me to come by before he pissed, so that I’d be sure to see, and then he took off like lightning. He left the car behind. The car is still there where I can see it every morning. I guess he wanted me to go near it and touch it.   And then a cone was left in the library elevator (still there), I think they want me to touch it, but I didn’t go near it. I remembered the car and thought “my finger prints will be on the cone”. And then on my way home, I stopped to rest (it was very hot day), a man pops out of nowhere and tells me he found a phone. The man came over to me and said, “Look! I found a phone. Do you want to see it?”  I’d been down the same path and didn’t see a phone anywhere in sight. I would’ve noticed. I’m always watching the sidewalk to make sure nothing’s been put in my way. I told the man no. He kept insisting I take at look at it. I kept insisting “no”. He looked sort of upset when I wouldn’t touch the phone. And then yesterday, I was in Walgreens getting some bird seed and I heard a woman tell the cashier that I’d stolen her wallet. She didn’t think I heard her, but I have very good hearing. So the cashier told the second cashier that she was going to the back to check out if I’d stolen the wallet. I heard the first cashier tell the woman that she didn’t think I stole anything, since I came into the store every day and left right away. So, does not all of this sound like set-ups? To me they do.

I went back into Walgreens today, as I always do, and thanked the cashier for sticking up for me the day before.  The cashier thanked me.   She’s still a perp, though. She’s wearing the perp color that everyone in the store wears. But it was nice of her to acknowledge that I wasn’t a thief. So there’s a somewhat decent human being who works in the store.

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Gang Stalking – A class in how to drive targets crazy.

I was just thinking what it must be like to sign up to become a gang stalker.

First, they have to fill out a form, be accepted into the program and then go for training for five straight days. But before all that, the have to sign a waiver that they will not divulge any information about what they’re doing.  And then, they’re told that if they divulge any information, they will face a prison sentence. That’s written in the waiver to scare them. So I let my imagination go to work. I’m interested in the job and this is how it goes.

Me: Hi, I’m interested in signing up for the government program my friend told me about.

Interviewer:  Well, you first have to fill out an application. After you finish the application, we have to do a background check.

Me: Oh, okay.

A few days later:

Me: Oh, I’m so happy to be working for the government.

Monitor: Well, welcome to this new class.  You’ve all been accepted into the program run by the U.S. government. You’re a very special group of people (all the perps look at each smiling).  Let’s begin the training. Now, as we’ve told you, the people you will come into contact with are very violent people.  We have to keep a watch on them 24/7 because of their violent behavior.  Whenever you see one of the targets, you have to let us know what they’re doing. If they’re taking a walk, eating in a café’, reading a book, sitting in the library, driving a car,  you have to report  their whereabouts. We need you to keep track of everything they do.  Without your help, we could not carry out this program.  The U.S. government is grateful for your help.

We’re going to teach you how to use your phone to draw electricity to your target.  We use phones to keep them in line.  Listen carefully and write this code 12378930302. Did everyone get that code? I’ll repeat it: 12378930302. Now this is a secret code and you are not allowed to give this code to anyone. If you give this code to anyone, you are  violating the waiver you signed. Now, lets practice putting the code into the phone. Okay, begin.  Everyone puts code into phone.  Okay, now that’s you’ve input the code into your phone, hit the lower right hand button of your phone. Now the phone  should turn red.  Okay, does everybody have the red part?  Good! You all got it.  Very, very good.

Okay, now that we’re finished with the phone, we’re going to put their pictures on the screen. Use your phone to make a copy of the photos.  When you’re walking around and see someone who looks like one of the photos, look at your phone screen to double-check and make sure they’re a target. And when you walk around, do this continually. We don’t want you to miss hitting one of them.

Now, that’s it for  today.  You’re a very intelligent group. One of the smartest.

We have refreshments in the back of the room.  Get to know each other. One thing, when you see each other outside, you can’t acknowledge his presence. You have to make-believe you don’t know each other. This is a very secret program and the less people who know about it the better.

And tomorrow, we’ll be learning how to make them think they’re crazy.  This training will go on for five days. In those five days, you will learn everything about becoming the eyes for the U.S. government. You’re real patriots and the U.S. government will never forget what you’ve done to keep our country safe.

Now, class dismiss. And we’ll see each other tomorrow morning. And don’t forget, you’re very, very special people. You’re the cream of the crop.

All the perps go to the back of the room and laugh, smile and think they’re very, very special people. After all, the government told them so.

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Gang Stalking – FBI caught with its pants down, again.


Laugh (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Only the serious know how to truly laugh

Only the serious know how to truly laugh (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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English: The Seal of the United States Federal...

English: The Seal of the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation. For more information, see here. Español: El escudo del Buró Federal de Investigaciones (FBI). Para obtener más información, véase aquí (Inglés). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Well, I finally have an answer to the white truck that follows me around.  All these years, I thought the truck was following me around to keep track of me. It’s true, they do keep track of me by truck, but there’s a darker side to the truck.

The FBI has a gadget that’ s known as “Stingrays.”  And this is how it works.  I got this info from Google.

[Law enforcement officials are quietly using gadgets referred to genetically as “Stingrays” to find cellphones as part of investigative work.

1.   The device is used in a vehicle along with a computer with mapping software.

2.   The stingray stem, which mimics a cellphone tower, gets the target phone to connect to it.

3.    Once the cellphone’s detected by the stingray, the phone signal strength is measured.

5.     By collecting the signal strength, the system can triangulate and map a phone’s location.]

All this time, I thought the truck was following me.  It is the signal from my phone that they are  after. I always take the SIM card out of my phone; I wonder if it still gets a signal from the phone.

Well, what the FBI is doing is illegal.  A judge told the FBI, which runs the program, that what they’re doing is illegal.  The FBI replied that they thought what they are doing  is legal.  The FBI didn’t think it was doing anything wrong.


Just like the FBI didn’t know that it was illegally  cavorting  with prostitutes in Colombia.

The FBI sure plays dumb when it wants to.  This reinforces what I’ve always thought: that the FBI’s involved in our gang stalking.   Proof, proof, proof.

Give me a minute while I laugh.

The FBI is given what is called  “pen register” order, also known as “tap and trace” orders.  These orders are given to the FBI by a judge  to allow the FBI to use its power to tract someone in an emergency.  And this order is usually given by a judge to allow the FBI to track foreign agents.  And only in an emergency.  It is not to be used to track citizens who are not causing any problems.

And this why the FBI is breaking the law.  It is messing around with our First Amendment rights, which is has no right to do unless it gets a warrant on us.

So when you see that man in the white truck  who’s always on your tail, tell him he has no right to be following you around. Tell him that he needs a warrant if he’s going to track you.

And excuse me while I laugh, laugh and laugh.

FBI you got caught with your pants down, again.  How does it feel?

How do you like it?

As someone once said, “They always get caught.”

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Gang Stalking – Businesses sleeping with the government.

The exterior of a typical Target Greatland in ...

The exterior of a typical Target Greatland in Mount Laurel, New Jersey. Unlike smaller Target stores, Target Greatlands feature double entrances. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Fedex (Photo credit: erikleenaars)

Mmmm....cake.  And government info.

Mmmm....cake. And government info. (Photo credit: emkeller)

Las Vegas Strip

Las Vegas Strip (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My two dogs' litter of seven havanese puppies....

puppies. how cute (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yesterday, I wrote about how computers are used to hit you with electricity.  You can protect yourself by aiming something electrical back at them.  Try to hit their receiving end and it will knock out the computer.  Put your phone on, put it near you and the phone will pick up the electricity sent your way.  If  you don’t know where the receiving end is, just keep hitting the computer and eventually it will go out.  Computers are very easy to mess up.  I’m sure you all know that from using them.

Now that you’re a target, it will be hard to get a phone that’s not been pre-programmed.  No matter what phone you get, the government is  in touch with the companies and arranges to have some numbers hacked before you even get it. You get the phone home and you’ll notice that it doesn’t work very well from the beginning.  And it will never work very well because it’s already been hacked.  If you know how to  de-hack your phone before you use it, do it.  The factory resets don’t work.  I’ve tried it, never works.  The hardware’s been messed with and they will be able to get all the info you have on your phone. I don’t think there’s anywhere you can go to get hack free items. I’m just warning you.  Companies like Best Buy, Target, etc. are all in with the government.  And they will do whatever the government tells them to do.  With all the money these companies make, you think they’d be free of government control, but they’re not.  I don’t know if they’re forced to work with the government, or they do it of their own volition.  But don’t trust any dealings you have with any business, big or small.  They’re sleeping with the government.

For instance, Federal Express, every time FedEx delivers something to your house, the government has already seen what’s delivered to you.  The government opens the package, looks inside and, if it’s a phone or computer, hacks it. Or they get info on the item and  later  hack your phone, computer, etc.  Anything you get from FedEx, Parcel Post, letters, etc. the government will check before you get it into your hands.  So assume everything you receive gets  looked over and sent your way, or sometimes you don’t get the item at all.

About a week ago, I saw a very cute dog.  I could not help but comment on the dog’s cuteness. I spoke with the woman and she told me about his breed, how long she’s had the dog, and how she loved her dog.  As I walked away from the woman, I thought to myself “why did you comment on the dog?”  I knew immediately that I’d be seeing gang stalkers suddenly turn up with their cute dogs.   People in Las Vegas are not the types to walk their dogs, but suddenly everywhere I turned, cute little dogs with their owners trying to get my attention.  Of course, I knew what they were up to and ignored them non-stop.  And still ignoring them.

I  recounted the above story to let you know there’s nothing you can do that the freaks will not take advantage of.  Be careful what you say to strangers, it’s probably gang stalkers trying to get information on you, so they can annoy the hell out of you.


Gang Stalking – Sounds kooky, but it works…


Electricity (Photo credit: indipworks.)

Belly Ring - Square Button.

Belly Ring - Square Button. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

belly button
belly button (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The property manager‘s grandchildren seem to be just like her.  They always seem to be looking for trouble.  The other day, I was walking to get my mail.  As I walked, a little person popped up.  From her look, I could tell it was one of the grandchildren of the property manager.  The girl made sure I saw her.  As I walked, she quickly caught up to me.  She had a dress on that was way too small for here.  She kept trying to pull down the too-tight dress.  And she  had a smirky smile on her face.  I turned around and paid her no attention.  As I went around the corner, the chubby, little girl went into the property manager’s apartment.  I was right, another family member of the manager.

The family lives on the S.E. corner of the complex, but somehow, the children always find themselves by where I live.  I live in the N.W. corner of the complex and there’s no reason for the little darlings to be anywhere near me.  I guess I’ve become a curiosity for all the awful family.  They’re beginning to remind me of those busy-bodies who are always looking to  gossip about somebody and trying to get them in trouble.

Some more advice I’ve forgotten to give you.  Your body has certain entryways:  the nose, ears, belly button, mouth, and some other entry points I don’t want to mention.  These entry points make it possible for someone to hurt you.    A gang stalker will use his phone to hit you with electricity.  He inputs a code into the phone and then turns the phone toward you.  The phone directs electricity toward you.  If you close off these entry points, the pain you feel will lessen by about 85%.  So always keep your ears covered.  Use something that will make it impossible for them to hurt you through your ears.  Use ear plugs, put some soft tissue paper into your ears.  The electricity can’t enter and will re-direct the electricity elsewhere.   Your bell button is also another entry point.  You might not think of your belly button as an entry point, but it is.  Cover your belly button and you won’t feel the electricity directed at you.  You’ll hear the sound banging around.  And if you do get hit, you’ll barely feel it.  Use a belly button cover, or put some soft tissue inside your belly button.  I know it sound crazy, but it works.  I always wear ear plugs and I hear the electricity bouncing all around me.  As long as the electricity doesn’t hit me, I don’t care where it goes. Same thing with the belly button, electricity is re-directed somewhere else, not toward you.  I know this sounds kooky, but it works.  Try it, and you’ll see that it works.


Gang Stalking – Go Ron Paul! Ron Paul for President of the U.S. States!

Body Language (play)

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English: Detail of Preamble to Constitution of...
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Ron Paul presidential campaign, 1988

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I guess the man next door is here to stay.  I was on my way out and didn’t see his  car parked in front of his apartment.  I saw his car parked by the front entrance of the parking lot.    A woman was in the car. It must be his wife.  I guess she brings him food  and clean clothes.  She’s a Burnett, thin, with a pony tail turned into a bun thing.  I thought he wasn’t home, but fate has been on my side lately. Every time I step out of my apartment, just because I feel the need to go outside, instincts, I guess, there’s been something rotten going on.  Someone is standing outside my apartment and trying to hit me with his phone; or I catch them throwing something in front of my door; or someone is in his car trying to shoot pesticide into my apartment.  I don’t go around being paranoid, I let my body do the speaking.  It works.  I always catch the miscreants.  And they often try to act very nonchalant; to act as if they’re just looking at their phone, or doing something else, but I know what they’re up to.  I can tell by their body language.  I’m very much into body language.  I became a fan of body language when I was 16 years old.  I found a book in the library on body language and ever since then I’ve read over hundreds of books on the subject.  And believe me, it’s come in handy.  Sometimes the body speaks volumes.  Sometimes more than speech.  Put the two together, and you’re in like flint.  You can read anyone.

I must admit this  week, I’ve not taken care of myself.  I guess I’m just tired.  I usually take a shower every day, but this week, I didn’t have the energy.  I could barely crawl out of bed.  So  instead of a shower a day, it’s been three showers.  I feel as if I haven’t bathe in weeks.  But I go through periods like this and eventually I get back to my normal routine.  It’s been harder this week because now I have a lot more people surrounding me and being more vicious than ever.  I just have to find what’s going to work best for this period in my life and change whatever I have to change. It’s been an experimental week.  I haven’t found what’s going to work with the added man next door.  But I will.

I’ve been in this apartment less than two years.  In that time, I’ve bought three fans.  They broke the last one this week.  It still works, but it doesn’t stand up straight.  If I don’t set it up against a wall or prod(?) it against something, it comes tumbling down. More money wasted.

The other day I stated that I will vote for Ron Paul.  Ron Paul probably won’t get on the ballot, but I’m voting for him anyway.  I intend to write his name in.  If you believe in the Constitution, you may want to vote for Ron Paul.  He may come across as some crazy, old man, but believe me, there’s nothing crazy about him.  He believes in following what the Constitution stands for.  And so do I.

Ron Paul believes  that if we follow what the Constitution stands for, the United States will remain a free country.  If we mess with the Constitution, we’re all going to lose our freedoms.  I know what it feels like to lose my freedom, so what he says makes a lot of sense to me.  Ron Paul has stated that if he’s elected President, he will do away with the Patriot Act, and a lot of other acts which have made a lot of us less free.  He believes in not getting us into another war, nor being the country that’s always going  to some country’s aid every time there’s an uprising somewhere. Nothing in the Constitution says the United States has to be the world’s watch dog.  Nothing. He also doesn’t believe in getting involved in religious issues.  He believes what it says in the Constitution —  everyone practice his/her religion as they see fit (1st amendment right –  freedom of religion).  And this is the way he thinks about most things.  Stick with the Constitution, don’t mess around with it.  So learn what Ron Paul is about.  You will appreciate what he stands for.

Go Ron Paul!  Go Ron Paul!  Vote for Ron Paul for President.

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Gang Stalking – PostaDay 2011 – No shortage of idiots in Las Vegas.

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[Men working on telephone lines, probably near...
Image by The Library of Congress via Flickr

Well, the hackers just erased what I wrote, so I have to start again.

It doesn’t matter where I go, the gang stalkers are always within range.  They’ll come stand right in front of  me looking totally idiotic.  They want to make sure I see them.  Then they’ll put on a stupid idiotic smile that makes them look as if they have absolutely no brains.  I stand and look back at them.  They never look directly at me.  They always stand sideways and stare at me out of the corner of their eye.  Then they’ll fidget with their phone and look up to make sure I’m looking at them. They fidget with their phone to scare me. (Oh, I’m really scared!) You see, they input a code into the phone and the phone draws electricity from nearby.  Then they point the phone in my direction and the electricity hits me.  So they take out their phone to scare me with electricity.  Usually the phone does nothing to me.  I just stare at them to make them think they’re doing something to me.   I like to stare down cowards.  And cowards they are!  And always, there’s the smirky smile they put on, which really makes them look twice as stupid.  I sometimes wonder where  they get all these idiots?  There seems to be no shortage of them around.   And then, there’s that self-important look they have about them.  They look as if what they’re doing is the most important thing in the world.  The government feeds them some garbage about how important they are to keep the world safe from people like me.  And they all fall for it.  They’re all puffed up with their sense of importance:  Oh, God, I’m so important!  The government told me so.  All day long, I have to put with idiots like the ones I just described.  Some day, they will all get their “just deserts”. I really hope I’m there to see them in handcuffs, and a prison uniform.

Countdown:  37 blogs to write.

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