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Gang Stalking – I walked away.


Albertsons (Photo credit: Editor B)

English: Inside the Walmart (still branded as ...

English: Inside the Walmart (still branded as Wal-Mart) at West Plains, Missouri. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Warning:  What I’m going to write about is not a nice subject, so be forewarned.!!!

This happened about six or seven days ago.  I don’t remember how many days it is.  I was so angry when it happened, I couldn’t write about it.  I had to take a few days to calm myself down. And now, I’m able to write about what happened.

I was standing by Albertsons trying to find some money in my handbag.  I was by a side of Albertsons where no one goes. While looking through my bag, a man came along and stood in front of me.  I kept looking for my money and finally found it.  I looked up to see a man who had a broken leg and was on crutches.  I looked at him and he looked at me. He began talking, but I didn’t hear anything he said. I looked at him with no expression on my face.  While we looked at each, he took his right arm, reached down to his crotch and began playing with his “privates.”  He looked  me and smiled a creepy smile.  I stood expressionless.

I thought to myself:  should I say something?  should I keep quiet?  should I find something and break his other leg so he won’t be able to walk?  Or take my pointy shoe and hit him in his crotch?

The man kept talking and touching himself  and I just stood there.  It wasn’t that I was afraid to say anything, I just didn’t know what to do.

I decided to turn around and walk away.

This is not the first time this happened to me.

About a year or so ago, this same thing happened.

I was in Wal-Mart standing in one of the aisles looking for something I needed.  I saw a man standing by me, but paid no attention to him. But I kept getting a creepy feel, so I automatically turned  and saw the man playing with his “privates.”  He looked at me and smiled.  I gave him a nasty look and called him a pervert, and walked to another aisle.  He followed me to the other aisle and kept playing with himself.  I again called him a pervert and left the aisle.

About ten minutes later, I was outside the women’s room waiting to go the bathroom.  And guess who came along? The pervert. He just stood watching me.  Two men came out  of the bathroom and he said something to them.  They were friends.  They all began laughing.  One of the other men  also began playing with his “privates.” They all kept laughing and seemed to be enjoying themselves.  I walked away without saying anything.

But for the following week, everywhere I went,  men played with their “privates.”  A lot of little boys, too. Little Mexican boys who were doing it in front of their mothers, and their mothers laughed, too.

That means that the perp went to his weekly meeting and told everybody what he did to me. That’s how bold these sickos are. They don’t care what they do to us, as long as they get attention and applause from other perps.

Maybe I shouldn’t even be writing about this. Maybe what happened to me a year ago will start all over again.

But I thought I should write about it, because I want to warn others about what to expect of the perps.  I want they to know that they can expect everything and anything from the sickos who harass us.

So that’s why I walked away about seven days ago. I didn’t want the perps to have something to report about what I said.

I wonder if such an act is against the law?

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Gang Stalking – Off Topic – What’s the longest you’ve ever walked in a single day?

Humphreys Peak from I-40 in Arizona

flickr - Humphrey's Peak, AZ

Mesa Arts Center, Mesa, Arizona

Image via Wikipedia - Mesa Arts Center, Mesa, AZ

English: Photograph of downtown Mesa, Arizona,...

Image via Wikipedia - Downtown, Mesa, AZ


Image by More Good Foundation via Flickr Mormon Temple, Mesa, Arizona

English: Financial Plaza, Bank of America, Mes...

Image via Wikipedia

Write about what happened, how far you walked, and whether it was by choice, or something happened that forced you to travel differently than expected.

I remember this walk as if it happened yesterday.

I was living in Arizona, and I’d signed up to take a postal exam.  On the day of the exam, my sister drove me to the bus terminal.  I took a bus from Mesa, AZ to Phoenix, where the exam was being held.

While waiting in line to show ID, etc., I met a man who was very friendly and we began to talk.  We talked for over an hour while waiting for the exam to start. So we got to know each other pretty well in a short time.  I really connected with him.

Finally, an announcer told us to sit down and start the exam, and the man sat next to me.    We had two hours to finish the exam. When the exam time was up, we handed in our papers.  He stayed close to me all the time we were in the exam room.

As we were leaving, he told me he was going toward Mesa and he would be happy to give me a ride.  I thought about it and said okay.

As soon as we were on the road, his smile turned into a smirk, and I worried that he was going to do something to me.  And sure enough, I felt his hand grab my knee.  I took his hand away.  He said, “Don’t you like me touching you?”  I answered, “No, I don’t!”  and I moved closer to the right side of the door.  I couldn’t get out of the car because I was still in Phoenix and there was absolutely no bus transportation anywhere around. And it was too far a walk back to Mesa.  So I just stayed in the car  and put up with his greasy behavior and kept taking his hand off my knees.

I kept watching how close we were getting to Mesa.  Finally, when we entered Mesa, he stopped at a light.  I opened the door and quickly ran out of his car.  I called him a “pervert” before I slammed the door.  He yelled at me to get back in the car.  I did not answer him.  I couldn’t call my sister to come get me, because I had no phone with me, and it was the days before cell phones.  So here I was with no money, no phone and couldn’t get in touch with my sister.  So I began the journey back home.

Imagine July in Mesa, Arizona.   The temperature was hovering around 108.  It was hot, hot, hot.  I had no water.  I was sweating heavily, and I thought I was going to pass out.  But I kept walking.  Finally, I recognized my sister’s neighborhood.  I kept walking.  It took me 5 hours plus to get home in the heat.  By the time I reached my sister’s house, I looked like a red lobster.  My face was red, and I could hardly breathe. My sister saw me, made me sit down and put a damp cloth on my face.  I sat on my sister’s couch for a while  unable to move, or talk.

When I was able to talk, my sister asked me what happened, and I told her.  She asked me why didn’t I call her, and I explained why I couldn’t.

I’m very, very careful now with whom I share a car.  I rarely take offers of a free ride to anywhere. I’d rather walk.

By the way, this was not my longest walk, just the one I remember the clearest.

So, women, be careful when you take a ride from that nice man.  He might turn out to be a creep.

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