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Gang Stalking – PostaDay 2011 – Live free or die!

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I said I would write 500 blogs before the end of the year.  I didn’t accomplish my goal.  The hackers stopped me in my tracks, but I’m going to continue until I get to 500 blogs. I’m just extending the date to January 6, 2012. I know it won’t count toward the year 2011, but it doesn’t matter, I just want to accomplish my goal of writing 500 blogs.

So hope you all had a fabulous New Year‘s day.  For the last 3-4 years, I haven’t stayed up for the new year, but his year I decided I was going to meet it head-on.  The other years, I decided I wasn’t up to welcoming in a new year.   I stayed up and watched fireworks from my apartment window.  I can see the Cosmopolitan Hotel from where I live, and I watched as the fireworks went off.  The Cosmopolitan is  a new hotel on the Strip.  It’s very expensive and classy.  According to what I’ve read, it has the best restaurants and music.  Some day, I have to get to the Strip and visit the Cosmopolitan.  The fireworks lasted about nine minutes, and I didn’t have to fight the crowd on Las Vegas Boulevard to see the fireworks.  I live in the perfect place to see fireworks.

This year I’m going to get out more.  I’ve been sort of hiding from the world, even though I go out everyday. I just hate to deal with all the garbage that’s done to me by the gang stalkers.  I’m going to start living life again.  No one is going to stop me from living my life anymore. Not the gang stalkers, not government, no one!  If I can’t live life on my terms, I think I’d prefer death.  As Patrick Henry said: Give me liberty, or give me death!  I totally agree with what he said. And I’m going to live free or die!

Countdown: 39 blogs to write.

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Gang Stalking – If the heroes of the Revolutionary War had kept quiet…

I get all sorts of comments from people who tell me to keep quiet and not rant in my blog.  Well, if the heroes of the Revolutionary War had kept quiet, we Americans would be British subjects today supporting the Queen of England and  her offspring.  If Nathan Hale, Thomas Paine, Patrick Henry, Ben Franklin,  George Washington,  John Paul Jones, Alexander Hamilton and others had not opened their mouths and spoken up against British rule,  we’d be a totally different country. By speaking up and contributing their time and money, they made America free.

The people above are my heroes. This is not a pretty blog, nor genteel.  Sometimes I have to  take my gloves off and call the government not such pretty names.  They send after me the “most obnoxious of the obnoxious” people.  I  suppose I could sit back and let others take the hit and not say anything.  But if I  just sat back and said nothing, I would feel like a coward.  So, I speak up because I feel as the patriots did.  People have to speak up about the evils of government.  How else will the gang stalking stop?  How else will people find out what the government is doing to its citizen??  Only by speaking up will the public find out about the government’s lies.  I’ll take the hits just as the patriots did and others who have the courage and are writing blogs about their gang stalking experiences.  Maybe some day people will begin to believe what the government is doing to us? And who knows?  Maybe there’s a hero out there in  “governmentland.”  But I doubt it. Sad to say, there are no heroes left.

 So, I will not go  quietly into the night.  I will go kicking and screaming.

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