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Gang Stalking – Let the world know about gang stalking; write a blog.

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Ants on Bricks
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Well, the b——s deleted what I just wrote.  So I’ll start again.

Please, if you can, write about what’s happening to you.  If you are a target, let the world know what’s going on in your life. The more people who write about what’s occurring in their lives, the more the word will get out.  If a lot of  targets write about their experiences, after a while, the world can’t ignore what’s happening to us. The world will have to listen.

You think you can’t write?  Yes, you can.  I’m a perfect example of someone who is not a professional writer.  I feel the message I have to get out to the world is more important than how I write or my ego. Get on a blogging site, sign on, and start writing.  It’s that simple!  I know it doesn’t sound simple, but that’s exactly what I did.  At the beginning, I didn’t know what to write.  I knew it was going to be about gang stalking, and the horrible things happening to me.  But I didn’t give up, and here I am, 539 blogs later, still writing.  I didn’t realize I  have that much writing in me.   To me, my writing has always  been  about getting information to targets who don’t know what’s happening in their lives, and awakening them to what’s really going on.  It was another blogger who made me aware of what was occurring to me, and I’m repaying that favor by writing this blog.  I’m passing it on.  Write a blog and pass it on.

Write in your own voice and tell about what’s taking place in your life.  You don’t really want to sound like everyone else. You want to sound like you.

I’ve written on WordPress.com since September, 2010.  If you want a site you can trust, and will not censor you, sign on with WordPress.  WordPress.com will help you in any way it can.  And WordPress.com is a free blogging site.  So go for it!  Write about your experiences.  Let the world know what’s happening to all of us.  Become a blogger.  Maybe something you write will help someone in some way, maybe even me.  Now, go write!

If you read my blog, I’ve told you about my ant problems.  I’ve found something that really works on ants.  It’s cinnamon powder; I guess cinnamon sticks will work, too.  The ants really hate cinnamon.  I don’t like killing ants, but I don’t want a bunch of them all over the place.  Ants have their place in the world.  Also, another thing that works is salt.  Yes! Salt.  Put out cinnamon or salt, and the ants will start running so fast you won’t be able to keep track of them.

Again, I want to “thank you” readers.  You lift my spirit!

And start writing that blog! If you write a blog, let me know; so I can read it.