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Gang Stalking – I hate the perps for making my life so joyless.

For the first time in about three and a half  years I went to the park.  I used to go to the park all the time.  But there came a point, I decided it was too miserable an experience to go there.  As soon as I’d enter the park, parents would show up  with their children.  Of  course, they just had to sit where I sat.  They’d tell their brats to make as much noise as possible, to scream and yell at the top of their lungs.  Not only would they tell them to do this, but they’d tell them to jump up and down on the tables.  Nice thing to teach their kids. To become as wild as possible.  I took it for a while, but then I began to feel like I’d like to take the kids and turn them around and just hit their bottoms to teach them to behave. I decided it was safer for me to stay out of the park. I didn’t want to be accused of child abuse.  So I passed by the park, but  stayed away from entering it.

Now, I decided to give the park another try. How much worse can it be than what it used to be?   Well, honestly, a lot worse.  I went to the park yesterday and sat on a rock, far away from everybody in the park.  Well, as usually happens, the area I was sitting in became the area to sit.  Immediately, mothers with their children, women with dogs, men walking, boy/girlfriends, etc. just had to sit  near the vicinity of where I sat.  The park’s surrounded by apartment complexes, people put their chairs out and watched me non-stop.  Every way I turned, someone was watching me.  I did not leave the park, I moved and sat in another area. Again, the area became the newest place to hang out.  Some of the people sent their dogs my way, so I’d pet the dog and then they thought I’d start a conversation with them.  I paid no attention.  A lot of  women  passed by me talking as if they were miles from each other, not next to each other.  I  had a book I was reading and totally absorbed myself in the book.  And I  managed to stay put for an hour.  After an hour, I’d had enough of the ridiculous idiots. I left.

I can’t even sit in the park for an hour without someone annoying the hell out of me.  I can tell you I hate these people for making my life so joyless.  I can’t sit in the park, go for a walk, the store, get on the bus, etc. without having an entourage.

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Gang Stalking – PostaDay 2011 – Where is the most relaxing place in your world?

When you’re stressed or overwhelmed, where is the best place in the world for you to go to relax?

A relaxing place? Being a target, there is no such place for me. It is not when I am outside doing errands. It is not when I am in a store. It is not when I’m sitting in the park trying to relax. It is not when I am on the bus. It is not at a doctor’s office. It is not when I am home.  It is not when I’m using my computer.  When I’m using my computer, I am under stress non-stop.  My computer gets hacked.  When I write something, it gets erased.  I’m constantly taken out of whatever site I’m using.  So it’s not while using a computer.

I guess the only way I can relax, it’s by putting in my ear plugs and listening to music.  I force myself to listen to the music and ignore everything that’s going on around me.  But other than this, I have no place to relax.  I’m always under stress.  I wish I had a place to relax.  It would feel so good not to worry about someone hounding me all day. It would feel good to go to the park and just enjoy the scenery. It would feel good, just to be alone and have no one bother me.  But it’s impossible.

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Gang Stalking – PostaDay 2011 – Part 3: You’re not crazy; you’ve become a targeted individual.

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I’ve written about what’s happening to you and who is doing it.  Now it’s time to get into the meaty part of what will your life will be  like from on now.

From the day the gang stalking starts until the day you die, your life will be one of harassment.  From the minute you get up and after you go to bed,  the harassment will not stop. There will be no let-up.   There will be no holidays, even on holidays.

The gang stalkers will mimic everything you do.  They will mimic the way you walk, talk, sit, hold your hand, scratch your head, wear lipstick, shoes you wear, color of clothing you wear (colors will change depending on the color you wear), hats, style,  the way you  wear your hair (if you have a braid, everybody will start  braiding  his/her hair), your handbag, color of nail polish you wear, your hair color,  lick your lips, put hand to your face,  style of sunglasses, shop where you shop, eat the way you eat,  way you speak,  cough, sneeze, laugh, etc.

Every  little thing about you is  open to discussion when the gang stalkers have their weekly meeting .  Nothing you do will miss  their keen eye.  I think they get paid extra money for anything new  they discover about you.  At the weekly meetings, the gang stalkers find out  what they should mimic about you that week.

No matter where you go, or what you do, there will be gang stalkers nearby.   They’ll be to the right of you, the left of  you, in front of you, behind you, coming toward you, sitting  still waiting  for you to come by.    If they see you coming, they will wait  by their car door  so they can slam the door as you pass by.

If you ride the bus,  gang stalkers  will ride the bus and sit next to you.   They’ll have their backpacks and rolling pack filled with pesticide.  They’ll spray you with  pesticide, or  put a  code into their phone to draw electricity to you.  The bus driver will put on his lights when you enter the bus.  The driver will  spray pesticide on you through  the vents  in the bus.  Any seat you sit on, the bus driver will  heat.   On the bus, the gang stalkers will try to trip you.

If you decide to sit in the park, a police officer will show up  to  watch you.   The park will fill up with gang stalkers.   The gang stalkers will make a lot of noise; put on loud music, talk loudly, etc.

If you go to any store, fast food place, etc.,  the PA system will suddenly  be deafening.   Everyone in the store, from clerks to shoppers, will  start speaking loudly. The security guard will  follow you around.  If you ask any  clerk  anything, you will get a rude reply.

Wherever you go, people will know about you.   It’s like being a celebrity, but without the benefits.

I’ll stop here  for today.  Will continue with this tomorrow.