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Gang Stalking – Off Topic – PostaDay 2011 – What’s the most interesting headline you saw today?

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Bonus:  Do you read the news every day?  Or do you find it not worth your time?  Why?

The most interesting headline I saw today was about Lance Armstrong: Lance Armstrong Faces Another Accuser.  A second friend of Lance Armstrong accused him of doping.  His name is George Hincapie and it was stated on CBS news that he had been in Armstrong’s house and  had seen Lance take some doping substance from his refrigerator.  Later on, Hincapie said he never spoke with anyone at CBS News and he didn’t know where they got the information.  Another headline I found interesting was the one about the little girl whose mother  inserted  Botox  into her daughter’s face.  It turned out it was a hoax.  The mother said she did not inject Botox into her daughter’s face.  She was paid $200 by a British newspaper, The Sun, to make up the story.  It seems to be a news day full of paradoxes.

I read the news every day without fail.   I’ve read newspapers since I was in kindergarten. My father always came home with a newspaper under his arm.  As soon as he got home, he would sit down and read it.   Immediately after  my father  read the paper, I would grab it and read it.  By reading the news, I feel connected to my father who died a few years ago.

I definitely find watching the news worth my  while.  I always have something to talk about with  someone, and I like keeping up with what’s going on in the world.   I don’t want to be one of those people  whose  only interest is  what’s going on around the block.

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