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Gang Stalking – PostaDay 2011 – Are you good to people you don’t know?

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How, when and why (or why not)?

I always try to be good to people I don’t know.  I don’t always succeed, but I try.  I can admit I’m not very nice to people who gang stalk me.  I’m not of the belief that you should treat  everybody good, no matter who they are.  I know a lot of religious people who believe in treating everybody nice.  Before gang stalking began, I never gave a thought to being nice to someone.  I was automatically nice.  Now, I think about being nice.  I’ve met so many horrible people in my life during my gang stalking, it’s hard for me to be nice be to  some people.  Even when I’m good to a gang stalker, they’ll turn around and screw with me.  So gang stalkers do not get treated very well by me.  I get them before they get me. If it’s someone I know is not gang stalking me, I’ll be good to them.  I’ll help with packages they’re carrying, push someone’s wheelchair, give some money to a homeless person, give someone food, etc.  I’m not good to gang stalkers, and I will never be.  They don’t deserve my respect, or goodness. I think nothing of letting the door slam in their faces.  It  is a war I’m fighting. A fight for my survival.  And in wars, we’re not nice to our enemies.

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Gang Stalking – PostaDay 2011 – Part 7: You’re not crazy; you’ve become a targeted individual.

Continuing from Part 6.

Receiving packages from FedEx, Parcel Post, etc.  Make sure when you receive a package that it has not been tampered with.  I’ve ordered some things by phone, and when I received them, the manager of the complex opened  them.  She  didn’t even bother to hide the fact that she  opened my package.  The FedEx man delivered the package to me unopened.  The package I received  stated  “deliver to third-party.”  So it doesn’t matter what you do, they mess with every part of your life.

Don’t move.  It’s a waste of your money.  They want to keep you moving from place to place.  All the moving will have an impact on your finances.  But the best way to handle this is to stay put.  If you do move, the same thing that’s happening to you now will happen in the new place.  At least in the place you’re in now, you know the evil ways of the gang stalkers.  If you move, it might be a  worse place.  (See my post on moving if you’re a target.  It will tell you what to look for before you move into a new place.)

You probably hear a constant high pitch sound in your ear.  It never stops.  It’s done to track you.  How do I know this?  My sister.  Every morning when I got up, she’d get up immediately and start playing with her gadget.  I knew what she was doing, so I’d move a lot to prevent her from finding me.  I’d move my head a lot, put things in my ear.  But eventually she’d get through.  When she found me, than it was easier for her to target me.  All she had to do was aim the gadget in the direction the sound was coming from and hit me.   What you can do is get a very small radio with ear plugs, put the ear plugs in your ear and put on music.  It doesn’t stop, but listening to the music will make you less aware of the sound.  You’ll stop listening to the sound and pay attention to the music.  It’s not a 100%  solution, but it helps somewhat.

Gang stalking all over the world.  You might think gang stalking is happening only where you are living.  Not true.  Gang stalking is happening all over the world.  You name a place, and I can tell you, gang stalking is happening.  And exactly the things you’re going through, they’re going through.  It is no different.  It seems all the heads of government got together and agreed to go after people whom  they deemed problems.  It is a world order that all the governments of the world agreed to.

How did you end up on a list of targets?  Did you have a quarrel with someone?  Did you have problems with your boss at work?  Are you an outspoken individual?  Did you have problems with a property manager?  Did you have any problems with someone in power? A lawyer?  Someone very well off?  Maybe there’s someone who just wants to get revenge on you for some reason?  There could be any number of reasons you ended up on the list.  Someone considered you a problem child and reported you to your community watch group.  They then investigate  the complaint and if you’re  considered dangerous enough, you’ll be placed on the list.  Then the gang stalking begins.  In the beginning,  very subtly.  But as time goes on, it gets worse.  Once you get on the list, it’s almost impossible to get off.  The only way I’ve heard of targets getting out of being gang stalked, is to become a gang stalker.  I’ve seen this in action, where a target becomes a gang stalker.  It happened recently where I live.

How to best handle what you’re going through.

When you’re out somewhere, the best thing to do is ignore everything that’s done to you. The gang stalkers will always be watching you to see what annoys you. If they do something and you react to it, they will continue doing it to you. So the best defense is not to  pay attention to any of them. They will try to get your attention. That’s their goal. They come toward you acting as if you don’t exist, but they’re watching out of the corner of their eye. Just turn around quickly when they’re behind you, and you will see that they’ve turned to see if you’ve reacted to anything they’ve done. The best reaction is no reaction. Go on about your business and pay no attention to any of them. It makes them happy when you react. You don’t want to give them any happiness, do you? So don’t react!  It’ll be hard to ignore all the freaks.  I’m sure there will be days when you cannot keep your mouth shut.  They’ll get to you.  But give yourself a break.  You’re only a normal human being and can handle just so much.  So if you do break, just forgive yourself  and go on with your life.  Tomorrow’s another day for a new beginning.  Also, when you’re home, follow the same rule.  React as little as possible to anything done to you in your home, otherwise, they really will drive you crazy.

The best way to handle gang stalking is to go about your life as normally as possible.  Don’t hide.  They win if you hide.  They want to keep you trapped and isolated.  Too much isolation is not good.  Get out every day, go shopping, go to the library, the park, feed the pigeons, spend some time in the sun, go for a walk, people watch, etc.  None of these things cost money, except shopping.   I used  to go the library to  watch movies, take out books, read the magazines, see musical events, listen to famous writers talk about writing.  I cannot no longer visit the library.  I’ve been banned from  entering the library for one year.  So I don’t have too much money to do much of anything, but once my ban is up, I’m heading to the library to use its services. A lot of us have limited resources, a library card gives you a place to see special events, and it keeps you busy.  So get a library card.  By the way, the librarians will also be part of gang stalking.  That’s how I got thrown out of the library.

Places  to go for help:  http://gang stalking world.com (one of the most informative blogs on gang stalking).  There are thousands of sites on gang stalking, so check them out.  Go through Google, otherwise, you might not get them.  Check out YouTube.  Lots of videos on gang stalking.

What you can do to help:  Start a blog.  Let everybody know what’s happening.  You can file a lawsuit, but chances are small that it will be heard in court.  Sign petitions to stop gang stalking.  Join Facebook site on gang stalking.  Write your representatives and let them know what’s going on.  If they get enough complaints, they can’t ignore all the complaints they’re getting.  Join Twitter and tell everyone about gang stalking.  Make up flyers and hand them out to people. Post videos on YouTube about gang stalking.   Do something that will let the public know what is going on.  Get yourself a camcorder and carry it everywhere you go.  Record everything that might help you get evidence.

I’m done with these posts.  I’ve tried to let you know what things will be happening to you.  I’m sure I’ve forgotten a lot of things.  If you have any questions about gang stalking, read my other posts.  I have a lot of  information on my earlier posts.  I began writing this post in September, 2010, and there’s lot of information you can use.

Good luck to all of you.  Live the best life you can.  That’s all you can do.

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