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Gang Stalking – PostaDay 2011 – Do you stay true to yourself?

Jody Williams, winner of the 1997 Nobel Peace prize, advises that the winner this year “Stay true to themselves”.  This is advice we often hear given to kids, or in movies, but what does it really mean?

First of all, how do you discover who your true self is?  It seems many people don’t know who they are.  Second, most people have some qualities they wish they didn’t have, such as jealousy, envy, insecurities, or prejudices.  Staying true to those things wouldn’t  seem to be in our interest.

What does it mean to you to stay true to yourself?  Which part of yourself do you think about?

To me “Staying  true to yourself”  means to stay true to what I believe in and who I am.  To not become  a phony to fit in.   Some people will change everything about themselves to “fit in”.  Most of these people are the people who so dislike themselves that they  usually end up taking drugs to hide the pain they feel for living a phony life.  True, there are traits we have that we wish we didn’t have, but as far as I know, no one I’ve ever met is perfect.  If we were perfect, we wouldn’t be spending so much money trying to change the way we look.  Though I have things about myself I dislike, so does everyone else.  The things we dislike about ourselves are usually the things that make us unique.  The things I dislike about myself are not things someone else would give a second thought  to.  One of the reasons I think I ended up on the government list, is because I’ve never been shy about expressing my ideas and not backing down when confronted about my opinions. I freely expressed them  and didn’t care what someone thought.

I stay true to myself by being who I am.   I don’t change my ideas  on a whim, just to agree with someone else so they like me.  If they like me, they like me.  If they don’t like me, they don’t.  There’s nothing I can do about how someone feels about me.  I just have to accept the way they feel and go on with my life.  No one likes being disliked, but life is life.  You could be perfect in every way, and someone would find something to dislike about you.  So stay true to yourself.  You’ll be a happier person.


Gang Stalking – PostaDay 2011 – When was the last time you changed your mind?

Bonus:  If you never change your mind you’re not learning anything new.  Agree?

To all the idiots who wrote comments this morning to my blog repeating exactly the same thing, drop dead!

I changed my mind just a second ago.  Should I respond to all the idiots who made exactly the same response to my blog, or ignore them?  I decided to respond by telling them to drop dead.  I actually cannot believe these people are all so STUPID !  They’re told what to do and like a bunch of zombies they comply.  Don’t any of them have any brains!?’  I’ll answer that.  I think not.  I think if they are told to run around naked, they all would be seen walking around naked.  By the time I stop typing this blog, I might change my mind again.  I’ll erase the drop dead part. Why give them the pleasure of knowing I’m annoyed?  But, honestly, how stupid can stupid get?

As to,  if someone never changes his mind he never learns anything, it’s probably true.  It means the person never rethinks his opinions.  He thinks one way and is stuck thinking that way.  He never questions anything that he does or will do in the future.  He thinks things are as they are and will always stay the same.  Someone like this is stuck in a time warp.  Time and world events change constantly.  People have to keep an open mind; sometimes even change their minds.

As I was about to hit publish, I  noticed that more spam was sent to me.  I had a feeling it was going to be more comments repeating the same thing.  It’s amazing how well I know these idiots.  Of course, I was right.  Five more comments repeating exactly the same thing as the first group of  spammers.   And again, three  more spams, repeating the same thing as the other spammers.  You people should get a life.  You’re like a bunch of two-year olds!  Go get a lollipop.  It will keep you busy sucking.  You seem to have nothing to do but annoy people.

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