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Gang Stalking – Perps – Brain dead idiots!

Sony Walkman SRFS84S/SRF-S84 Silver 'pocket ra...

Sony Walkman SRFS84S/SRF-S84 Silver ‘pocket radio’/’miniature radio’. Taken 31 May 2005. Source: Jonathan Ah Kit External link: Sony Style NZ (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Brain-dead morons

Brain-dead morons (Photo credit: quinn.anya)

English: The La Reserve Apartment Complex

English: The La Reserve Apartment Complex (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Well, I feel so important. I have so many of those disgusting people after me that they must be paying out a lot of money to have them follow me around.  Maybe I’m on a Wanted Poster somewhere. Who knows? Why is it that the government has enough money to keep the low lifes working around the clock, but closed down essential services?  It tells you how important we are. The government just has to make sure it keeps us in line and we don’t do anything crazy.

Just here at the library, there are about 60 people around the computer area.  I come into the library sometimes just to see if anyone’s in here.  There’ll be nobody in the magazine section, the computers are seldom busy, and where the books are, three or four people, but I come into the library and it’s overrun with those disgusting people. As I written before, they truly are brain dead.

I’m having no luck finding an apartment. As soon as I go into any apartment complex, out come the perps in their bright colors and their bit bulls.  I’m trying to get away from stuff like this, so why would I go into another hellish situation?  Honestly, what I’d like to do to these bastards…

I haven’t fixed my computer yet.  This is about the eighth day that I’ve been coming into the library.  Amazing!  I’ve been very good, too good. I keep thinking “how long am I’m going to last before I tell one of the perps to go f–k himself, or something similar”. I don’t look at them, hear them (I have my am/fm transistor radio with me), and pay no attention  whatsoever to what they do.  They all think they’re so cool and smart.  If they were cool and smart, they wouldn’t be doing what they’re doing. They’d have better things to do with their lives. It seems most of them have no lives beside doing this kind of work. It’s okay with me if they waste their lives.  They should. Waste it, waste it away.  One day they’ll turn around and be old people doing the same work and realize how much of their life they spent doing nothing.

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