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Gang Stalking -No matter how bad it gets, hang in there!

Edward Snowden Found

Edward Snowden Found (Photo credit: rtcosmin)

Sorry, I haven’t answered comments faster.  I haven’t gotten my computer fixed yet.  If I fix it, the hackers will break it as soon as I fix it.  The thought of coming into this disgusting library makes me ill. That’s why I haven’t responded sooner.

I don’t know if  any of you have kept up with what Edward Snowden’s doing, but he’s been given a Whistleblower Award. This is an award given to Americans who are brave enough to speak out against the government  by leaking information to the American public that the government doesn’t want the public to know.  So good for him.  In my opinion, he should have been given a Pulitzer prize.  And his father is also in Russia visiting him.  I’m sure it must make Snowden feel good to see his father.  His father has stood by him and thinks what his son did is very brave.  He’s lucky to have a father who stands by him.

I’ve had no luck finding an apartment.  The apartments in Las Vegas are just so awful!  There are a of rentals, but there’s only one I’ve seen that I liked.  The apartments in Las Vegas are all built with walkways.  And I’ve learned to hate walkways.  The perps, I’m sure love them. They use the walkways to harass us. I promised myself, no more walkways.  And the apartments are all built haphazardly.  There’s no privacy.  Every apartment looks into another.  And I can tell by the people who live in these places, they’re not people I have any desire to hang with.  My time is running short. I have to be out of the hell hole I live in by the end of October.  That’s 17 days I have left.  I don’t know what I’ll do if I can’t find a place to live.  Wish me luck.

I know you who read this have to deal with s–t all the time, too.  Just don’t give in.  Keep believing in yourselves.  Some day, we’ll be free of this hell. We just have to hang in there. Love to every one of you.

P.S. Make sure you see the video of Snowden getting award.

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