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Gang Stalking – I dream of having a normal life some day.


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No Loud Music?

I’m driving the perps next door nuts.  And they sure don’t like it.  I’m doing unto them as they do unto.  And happy campers they’re not.

When I take a shower, what they like to  do is turn off my hot or cold water.  My water is either very cold or very hot, no in-between.  So when they take a shower, I do the same thing to them.   I  immediately turn my hot and cold water  on.  It makes their shower too hot, or too cold. I hate wasting water, and it probably sounds childish to those of you who aren’t in my situation, but you’d have to be in my shoes to understand.

The  perps turn the shower right off.  And usually stomp their feet.  Too bad.

They also like to send a very high pitch sound into my apartment.  It’s a high shrill piercing sound.

When they send the high pitch sound into my apartment, I  put my radio and ear buds  on and “zone out.”

Lately, I’ve noticed I have a problem finding ear buds.  All the places where I used to buy them no longer sell them.  Of course, the businesses are told not to carry them.  And  the zombies do  the government’s bidding.   But I’m not worried about not being able to find ear buds. I have almost a year’s supply, because I knew they’d do what they did.

And the woman next door complained to the office manager about the loud music she hears coming from my apartment.  The manager comes up to my apartment almost every day, trying to catch me playing loud music.  I heard the manager say she couldn’t hear any noise coming from it. And the manager will never hear any noise coming from my apartment. I can have the door open and no one can hear a thing. I’ve learned a thing or two from the government  flunkies.

It’s too bad that the people next door are having a bad time with noise.  Poor souls.

The people next door feel they have a God-given right to harass me.  The government told them so. And it is my job to take their bullshit.

Yeah, in a pig’s eye.

If they don’t want to be harassed, they shouldn’t  harass me, because I do not take anyone’s bullshit!

Oh, God, I dream of having a normal life some day.

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Gang Stalking – The damage caused by gang stalkers.

Group of children in a primary school in Paris...

Group of children in a primary school in Paris Español: Niños en una escuela elemental en París Français : Enfants dans une école élémentaire à Paris (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Burruss Hall, signature building on the Virgin...

Burruss Hall, signature building on the Virginia Tech campus. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Mug shot of Jiverly Wong.

Mug shot of Jiverly Wong. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Gang Stalking – PostaDay 2011 – If you could be part of any fictional universe, what would it be?

And why? (e.g., Star Wars, Mad Men, Hamlet, etc.)
Rules: You can visit for as long as you like.

I’d like to go back to a time in my life where I was living a normal life.  At the time I didn’t know that every day I lived a normal life was a gift.  Once it’s taken away from you, then you realize that an ordinary day is  best.

I’d like to go back to a time when my mother was alive.  I had a boyfriend who really cared for me.  I worked in a job I liked.  I had good friends and trusted them.  We hung around together and really enjoyed each other’s company.  We got together for weddings, baby showers, birthdays, went shopping together, went out to eat together.  These are the things that count in life.  The ordinary things.  When you don’t have them anymore, you realize how special these times are.

I’d like to have my  boyfriend back and show him the love I didn’t show him the first time around.  I  did show him love, but I would definitely show a lot more affection.  So if you love someone, show it.  Don’t be afraid to show affection.  Don’t have regrets.

I’d like to have my family back.  I think sometimes we take our families for granted; that they’ll always be there.  But then one day you wake up, and find they’re gone.  It takes the heart and soul out of you.

I’d like my universe to be the way it was four years ago.  When I walked the streets without fear.  When I took liberty for granted. When I took sitting in an outdoor restaurant for granted.  When I didn’t give an ordinary day a second thought.  But, of course, if this time were  given back to me, I wouldn’t take an ordinary day for granted.  I’d rejoice in its ordinariness.

So my advice to anyone who is complaining about an ordinary day, don’t take it for granted.  You never know when an ordinary day will no longer be yours.  Revel in an ordinary day.

I’d never leave.