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Gang Stalking – Off Topic – PostaDay 2011 – What war is worth fighting?

By war, what do you mean?  Are you talking about the war on crime, war on poverty, gang war, etc.?

Or are you talking about real war? Like the war we’re fighting in Afghanistan?

What war is worth fighting? Honesty, I don’t think any war is worth fighting. All that killing and losing our men. No war is worth fighting.  There will always be war. Man just cannot get along. There’s always going to be something to fight about. We could all be equal in every way possible way and we would find something to fight about.

So saying all that, the only war  worth fighting is one to save children.  They are the future.  Without children, there is no future.  Fighting about religion doesn’t do it for me.  Religion is suppose to be about loving your fellow-man.  But all the religious wars are about killing each other because neither believes the other’s religion is the true one.  It seems to me, most religions today are all about keeping people downtrodden and living without joy.  Think of any religion and they’re all about the same thing, trying to prove that their religion is the true one.  And I think  wars will continue to be about religion.

I’m glad the U.S. (with all its faults) doesn’t have a state-sponsored religion.  All this does is cause problems.  More people are  killed over religion than almost anything else.  It’s really  strange,  religion is suppose to teach us to love each other, but does the opposite.

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