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Violence has broken out at Bundy Ranch

This is what I wrote about yesterday. I couldn’t get the video to work, maybe you’ll be able to see this one. It’s amazing to me how little attention the media is paying to this story. NE1

Gang Stalking – Who’s going to protect us from the police?

cute dog on table

cute dog on table (Photo credit: epSos.de)

AT&T Spying Cartoon

AT&T Spying Cartoon (Photo credit: ElectronicFrontierFoundation)

4th Amendment

4th Amendment (Photo credit: HéctorRSantiago)

English: Chicago police officers on horseback,...

English: Chicago police officers on horseback, with Sillitoe Tartan hat bands (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Some good news for Edward Snowden, Bolivia, Nicaragua, and Venezuela said that they will allow him to seek asylum in their countries.  The problem, of course, is, how is he going to get into any of these country?  With the U.S. threatening other countries and making sure that any plane that Snowden might be in, grounded, how’s he going to get out? Well, I have an idea, but I’m keeping it to myself. I hope he thinks of it.

Here in Nevada, an incident occurred which sounds just like what happened in Nazi Germany.  This incident took place in Henderson, a suburb of Las Vegas.

Police called Anthony Mitchell on the phone and asked him if  they could use his house for surveillance on a domestic violence case.  Anthony Mitchell told police he did not want to get involved and did not want his house used as a lookout place.  Police then went to Anthony’s house,  knocked on  Anthony Mitchell’s door, but Anthony would not open it. While the police were banging on the door, Anthony called his mother, who lives in the neighborhood, and told her what was happening.  The police rammed the door open and threw pepper balls all over Anthony and his dog (The dog got scared and  ran out of the house and spent almost all day out in the hot sun). The police told Anthony to get on the floor and put his hands behind his back.  While he was down,  Anthony called police officers “assholes”.  This made the officers angry and they began shouting obscenities at Anthony and abusing him.  The police took over the house and moved the furniture around without Anthony’s approval.  Anthony kept talking and the police arrested him for obstructing justice. He was taken to police headquarters.

The police then went over to Linda and Michael Mitchell’s house, Anthony’s parents, and asked them if their house could be used for surveillance. They said no.  The police asked Michael if he’d come with them to help them talk to the neighbors who were having domestic problems.  He said yes and left with the police. But the police had no interest in getting Michael’s help, they just wanted him out of the house.

Meanwhile, Linda Mitchell was at home with the police officers. The police rummaged through Linda’s purse without permission. Then the police officers grabbed Linda and walked her to the police headquarters, also to get her out of the house.  They rushed her to  police headquarters without stopping to let her rest. The other police officers stayed in Linda’s house to use as a lookout point.

Police arrested Michael and Anthony, and they spent 9 hours in jail.  Police allowed Linda to go home.

When Linda got home, she found all her cabinet doors open, the refrigerator door open, and mayonnaise and mustards jars  left on the door. Furniture had been moved. The house was a mess.

The family complained to headquarters, but nothing was done to the police officers. Not one thing.

The family decided to sue.  They’re suing the police department for punitive damages, and for police abuse of their 3rd, 4th and 14th Amendment rights, assault and battery, conspiracy, defamation, abuse of process, malicious prosecution, negligence, and emotional distress.

The police dismissed charges against Anthony and Michael Mitchell.

Can you imagine, the police break into the family’s house, break down the door and then turn around and arrest the family. It’s like the Gestapo.  What nerve!

With the Patriot Act, NDAA, and all those other acts passed by Congress to keep our country safe, the police are taking advantage of all the acts and doing whatever they feel like doing.

I hope the Mitchell family wins in court and wins big bucks.  They deserve it for what they had to put  with from police.

Will your home be the next one the police break into?

It’s getting bad out there, people.  Who’s going to protect us from the Gestapo, um, I mean police?

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Gang Stalking – Government keeps patients on Psychotropic drugs.

America - home of the red, white and BLUES

America – home of the red, white and BLUES (Photo credit: Treasure Tia)


Old Man

Old Man (Photo credit: potzuyoko)


Well, guess what?  If you read my blog yesterday I told you about the electric bill not sent to me.  Today, I went to my mailbox, and in there, the electric bill. I told you yesterday this would happen, and I was right.  I’d thought they’d hold it for one or two days, but there it was! I know the idiots so well.


I want to write about a man I heard about here in Las Vegas.


An old man called EMT because he’d used all his psychotropic pills and he was hearing voices. This old man was taken to the hospital and spent some time there.  On his last day, he was taken to see the doctor who treated him. When the old man went into the doctor’s office, the doctor said to him, “Where are you going when you leave here?”  The old man answered, “I’m staying in Las Vegas and going back to where I live. “The doctor replied, “Well, where would you like to go if you could?”  The old man answered, “I want to stay in Las Vegas. I don’t want to leave.”  The doctor said, “Well, how about going to California? California is beautiful and you’ll like it there.”  The old man answered, “I don’t want to go to California. I want to stay in Las Vegas.” Doctor said, “Well, you’re going to California. We have a taxi waiting  to take you to the Greyhound Terminal.”


The old man was quickly pushed out of the office and into the taxi.  The taxi driver took the old man to the Greyhound Terminal and gave him a ticket to Sacramento.  He was not given any I.D.


When the old man arrived in Sacramento, California, he went to the ticket agent and asked him to call EMT.  The ticket agent said he didn’t want to call EMT.  He didn’t want EMT in front of the bus terminal. The old man went outside and looked around.  When he was outside, he heard a voice say to him, “Walk down four blocks to the police station. The police will help you.”


It seems strange to me that a voice knew exactly where to send the old man.  This old man is a target. He just doesn’t know it. He’s been on psychotropic drugs so long that he thinks he needs them.  And probably every time he doesn’t have pills, the voices return to keep him on them.  They’re doing to the old man what they’re doing to a lot of targets to keep them addicted. The perps are given instructions to keep targets on the drugs by using their voices to convince targets they need drugs.


The old man is definitely a target.  There’s probably nothing wrong with him.  But he’s been convinced he needs drugs because the voices always come when he doesn’t use the drugs.


The bastards doing this to the old man are pure evil.


And, now, of course, the ACLU is suing Nevada for trying to get rid of the man by sending him to California. The ACLU is sooo caring.  They should be suing Nevada and the U.S. government for what they’re doing to the old man.  The ACLU is always on the job when it comes to getting attention.


I feel sorry for this old man.   He’s being used by the, oh, so caring, ACLU.


I heard the old man’s voice on the radio and what I wrote is what he said.  He sounded very old.


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Gang Stalking – Targets, be careful drinking that glass of wine.

English: Greyhound bus stopping at a rest area

English: Greyhound bus stopping at a rest area (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A Glass of Wine Awaits

A Glass of Wine Awaits (Photo credit: evita2005)

The 600 ml beer bottle is the standard reused ...

I was passing the store I hate on my way home and  remembered I needed  bread.  I didn’t really want to go into the store, but it was either take a very long walk, or do without bread.  I decided to go into the store. I told myself I’d go in and get the hell out of the store very quickly.

I walked into the store, quickly walked to the bread section, grabbed the bread, turned around and almost ran into the store manager.  I was in the store less than two minutes, and  he was following me around the store.   I walked right up to him, held up the bread and said, “I just got this bread and I’m going to the cashier and pay for it.”  His eyes got really big and he gave me a look that said, “Oops, I’m caught.”  He had a shopping cart with him to look as if he was doing something. He had nothing in the cart and was doing absolutely nothing but following me around the store in the two short minutes I was in it.

I continued to the cashier, paid for the bread and left.

It’s sickening to go somewhere and be treated like a thief.   This is not the only store this happens in.  Any store I enter, right away,  everybody who works in the store is on the lookout to catch me stealing something.

We targets are the worse of the worse.  There isn’t anything we won’t steal, damage, drink, etc.

That”s another thing that bothers me, drinks.  I buy a beverage in some stores that looks like a beer bottle.  It’s a health drink and I’ve drunk it since I was a little girl. No alcohol in the drink whatsoever.  My mother used to drink it with a raw egg in it. I don’t, though.  But the bottle is brown and has the look of  beer, the drink is brown in coloring.  But there’s no alcohol in the drink and it’s not charged as alcohol in the store.  But what do I see in the complex where I live?  The guy next to me, the alcoholic, keeps a beer can on the table he has out in front of his apartment. The woman downstairs in apartment 107, has a beer bottle sitting out in front of her apartment.  A lot of the idiots who live here walk around carrying empty beer bottles. I’m supposed to be an alcoholic. I don’t even drink!  But the perps are told that I am and they’re to push that angle,  because it makes me look bad. If there’s one thing I’m not is an alcoholic.  I’m not perfect and  have my idiosyncrasies, but being an alcoholic is not one of them.

I remember when  traveling by Greyhound bus to Nevada, I stopped in the terminal, got a water bottle out of the dispenser, turned around and heard one of the workers say, “She probably has alcohol in that bottle.”  The man who was standing next to him said, “No, she doesn’t.  I saw her take that water bottle out of the dispenser.”  That’s the day I found out that they were telling everyone I’m an alcoholic. And I’ve had other incidence where someone made some remark about my drinking. I ignore the idiots because I know I’m not a drunk, but it gets tiring sometimes.  That’s the kind of lie told about all of us.  All they have to do is see you drink a glass of wine at Thanksgiving dinner and you’re an alcoholic.

We targets all have terrible reputations.  Anything that’s bad we are.   We don’t have to do anything.  We can be the most angelic human beings on this earth and everybody will hear a different story about all of us.  That we are all bad, bad, bad.

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Gang Stalking – Where do I go?

English: Las Vegas Strip

English: Las Vegas Strip (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Two Towers Las Vegas

Two Towers Las Vegas (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today, I paid the last rent in the complex in which I live.  Of all the places  I lived, this was one of the worse.  I won’t say that it’s the worse, because there might be worse things coming my way.  I have 29 days left to find another apartment.  But where do I go?  Where do I turn?  It doesn’t matter where I go, the same thing that’s happening to me here will happen wherever I go.

I can’t turn to family.  No family left in my life.  The government made sure of that.  No friends to turn  to. They also made sure that friends  turned against me.  I can’t really turn to anyone. There is no one I can turn to, or trust.  And if someone is truly caring and would like to help, they’ll turn them against me as well.

Once I start looking for a new apartment, they’ll be on top of me every second, every minute.  They want to make sure I don’t get away from them.  And wherever I go, they will show up and show their badge.  It’s amazing to me how easily  people believe someone who sticks a badge in their faces.  If someone showed me a badge, I’d check them out. I’ve learned not to take anybody’s word for anything.  They’ll follow me by car constantly. Just the thought of looking for a new apartment makes me sick knowing what I’ll have to put with.

I know there are targets who believe that if they move, things will change.  But things will not change.  It’ll be the same b.s. all over again.  The constant harassment, following us everywhere, lying about us,  turning people who don’t know  anything about us against us.

Moving to a new place will not stop any of the things now happening to me, but I won’t have to look at the  faces which I’ve come to know and truly hate.  And “hate” is a mild word compare to what I want to call them.

So I have to start looking for a new apartment.  I have no choice.  This place in which I live is disgusting.  I’m surprised I lasted this long.

I’m lucky that the economy is terrible in Las Vegas, and I can still find an inexpensive apartment. Who  knows,  maybe I’ll get lucky and get a different gang stalking monitor?  The monitor in this area  has no soul.  He’s evil.  I’ve seen him more than a few times, and he really enjoys mistreating people.  But he’ll get his!  And so will all his helpers.  In the end, we all get what we deserve.

If there’s someone who lives in Las Vegas and knows of a decent apartment, please contact me via my blog. Thanks.

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Gang Stalking – Sometimes I think I’m living in a horror movie.

Downtown Las Vegas: The Fremont Street Experie...

self-portrait: with mata hari
self-portrait: with mata hari (Photo credit: marie-ll)
Highway shield for Nevada State Route 596

Highway shield for Nevada State Route 596 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A Ceiling Full of Holes

The place where I live, Libertwo Apartments, Las Vegas, Nevada (if you’re a target and living in Las Vegas STAY AWAY), is a hell hole filled with gang stalkers.  I don’t think there’s a gang stalker who’s not targeting somebody.  There are a lot of targets.  I can tell they’re targets by their doors.  Usually the complex manager places them near water irrigation systems; their door is dirty from the garbage thrown at their door; ants, roaches always surround their apartments; cigarettes butts, papers always on the grass, and the grass is always dry; food is strewn in front of their apartments, so I can always tell who the targets are.  I’ve knocked on their doors, but they never open the door.  I guess they don’t trust anyone, and I can’t blame them.  I don’t trust anyone either.

And so  many people constantly move  in and out.  They stay a while and leave.  There was a target in apartment 110.  She/he left.  And another one in apartment 106, also disappeared.  I knew they were targets because of their front doors. Their targeting came from four different apartments.   And the perps are all single men. Loners.  Except for one apartment where it’s a couple. He  used to be a police officer.  I don’t know anything about her except she thinks she’s sexy.  She walks around like Mata Hari. She’s ugly and looks dumpy.  I guess in her own mind she’s hot.   She needs a really good mirror where she can see herself full length. And I’m sure she’ll be told about what I wrote about her.  I really could care less. The lowlifes don’t deserve anyone’s respect.

But this place is absolutely awful!  When you have a complex managed by a  husband and wife, it’s hard not to have gang stalkers. They get paid for every one they recruit to harass targets.  That’s all they do all day, recruit.  They’re probably making very good money.  And when they both have access to any one’s apartment, it’s easy for them to turn someone’s apartment into a hell hole.  They can go into an apartment and change lighting, mess with the toilet, floor, wall, air conditioner, refrigerator, oven, ceiling.  They can change anything into a weapon, as they’ve done in my apartment.  My toilet has  an orange electrical cord attached to the toilet.  In all my life, I’ve never seen an orange cord attached to a toilet.  The orange cord attracts electricity.  And you should see my bathroom ceiling.  Brown spots all over the ceiling from the pesticide sprayed from upstairs.  It’s looks like there are feces all over the ceiling.  At first, I thought that’s what it was.  But by the smell I can tell it’s pesticide.  It’s really disgusting living here.  And then the bitch actually  put a sign in the front of the complex that says “Enjoy Life”!  The first time I saw the flag, I wanted to tear it down and throw it away.  This place is like a nightmare.  The couple have made the place a living hell for all the targets who live here.  But  my targeting is worse than anyone else’s.  I don’t keep my mouth shut and I tell them exactly how I feel about them to their faces.  And I also call them names in my blog, and I know they read it.

My lease is up in July, 2012.  I really don’t know what to do.  Do I move?  This place is worse than any place I’ve ever lived in.  It’s disgusting!  I live like a rat, without furniture, or anything nice.  Anything I’ve bought they’ve destroyed.  So that’s why I live without furniture.  Why waste my money on something they’re going to destroy?   I don’t really want to stay in this horrific place, but where do I go?  It’ll be the same thing wherever I go.   I’m going to start looking for another place.  Any place  I move into has to be better  than this place of horrors! And I know I’ll be followed to any place where I try to rent an apartment.  And the manager and the tenants will learn all about me.  And it’ll be the same thing again.

I sometimes think I’m living in some horror movie, and everything I’m experiencing is not real.  I only wish it were true.

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Gang Stalking – Crazy, crazy, crazy.

Mermaids Casino on Fremont Street, Downtown La...

Mermaids Casino on Fremont Street, Downtown Las Vegas, Nevada (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Las Vegas, Nevada - USA, 2000

Las Vegas, Nevada - USA, 2000 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)-The Venetian Hotel

A ( Haliaeetus leucocephalus ) at a garbage du...

FBI agents from the Washington Field Office wi...

FBI agents from the Washington Field Office with one of the tactical vehicles they had standing by for the 2009 Presidential Inauguration (Photo credit: Wikipedia)- this looks like a garbage truck, doesn't it?

I”m feeling so much more positive about my life lately.  I’ve fought back, and I’ve turned the corner on protecting myself.  I always feel guilty when I try to get back at the gang stalkers. I’ve never been a “mean” person, so it’s hard for me to hit back.  But what I’m going through is like a war.  And when you’re at war, you hit back.

Downtown Las Vegas, Nevada and Red Rock Canyon...

Downtown Las Vegas, Nevada and Red Rock Canyon behind, seen from Frenchman Mountain (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

About your garbage – When you throw away your garbage, as soon as you dump that garbage, someone is there to take the garbage out.  I remember the first time I noticed it.  As I turned around, someone would head for the garbage dumpster. And I began noticing they were taking out my garbage.  So for a few days I thought “what am I going to do about that?”  The next time I dumped my garbage, I opened the bag and threw it into the dumpster.  I watch as I walked away.  They walked away with nothing.  And then I went one step further, when I dump my garbage, I open other garbage bags and dump them over my garbage and then mix the other garbage with mine. This way they can’t tell whose garbage is whose.

They go through your garbage to get evidence, or “gaslight” you. “Gaslighting”  is when they try to convince you you’re crazy (There’s a movie by this name. I guess that’s where they got the name.  If you get a chance, watch the movie and you’ll understand what I’m talking about.). After they get your garbage, they’ll put it back in your apartment.  You get home and the things you threw away are back in your apartment.  They do this to make you doubt your sanity.  Well, you’re not crazy.  When you throw things out, especially if it’s private things, shred, shred them.  If you don’t have a shredder, take a pair of scissors and cut whatever it is into very small pieces. And then dump your garbage.

I don’t know if this is true, but I heard it the other day.  I don’t have a reliable source, but supposedly FBI agents get on garbage trucks and play make-believe garbage men.  After the FBI  finish collecting garbage, they take the garbage and go through it to get evidence.  They actually go through the garbage piece by piece. So I’m just letting you know.

Do you take the bus (there’s nothing they don’t mess with in your life)?  The bus drivers in Las Vegas turn on the lights as soon as I get on the bus.  Even on the brightest, sunniest day, they turn on the lights.  If you haven’t noticed, they do. The bus companies  also put a lot of vents in the buses. When you get on the bus, the bus drivers turn on vents and you’re sprayed with pesticide. If you feel as if you’re getting wet on the bus, it’s pesticide you’re getting sprayed with.   Don’t sit in the same spot when you get on the bus.   If you sit in the same spot, the gang stalkers will know where you sit and surround you before you get on the bus.  So sit in a different spot each time you get on. This also applies to you if you drive.  If you can vary your route, do it.  Always take a different route and keep them guessing. Drive them crazy!  And they like to use the word crazy, so throw the word right back at them. They don’t like it! Oh, the lights, they attract pesticide to you.

That’s it for today.  There’s so much that happens to us that it’s hard to remember everything I have to tell you.

Gang Stalking – To all the “Sub-humans” where I live (Libertwo Apartments, Las Vegas, NV).

English: Courtney Hall Laundry Room, Westfield...

I just did my laundry.  All the time I was in the laundry room, I had to put up with people watching me from every direction.  Also, I was hit by electricity from the machines  electrical discharge.  It was hot in the laundry room, so I went outside to get some fresh air.  I  stood by the wall that surrounds the complex.  I just stood.  I wasn’t doing anything, just standing and enjoying the fresh air.  I went back into the laundry room to check my clothes. The machine was off, and I took my clothes out and folded them.  I went around the corner, and there were five men surrounding the woman in whose direction I had looked, including little office man.  It seems she reported me doing something because I was just standing there.  I’m not allowed to stand anywhere.  I must be up to something.  As soon as they saw me, the little man from the office  disappeared.  He made believe he was walking his dog.  And the others disappeared just as quickly.  Real brave aren’t they?  All those brave men picking on one woman.  Where do you men get such courage?

I am so fucking sick of the nonsense I have to put  up with all the time.  I have no freedom from the sub-humans who surround me.  They get off on reporting anything I do.   I’m standing, I must be up to something.  And most of all, they have a story to tell about me.  I was standing, I must be doing something.

To all the “D–kheads” who live in my complex, go straight to HELL!  No passing go.  Just straight to HELL! That’s where every one of you miserable bastards deserve to be!  And to the bastard in apartment 111, who totally controls my computer, if there’s a place worse than hell, that’s where you belong.  And to  the so-called office team, especially to you,too.  You belong in a place beyond hell.  You two bitches.  And both of you are bitches! (I never used  language like this before my gang stalking.)

My cursor keeps being sent to my blog “Live free or die.”  Hints for me to kill myself?  Not in a million years.  I’m going to stick around to see every you of you dirt bags punished.  It keeps me going the thought of seeing all of you get your punishment.

And to all of you who read my blog, if the government can  do this to me, what makes you think they won’t do it to you?  R U NEXT??????

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Gang Stalking – Off Topic – Nevada Caucus…a bit of a yawn.

President Barack Obama is seen speaking with U...

Image via Wikipedia - President Obama and Hillary Clinton

Today I attended the  Nevada Caucus.  I wrote before that I would write about my experience at the caucus.  Well, the caucus was a very dull affair.  No one ran against Obama, so no excitement about whom to vote for.  Just Obama.  I attended the Nevada caucus in 2008. Now, that was exciting.  First black man to run for President, and a woman, Hillary ClintonI voted for Hillary, but she lost to Obama by 2 votes in my precinct.

I had to fill out a form stating that I am a Obama supporter.  I know I complain about Obama all the time, but looking at what the Republicans have, I decided Obama is the lesser of two evils.

There were 55 people who attended the caucus.  A very small number.  My precinct had only four people attend.  There was a positive to this small number.  All the people who attended the caucus get to sit in on the Nevada convention on January 24.  We get a chance to tell the Democratic delegation what gets put on the Democratic agenda.  I will bring up my disappointment with the Patriot Act and the National Defense Authorization Act  (NDAA). I will try to convince everyone to do away with both these terrible laws. I don’t know if I’ll do any good, but if I don’t try, I can’t complain.

So I’m glad I attended the caucus, and I look forward to attending the Nevada Convention.  I’m sure the convention will be a lot more exciting.

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Gang Stalking – National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), another law to shut us up!

English: Hillary Rodham Clinton speaks during ...

Image via Wikipedia

I am so glad everyone is finally becoming aware of what is happening in the U.S.  This week has proven that.  Different sites had a blackout to protest SOPA.  WordPress is one of those sites. I’ve known about SOPA for a while, and have  told different people about it, but no one really listened.  Now, they are.  Thank God!

It is so good to see people getting together and protesting.  It fills my heart with hope.  Hope that people will take a closer look at what else is going on in the U.S.  Gang stalking, for instance.  Maybe people will begin to believe that gang stalking is really happening, and protest the harassment of American citizens.  Of course, now no one believes any of us.  But now I have hope that something will happen to help us.

This weekend Nevada will hold its caucus.  It’s the first state in the West to hold a caucus.  I will be attending the caucus.  I want to have a say in who leads our country for the next four years.  I’m still a Democrat.  I don’t know if I will be voting for Obama in the caucus.  He’s disappointed me in many ways.  He re-signed the Patriot Act after its time expired.  Signed into law the National Defense Authorization Act.  This law states that anyone who is considered a threat to the U.S. can be held indefinitely without trial.  It voids the 6th Amendment.  The 6th Amendment states that everyone has a right to a jury trial, and no one should be punished without a trial.  That’s a laugh!  I’m being punished and I’ve never had a trial, so that law has been stepped on time and time again.  It’s made what they’re doing to me and other citizens legal.  It’s all a bunch of crap!

Official photographic portrait of US President...

Image via Wikipedia

I attended the Nevada caucus 4 years ago.  In that caucus, I voted for Hillary Clinton.  She had 2 votes less than Obama, and Obama won the caucus that day.  Probably Obama will win again.  I don’t think there’s anyone running against him.  But I’m going to have my say about what he’s done in the four years he’s been in office.

I’ll let you know how the caucus goes in Nevada on January 21st.

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