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Gang Stalking – Get even with perps.

Three different VHS-family video cassettes. Fr...

Three different VHS-family video cassettes. From left to right, MII, VHS, and S-VHS. The S-VHS has an additional sense hole near the top left. The MII cassette also features an integrated write protect switch, which cannot be seen in this photo. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


VHS-DVD (Photo credit: HawkinsThiel)


Skittles. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Happy Halloween everybody.  Every year I buy candy and no kids show up, so I’m left with a  lot of candy that I eat. This  year, I decided I wasn’t buying candy because I didn’t want to end up eating it. So what happened?  Kids have knocked on my door all night,  and I feel bad because I have nothing to give them.  You’re damned if you do, and you’re damned if you don’t.

I have to tell you today about what my sister used to do.  You might be able to use it to protect yourself. When I  last saw my sister, it was three years ago.  While I lived with her, she had a VHSDVR recorder.  She used to connect the recorder to a camera and the t.v.  After connecting all three items, she would put the DVR on record and put t.v. on.  The first time I saw her do this, I told her that what she was doing wouldn’t work.   My sister would put t.v. on, and watch her neighbors with whom she didn’t get along. She taught me something that I think all of you can use. She’d watch the t.v. and she would zap her neighbors through the t.v. She had a small gadget and she’d aim the gadget at the person who was outside and just zap that person and anyone else in the way.   And sure enough, they’d  look around to try to figure where the zapping was coming  from.  And the person getting zapped wouldn’t last too long outside. They’d go inside their home, or leave the area where they were standing.  No one would last too long.

So, if you want to get even with the perps, get yourself a camera, t.v and vcr.  Connect them all together and get even zapping them safely in your home.  The perps won’t know what’s happening, and they’ll never know you’re the one  doing it.  This really works. I used to do it to the perps when my sister wasn’t home.  Just make  sure you put it on record so you can watch the perps get  theirs.  You’ll need an item you can zap them with.  Maybe hit the  screen with a  fork or anything that you think works.  Have fun.  I know that sounds mean, but with what they put us through, they deserve it.

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Gang Stalking – Safety should be your first concern when moving.


Apartments (Photo credit: Beedle Um Bum)

Three light switches with exposed wiring

Three light switches with exposed wiring (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Well, what I wrote was just deleted, so I’ll start again.  My computer keeps being turned off by the perps.  They don’t want me  to tell you what’s happening to me because they want to keep you thinking you’re nuts.  If I tell you what’s happening to me, you’ll realize that  what you’re going through is  what’s happening to me and it will make you realize that you’re not nuts.  They want to make you think that what’s happening to you is happening only to you and you must be nuts.  I know that you’re not nuts and I’m not nuts.   They want to drive you crazy, make you start taking medications (so no one will believe you when you tell them what’s happening). So I hope I’m able to finish my blog today.  If my computer’s turned off, it’s not because I quit on you.

Yesterday, I wrote about moving and I’m going to continue on that subject.

You don’t have to worry about getting a place to live.  I would say 99-3/4 of apartment managers are perps.  They want to have you as a tenant.  You’re a money machine.  They keep track of you and recruit tenants as perps.  They get good pay for doing this.  I know in my last apartment, the manager wanted me to stay.  She really got angry when I moved.  When I left, she lost her cash machine.  Plus, the managers are made to feel very important.  They love being perps.  The government feeds  their egos constantly.  They all think they’re spies and very important.  So don’t worry about being able to get  an apartment.

Your first  concern should be about safety.  That’s what you have to worry about when you’re looking for an apartment.

When you’re looking for an apartment, check out the grass outside:  is there dog poop; are the blinds torn?   Is the area around the apartment filthy looking?

Is the apartment surrounded by lots of lights?  The lights will be used on you at night to hit you with the electricity from the lights.  Visit the place at night to see how bright the lights are surrounding you at night.  You will notice things at night you won’t notice during the day.  That’s the mistake I made moving into my present apartment.  I forgot to check the lights, and I’m surrounded by them at night.

Check out your neighborsChecking our your neighbors will tell you  what your life will be like.  If the neighbors all come  to check you out, don’t take the apartment.  They’ll be checking you out because you’ll be their new cash cow.  Also if the neighbors are overly friendly, same thing, get another apartment.  It’s a fake friendliness.

Don’t take an apartment on the first floor, or in front of a parking lot.  Perps will use their cars to hit you.

Don’t get an apartment where perps surround you.  Try to get an apartment at the end, at least you have a fighting chance.  When you’re surrounded by perps, you’ll get hit from every direction.

Don’t get an apartment near electrical wires or anything electrical.

Don’t rent apartment with a walkway.  You’ll have to look at their faces every time you pass them.  So try to get a place where you don’t have to pass anyone on the way out.  Try to get apartment with a few exits.  If you have only one way of getting out, you’ll have to pass the same miserable people every day.  If you can go out different exits, you can change your route every day and they have to guess which way you’re coming out or going in.

Check out the location of the mailbox.  If it’s in a place that you can’t see, they’ll be missing with your mail.

Walk around the complex and check to see if there are any exposed wires, water valves that are open, etc. (Look at photo with house, don’t rent an apartment with wires surrounding you.)

No matter what you do, your first concern should be safety.

Tomorrow, I’ll write about what you should look for inside the apartment before you rent.

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Gang Stalking – Gang stalkers are insane people.

Cover of "Hell Hole (John Ceepak Mystery)...

Cover of Hell Hole (John Ceepak Mystery)

English: Graffiti on door of Butts Ash electri...

Just Disgusting!

Just Disgusting! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Well,  I have new next door neighbors.  They’re gang stalkers, of course.  There is no one they put next to me who is not a gang stalker.  The last couple lasted about two months.  Since I’ve lived in this apartment, this is about the fifth couple who moved in. They always move in thinking that they’re going to succeed in driving me crazy.  But they soon find out, that it’s not going to be so easy.  They discover that they’re getting back in return whatever they do to me.  And they don’t like it.  Soon they start to complain to the maintenance man to put in stronger flooring, put in more protection around the doors, just do more to protect them.  But no matter how much help the maintenance man gives them, it’s never enough to stop them from complaining.  So, we’ll see how long the new tenants last.

My lease is up in July, 2012.  I really have no idea what I’ll do.  This place is just so disgusting.  The maintenance man has made my apartment a truly horrible place to live in.  He’s made holes in the floor, walls, cabinets, ceiling, removed the floor boards, removed the sealant around the bathtub, toilet, the carpet is disgusting, graffiti on my door, etc.  It really should be on a list of places that are caustic.  No one should be living in this disgusting place.  No animal should even be living in this hell hole.  But, of course, I can’t do anything about it.  No one will listen to what I have to say about the apartment.  I just have to live in the hell hole, or its the street.

It sickens me that I have to live  here.  I’ve never in all my life lived in a place like this.  If I were to go into an apartment like the one I’m living in, I wouldn’t walk in.  I’d be too disgusted by the look of it.  But this is what the lowlifes like to see happen to us. To live  the way I’m living.  It makes them deliriously happy that I’m living the way I am.

They’re all sick bastards.  They should all  be in mental institutions.  How can anyone who is sane do this to another human being?  Only someone who is insane or really evil would do this.  That’s how  insane they are. How can they not feel bad about what they’re doing to us targets?  They’re all really sick people.

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