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Gang Stalking – Whatever happened to our privacy?

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Call to Action! National Defense Authorization Act (S.1867) Makes America a Police State! (g1a2d0077c1) (Photo credit: watchingfrogsboil)

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English: President George W. Bush signs the Patriot Act, Anti-Terrorism Legislation, in the East Room Oct. 26. “With my signature, this law will give intelligence and law enforcement officials important new tools to fight a present danger,” said the President in his remarks. Deutsch: Präsident George W. Bush unterzeichnet den Patriot Act im Weißen Haus am 26. Oktober 2001. Suomi: George W. Bush allekirjoitti terrorisminvastaisen lain 26. lokakuuta 2001 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Internet service providers dialup prepaid cards, Saint Petersburg (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Anonymous (Photo credit: Schuilr)

TiSP (beta)

TiSP (beta) (Photo credit: The Rocketeer)

English: The Seal of the United States Federal...

English: The Seal of the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation. For more information, see here. Español: El escudo del Buró Federal de Investigaciones (FBI). Para obtener más información, véase aquí (Inglés). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Internet service, what a crock!

All the internet service providers are nazis.  They will allow the government perps to get into your service.

As soon as you walk into a store to get internet service, the perps already know who you are.  They’ll be very polite to you because they want you to sign on.  As soon as you sign on the dotted line, you’ll see the representative change into a rat.  He won’t be as sweet anymore, he’ll even look at you in a different way.  All he cares about is getting your business so he rat you out.  Believe me, the moment you walk out of the store, the government gets all the information he has on you.  What your pin number is, what type of service you got, etc.  And this will happen with every internet provider you get service from.

And then  you get home and you think you’re safe with a new provider.   You’ll discover that the hacking that was happening before continues unabated.

There’s no way of getting around the internet providers.  You need internet service, and you have to put up with all the b.s. from them.

The internet provider I had sent me a form to fill on why I cancelled my service.  Of course, I wrote that the reason was hacking. I wrote that their internet service was not safe, and that they’d made it possible for hackers to get into my service by providing them with my private information. Plus they made it possible for my service to constantly be cut off.  I’m sure the provider would deny that they ever did that.

I would like everyone who cancels his internet service to tell the provider why he cancelled.  If you cancelled your service because of hacking, or constant cut-off of service, tell them that.  If the providers get back a lot of  responses about hacking, maybe they’ll stop giving out our private information.

I don’t know if these providers get a National Security Letter(NSL) from the FBI and have to give up this information, or  if they decide on their own to do so when they’re requested to do so.  Either way, it’s not right.

Whatever happened to our privacy?  It went out the window with the passage of the Patriot Act and the National Defense Authorization Act!

The United States government is as corrupt as it can get.

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Gang Stalking – United States headed toward Dictatorship.

Flag of the United States of America

Flag of the United States of America (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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West face of the United States Supreme Court building in Washington, D.C. Español: Edificio de la Corte Suprema de Estados Unidos en Washington, D.C. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Sex (Photo credit: danielito311)

Since 9/11, the United States and its people have become obsessed with seeing terrorists everywhere. And when we in the U.S. see terrorists, we start thinking and talking safety.  Anytime that a country talks about keeping its citizenssafe,” get ready to hear it  has to pass a law to keep us safe.  Well, get ready to lose some of your rights, too.  It is getting ridiculous here with all the laws our representatives want to pass to keep us “safe.”

Some laws have nothing to do with keeping Americans safe.

At one time in the U.S., a child could get  some lemons, water, ice and start a lemonade stand.  Now, if a child tries to run a lemonade stand, the police will show up.  The police will tell the child that he cannot sell lemonade to anyone.  That he needs a license.   Absolutely ridiculous!

If a farmer grows vegetables and tries to sell them, he can’t.  First, he has to get a license approved by FDA  (Food and Drug Administration). Not only does a farmer have to get a license, his fruit and vegetables have to be checked for how safe the fruit and vegetables  are.  And the farmer cannot give away his vegetables to anyone.  It is against the laws of the United States to do so.  He can’t even use his vegetables to have a dinner party.  The police will show up and tell him that it’s against the law to do so.  They’ll tell him that the vegetables have to be thrown out.  Again, absolutely ridiculous!  People are starving all over the world and we throw away food.

In December of 2011, the United passed a law called the National Defense Authorization Act.  This act allows any citizen to be indefinitely held without right to a lawyer, or a trial.  So if the United States feels that someone might be a threat to its security, even  if there’s no proof whatsoever, it can hold that person for as long as it wants without trial.   It sounds very much like what’s happening in other countries that are dictatorships.

The United States is turning into a dictatorship (or I should say, it’s a dictatorship).  There’s nothing a citizen can do that doesn’t require government approval.  I’m surprised we can still have sex without the government looking on.  Oh, no, I take that back about sex.  There are very religious people who feel they should tell us who and when we should have sex.  So sex is not safe to have without government approval.  If someone has sex with another of the same-sex, the police might show up at their front door.  This is how bad it is getting here in the United States.

When I read news about what’s happening in the rest of the world (citizens killed, not allowed to practice religion of their choice, no free press),  I see the United States heading in the same direction.  In a few years, the United States will be just another country bullying its citizens.  We are definitely headed in that direction, but Americans are totally unaware of what is happening around them.  They really don’t care what the government does, as long as it keeps them “safe.”

WAKE UP, AMERICA!  Your freedoms are flying out the window.

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Gang Stalking – Republicans have a l950s mentality.

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Ron Paul 20070811

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Well, I’ve had it with President Obama.  He’s broken my heart too many times.  I give up.  I’ve given him every chance.  I  given him more chances than some men I’ve loved.  But no more.  I’m fed up with him.

Every time I turn around, President Obama is signing some bill to take more of my freedoms away.  First, he signed the Patriot Act, then he was going to sign SOPA, but everyone woke up in time to stop him from signing it.  Then I turn around an he’s signing NDAA.  An act which allows the government to put someone the government considers a terrorist away with no trial, nor to have a lawyer. The person can stay indefinitely in custody.  And then he passes a bill which makes it illegal not to dispense birth control pills to women.  I believe in birth control, but no one should be forced to do anything!  The Catholics howled “holy water” and haven’t stopped complaining.  I’m a Catholic, by the way.  And the Catholics are taking the case to court.

I cannot believe that he couldn’t see this coming.  How can he think that this bill would pass without someone howling?

Before that he signed the Anti-Counterfeiting and Trade Agreement (ACTA) without  consent of Congress.  He signed an agreement with other countries, but did not have the approval of Congress.  Now Congress is  saying that President Obama had no right to sign the agreement. Congress is saying that any intellectual property agreements must be submitted to the Senate.  And then there’s PPIA and some others which he hasn’t signed yet, but just more of the same.  Doing away with our free will.

(I had to stop writing.  I forgot I put the water on in the kitchen sink and went on the computer.  I heard a frying sound, or that’s what I thought it was.  I turned around and looked at the stove, nothing on the stove.  And then I turned to the sink, the sink was overflowing.  It looked like a waterfall. There’s water all over the floor.   The last time I got too busy with the computer, I set fire to a pan.  I don’t learn my lessons too well.)

Well, anyway, what I want to say about Obama is that I’m seriously thinking of voting for Ron Paul.  Ron Paul is a Republican (yuck!) and all my life I’ve voted Democratic.  But Obama is surely driving me to vote for someone else.  Ron Paul is the only Republican I would ever consider voting for.  The other Republicans are seriously crazy.  Their 1950’s mentality does not suit me.

I’ll write about the above bills on another day.  I have to clean up my mess.

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Gang Stalking – Off Topic – Nevada Caucus…a bit of a yawn.

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Image via Wikipedia - President Obama and Hillary Clinton

Today I attended the  Nevada Caucus.  I wrote before that I would write about my experience at the caucus.  Well, the caucus was a very dull affair.  No one ran against Obama, so no excitement about whom to vote for.  Just Obama.  I attended the Nevada caucus in 2008. Now, that was exciting.  First black man to run for President, and a woman, Hillary ClintonI voted for Hillary, but she lost to Obama by 2 votes in my precinct.

I had to fill out a form stating that I am a Obama supporter.  I know I complain about Obama all the time, but looking at what the Republicans have, I decided Obama is the lesser of two evils.

There were 55 people who attended the caucus.  A very small number.  My precinct had only four people attend.  There was a positive to this small number.  All the people who attended the caucus get to sit in on the Nevada convention on January 24.  We get a chance to tell the Democratic delegation what gets put on the Democratic agenda.  I will bring up my disappointment with the Patriot Act and the National Defense Authorization Act  (NDAA). I will try to convince everyone to do away with both these terrible laws. I don’t know if I’ll do any good, but if I don’t try, I can’t complain.

So I’m glad I attended the caucus, and I look forward to attending the Nevada Convention.  I’m sure the convention will be a lot more exciting.

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Gang Stalking – National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), another law to shut us up!

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I am so glad everyone is finally becoming aware of what is happening in the U.S.  This week has proven that.  Different sites had a blackout to protest SOPA.  WordPress is one of those sites. I’ve known about SOPA for a while, and have  told different people about it, but no one really listened.  Now, they are.  Thank God!

It is so good to see people getting together and protesting.  It fills my heart with hope.  Hope that people will take a closer look at what else is going on in the U.S.  Gang stalking, for instance.  Maybe people will begin to believe that gang stalking is really happening, and protest the harassment of American citizens.  Of course, now no one believes any of us.  But now I have hope that something will happen to help us.

This weekend Nevada will hold its caucus.  It’s the first state in the West to hold a caucus.  I will be attending the caucus.  I want to have a say in who leads our country for the next four years.  I’m still a Democrat.  I don’t know if I will be voting for Obama in the caucus.  He’s disappointed me in many ways.  He re-signed the Patriot Act after its time expired.  Signed into law the National Defense Authorization Act.  This law states that anyone who is considered a threat to the U.S. can be held indefinitely without trial.  It voids the 6th Amendment.  The 6th Amendment states that everyone has a right to a jury trial, and no one should be punished without a trial.  That’s a laugh!  I’m being punished and I’ve never had a trial, so that law has been stepped on time and time again.  It’s made what they’re doing to me and other citizens legal.  It’s all a bunch of crap!

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I attended the Nevada caucus 4 years ago.  In that caucus, I voted for Hillary Clinton.  She had 2 votes less than Obama, and Obama won the caucus that day.  Probably Obama will win again.  I don’t think there’s anyone running against him.  But I’m going to have my say about what he’s done in the four years he’s been in office.

I’ll let you know how the caucus goes in Nevada on January 21st.

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Gang Stalking – PostaDay 2011 – Wake up, Americans. You’re losing your freedoms!

Las Vegas, Nevada

Image by RobertCiavarro via Flickr Downtown, Las Vegas, Nevada

united states currency eye- IMG_7364_web

Image by kevindean via Flickr - the eye on the dollar watching

Person using cell phone while driving.

Image via Wikipedia - This will get you a $50.00 citation in Las Vegas.

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If any of you are thinking of visiting Las Vegas, beware of the new text messaging, or cell phone laws in Nevada.  Since January 1, 2012, a law went into effect in Las Vegas that anyone caught text messaging or using a cell phone will be given a citation and have to pay $50.00.  So if you don’t want to pay the money, don’t use your cell phone while driving.  The police will be on the lookout, plus there are cameras all over the place that will show you using your cell phone.

Now, this bothers me.  More and more government intrusion into our lives.  If a police officer  stops someone for using a cell phone, he can also check out his car for weapons, drugs, etc.  And the person can be arrested on the spot.

More and more government intrusion.  Pretty soon, we won’t be able to go to the bathroom without having permission from the government.  I’m serious about this.  With all the government intrusion in my life, I know what it is like to have no freedom.  And I can warn you all.  You are all losing a lot of your rights.  All the laws that  Congress passed last year made you less free than you were four years ago.  With the Patriot, National Defense Authorization Act,  internet snooping by government, etc., one day you’ll wake up and discover you can’t leave your house unless the government gives you permission.  Read about all the laws passed.  I don’t have enough space in this blog to tell you what the laws say.  Okay, you say, I’m  crazy.  Believe me, I have all my marbles in place.  I know what’s really going on.  A lot of you don’t.  You trust the government explicitly.  I know what the government can do and is doing.  I’ve taken the red pill.  Have you? You need to wake up, America.  Really take a good look around and pay attention to all that is happening  around you.  You’ll be very surprised.  The United States government is not the government you think it is.  A person from the Czech Republic made a remark to me that America is heading toward what he saw coming when he lived in the Czech Republic.  He can see the signs of government getting more and more into everybody’s life.  He told me he was afraid for Americans.  If he can see the signs, why can’t any of you?  By the way, this person left for the Czech Republic.  He said he felt there was more freedom there.

So, Americans, wake up.  You’re losing more and more freedoms every day.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Countdown: 35 blogs to write.

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