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Gang Stalking – Moving? Targets, think twice.

Welcome to America

Welcome to America (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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United States Penitentiary, Lewisburg
United States Penitentiary, Lewisburg (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Targets are always on the move.  Moving from one country to another; from one state to another; from one apartment to another; moving in and out with family; homeless; living at a shelter.  We keep moving to find a “safe” place. But no matter how often we move, there is no “safe” place. What happens in one place will happen to you in another country, state, shelter, etc. There is no way to get away from the harassment. It’ll be a new place, but only the faces will change; gang stalking will continue. You’ll be followed everywhere you go; your body will suffer painful shocks; things will still be stolen from you; your clothes torn; your animal will still be harmed, or killed. Moving will not stop gang stalking. As a matter of fact, the new place you move into might be worse than the place you left.

I can understand a target thinking that if he moves things will get better. I guess we still have hope that it might happen. Hope that things will change. But, of course, the reality is that nothing will change. It’ll be the same miserable existence.

And each time you move, it’s expensive, especially if you move from country to country, or state to state. Whatever money you have will quickly dwindle away, which will leave you feeling worse than before you moved.

I, myself, moved 6 times in one year. With each new place, I hoped things would get better. That the new apartment or new state would have decent people. But with each new move, the gang stalking has grown progressively worse. And the people are no more decent than the last place I left.

So, targets, you can keep moving, but nothing will change. It’ll be the same s–t all over again.

I wish I could give you some advice on moving. I can’t. My only advice: if the place you’re living in is not too bad, don’t move. Of course, if the place is horrific, sometimes it’s better to move. The place I now live in is horrific. But, somehow, I know if I move, it’ll be just as bad wherever I move. The complex manager and her maintenance man husband are evil people. Of course, they don’t think they’re evil. They think they’re keeping America safe from a terrorist like me. I mean, how stupid and naïve can people be? Don’t they ever question authority? If this is done to me, what makes them think it can’t be done to them?

I know one thing for sure: that gang stalking will end some day. And, maybe, just maybe, the gang stalkers will get prison time. I’m sure they’ll feel right at home in prison, since most of them are felons.

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Gang Stalking – Off Topic – PostaDay 2011 – Why is it so hard to forgive?

I read the comments on the above topic. I found that most of the comments came from people who have never been in a situation to forgive. They were all so smug with their answers.

It is hard to forgive someone because of all the hurt the person, or persons, has caused you. As I’ve started in my earlier posts, there are some people I will never forgive. When all your life you’ve trusted someone and he f–ks with your trust, there’s no way that you can ever forgive him. For one, it makes the person  mistrustful of other people. It will be hard for that person to fully ever trust anyone again. And that alone is enough to not forgive someone. The fact that they made you distrust others, where once you trusted without thought, you now have to question every one’s motives who comes into your life.  Can I trust this person?  Will he screw with my life?  Can I be open with him and tell him what I really think?  Or do I have to watch everything I say and do?  The ability to trust others is no longer in you.  You want to trust and forgive, but it’s hard.  You’ve been made into a different person.

Look at Maria Shriver.  Do you think she’ll ever be able to trust a man again, or anyone else for that matters?  She might say she forgives, but deep down in her core, she will never forgive him for making her distrust others.  She trusted this man to be there for her and be her partner for life.  And  now, when her  children are old enough to go their way, she has to reconsider what this life she led was all about.  It was a  lie!  She must feel like a complete fool.  She’ll question herself about her judgment and why didn’t she see it coming? Was she naïve?  She thought he had her back, but the only thing he cared about was his own back.  She’s not the same woman anymore.  And she will never be again.  Someone can forgive, but the memory of the deceit will always stick around haunting him.

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