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Gang Stalking – Off Topic – PostaDay 2011 – Planes, trains, or automobiles?

Well, they erased my blog again. I have to start all over again. Second time starting blog. Third time writing blog. They erased my blog again. I wonder if it’ll be one of those days where it takes me all day to write a 100 word blog. But I will get it done.

What is your favorite way to travel 500 miles?

Planes. There’s not much you can do on a plane. The only scenic thing  is clouds. If you like studying clouds, then you’ll be happy. Otherwise, there’s not much to see. Plus, you have to sit in your seat like a good, little girl. Ever since 9/11, I have to think twice about going on a plane. So, planes? Only if I absolutely have to. Planes have gotten scary to me. You’re way up there in the sky and if something happens, there’s nowhere to go, but down.

Automobiles? You are the pilot. You can drive as fast or as slow as you’d like. No one can tell you what to do in your car. You can stop and go as you please. Stop and eat, or not eat. You have a choice of what you eat. You’re not stuck with airplane food. That airplane food seems to have gotten worse over the years. That is, if they give you anything to eat.  But in a car, it’s tiring, even when you stop and take a break.

Trains? I love trains. Always have. Growing up in New York, using the subways as a second home, I fell in love with trains. So if I’m going a long distance, trains are my choice. I’ve taken trains all over Europe, and Amtrak in the U.S.  I’ve seen a lot of things on a train that I wouldn’t have seen in a plane. I can get up and walk around. Go into the leisure section and watch movies, or play cards. Or have an interesting conversation with a fellow traveler. I find trains glamorous, even though they’re not as glamorous as they used to be. And in a train, I have time to think and relax,  read a good book, or listen to music. 

The blog I send out to Publish is the not the one you readers always get.  If I make a mistake, I try to change it.  Sometimes, you’ll get blogs with a code, which stands for four, five letter words.  I don’t add those five letter words.  It is done by the government hackers.  I have absolutely no control over what you get.  So I hope you get the version of the blog I want you to get.  Thanks for reading my blog.

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Gang Stalking – Off topic – PostaDay 2011 – What is a fear you think you can conquer today?

Well, I’m not afraid of spiders. They’re considered good luck in the Puerto Rican culture. And I know they’re good luck. Every time I see one, I know something good is going to happen. Or, anyway, I’ve convinced myself something good is going to happen.  And roaches, they’re everywhere in New York.  Even in the richest of neighborhoods, so I lost my fear of them a long time ago.  But I still think they’re ugly little things with their wings.  

So what  else do I fear?   Let me see?  I don’t fear dogs and cats.  I prefer them over people.  That’s it!  People.  People can do more harm than can any other  animal.  People will stab you in the back; lie to you;  kill you;  harass you; take your money; sexually abuse you; blow you up.   All the while telling you how civilized we are compare  to the cave man.  We are more cave man today than the original Neanderthal people.  And a lot more dangerous.  But it’s not a fear I can conquer in a day.

So what else  can I conquer in a day?  I thought of something I fear and can conquer in a day.  But I’ve decided to keep it to myself.  If I tell, the gang stalkers will use it to  hound me and harass me more than ever.

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Gang Stalking – Off Topic – PostaDay 2011 – Pick a blog or blog post you enjoy and blog about it.

One of my favorite blogs is “Art of Traveling.”  It is written by Emile, who is from the Netherlands.  He travels with his wife and two children everywhere.  The last I heard they were  headed to New York.  I’m dying to know what they thought of New York.  Did they  like it?  Not like it?  Being from New York, I’m hoping he and his family enjoyed  New York.    Emile, I’m sure, will be his usual self and not say anything that will insult anybody.

I love the traveling part because I love to travel, but what I like most about Emile’s post is his humanity.  It comes through in his blog.  He takes his children traveling everywhere because he wants them to be world citizens.  He doesn’t want them to grow up being afraid of different races.  And he’s recently began to take his Spanish seriously because he wants to be able to communicate with people who speak Spanish and really know what  they’re about.  He not only wants his children to be world citizens, but be humane.  His children are lucky to have Emile as an example of what it is to be  a world citizen and humane.

If I’ve had a bad day and feel that humanity is not worth a damn, reading one of Emile’s blogs always set me on the right path of giving humanity another  chance.

His photos of the places he visits are usually outstanding.  He seems to be able to show exactly what being in the place he’s visiting feels like.  His photos usually leave me wanting to pack my bags and take off to the place he just visited.

So visit his blog (http://vandenboomen.WordPress.com)  and read  “Act of Traveling” for yourself.  I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

I also love, love reading  “Freshly Pressed” by WordPress.  It is the page that features different bloggers with a variety of topics.  I guess you have to log in to http://WordPress.com to get it.

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Gang Stalking – Off Topic – PostaDay 2011 – What will change now that Osama is gone?

According to published reports,  Osama bin Laden was killed.  What will change  for you, for the U.S., for the world, now that Osama is gone.  Or it will not have much of an effect at all.

I know you  readers are going to  get on me for saying this, but I feel  sadness for him; I know that a lot of people were killed in New York and other states. I don’t understand the sadness I feel.  It’s a puzzle to me why I feel the way I do. The last time that Osama was almost caught I was happy about it.   Why do I feel so sad hearing about Osama’s death?  So I  thought about it . And then it hit  me.  I connected to him on a human  level.  I’m being hounded and he was being hounded. I know what it is like to be hounded day and night. So as a fellow human, I could empathize with him.  He’s probably been running for his life, as I am, so the sympathy. The government must have been after  him non-stop. It is amazing to me that I feel sympathy for this man who did so much damage in his lifetime, but the shared  experience of being hounded gave me a view into his life.  Don’t get me wrong, he deserved what he got,  but he was still a human being.

Now that Osama is gone, there will be no peace. As a matter of fact, get ready for more bombings. The muslims who are fanatics will get even. An eye for an eye, I’m sure.  They will renew their war on the U.S. and forget the peacefulness that has existed for the past  two years.  Someone else will take his place.  Maybe Osama selected someone to take his place before he died.  Probably gave the new leader instructions about what should  be  done. So forget about  peace anytime soon.

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