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Gang stalking – Hang in there no matter what!!!

When I walk anywhere in Las Vegas, I usually have to pass the Flamingo Wash. For those of you who don’t know what a wash is, it’s the place where all the water from bathrooms, faucets, sinks, etc. go.  This water goes to Lake Mead,  gets cleaned for people to re-use again.  Anyway, every time I pass by the Wash, I stop and watch the ducks  in the Wash.  I don’t know what type of ducks they are, but the male is better-looking than the female.  The male has a very bright, iridescent  green top. The female’s color is a very plain-looking brown.  I envy the ducks their freedom.  I see how they swim around happily, chase each around, quarrel with each other, steal food from each other, the male duck chasing a female who wants nothing to do with him, the male ducks chasing after a pretty female.  Just  the normal routine of life.  And if the ducks come across something they don’t like, they fly away. I so envy the ducks their freedom! If I could trade places with them, I would. No bills to pay, find food where they can, don’t have to put up with sub–humans. How much better can life get?

The above has nothing to do with anything, I just thought I’d write about the ducks.

Yesterday, I managed to keep my mouth  shut  while I was using the computer.   A few times, I almost lost it. I wanted to get up from  the computer  and scream at the top of my lungs at the lowlifes in the library. I knew the consequences were not going to be pretty. I either would be thrown out of the library, or taken away in a police van. These options didn’t look very good to me.  I managed to stay calm.  It took a lot of  quietly talking to myself and telling myself  to stay calm and not lose it. If you were in place, or  if  you ever used a computer in a library, you know how I felt.  I’ve come to the library for about 8 months straight.  The things I have to put every minute while I’m at the library would probably drive most people insane. But I’ve managed to keep quiet and keep it all in, otherwise, I’d have no computer.

And at home, it’s been the same way. I’ve managed to keep my mouth shut for four months without saying anything in my apartment. There’s only one time, I shouted something out loud that  could be recorded.  Otherwise, I’ve zipped up my mouth shut.  So they figured they’d get me at the library. That’s why I take long walks. The long walks relax me and get rid of a lot of anger I’ve built up.  Without my long walks, I’d probably be a basket case.

So here I am at the library again.  Listening to all the hooligans making their monkey sounds, but I’m handling it better today. And I’ll keep on trucking. They don’t keep me down for too long. And never, never, never give up! Hang in there no matter what happens!

Some day we’ll be free!!!!!

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