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GangStalking – Targets be careful, monsters are walking around free.

As I wrote the other day, targets should always expect the unexpected. Was I ever right! As I walked home yesterday, dragging my  ever-present suitcase behind me, I felt a thump on the back of my left shoulder. I fell down. I landed with left elbow touching the sidewalk. I sat there disoriented for a second. A white man came behind me and purposely pushed me down. I had my suitcase behind me. The suitcase would have broken the fall if he’d accidentally hit my back.  But this was deliberately done to me. The man had to sidestep my suitcase to get at me.  As I sat on the ground, the man, with a smirk on his face, said, “Can I help you up?” I replied, “No, don’t you dare touch me. You purposely knocked me down.”  He didn’t dispute it. When I wouldn’t take his hand, he walked away, not at all bothered that he’d thrown me on the ground. A second after the man left, another man, came over and said, “May I help you up?” The man was wearing the perp color of the day, red. I said, “No, I don’t want your help. Get away from me!”  I sat in the middle of the sidewalk for about a minute to make sure I was all right.  When I tried to get up, my left elbow had  a bruise. The skin had come off my elbow.

I got up, brushed myself off and began to walk again. Ahead of me, I saw the two perps talking to each other, probably laughing at what happened to me.

I can truly say that these people are all evil. There isn’t any one of them worth saving. These people were born evil and will die evil beings.

So, as I wrote the other day, watch your back . Don’t think that you’re ever safe with these monsters walking around free.

But their day will come. As I repeated over and over, nothing lasts forever and what’s happening to us will end. And when it ends, all the criminals will end up in prison. I so look forward to that day. I’m living for that day.

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Gang Stalking – PostaDay 2011 – Carson City, Nevada, tragedy.

Official seal of Consolidated Municipality of ...

Official seal of Consolidated Municipality of Carson City, Nevada (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I don’t know if any of you heard about the man in Carson City, Nevada, who shot 3  people and himself. It’s odd, but in my blog the other day, I mentioned about someone going crazy and killing  people.  I wrote  not to judge someone too harshly if he killed someone.  I knew this would happen again.  I’ve written about it over and over.  And I mentioned it in my blog about 2 days ago.

Again, more killings.  I can bet that this man was  a target.   His family said  he was suffering from mental illness.  He was probably being targeted and no one believed him.  It’s always made to seem like the person was  crazy.  I am sure this man was in his right mind.  He was probably under a lot of abuse.  He finally had enough.   The gang stalkers pushed him  into this horrible act.  I’m sure they’re celebrating their  victory now,  instead of being ashamed of driving someone to commit such a horrible crime. I’m sure they feel no guilt.  And it will happen again;  I can assure you.

When will people wake up and realize something is going on?    When will they start questioning all the killings that  are happening and will continue to happen?  When will people connect all the dots?

The  man who killed sounded like a typical target.  He had never been in jail.   He had never created any problems, but all of a sudden he starts to shoot people.  Don’t you find it strange?  He was a targeted person.   My heart goes out to him.  I know the hell he went through.

My sympathy goes out to the families who lost loved ones.   But if there’s any blame to go around, it belongs to the United States government.  It  created all the monsters.

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