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2013 in review

English: Sydney Opera house celebrating Jessic...

English: Sydney Opera house celebrating Jessica Watson. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 60,000 times in 2013. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 22 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.

Gang Stalking – Gang stalkers belong in prison for the rest of their lives.

Monkey yawning

Monkey yawning (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I feel for all of you who are going through what I am. Our life is a living hell. There’s not a minute we can just relax and enjoy our lives.

If we go out, we’re followed everywhere by the perps. They watch everything we do and mimic us, and then report to the monitors what we do. And any new thing they learn about us becomes part of our gang stalking.

If we stay home, it is no better. Most of the time, being at home is worse than being outside. When we’re home, the perps have the place already booby-trapped. No matter which way we turn, there’s someone zapping us. Zapping us from the wall, the ceiling, the floor, the refrigerator, next door, from across the street, through the window, the bathroom, the oven. There’s really no place we can sit that’s safe. Our homes are torture chambers.

When we’re in our homes, we always have to be on guard, because we never know if someone is going to break into our home and do something to us. Believe me, I’m ready for the jerks. If I have to do something that saves my life, I will do it. There’ll be no second thoughts.

When we’re home, we have to listen to people beep their car horns; slam their car doors; put garbage in front of our doors; listen to their loud music; knock-knock on our walls; listen to them make monkey noises (they’re really good at this), because they’re nothing but monkeys(apology to the monkeys); listen to them talk loudly (sound as if they’re in our living room, that’s how loud they are). All the things I’ve just written, they’ll use it to up what they’re already doing.

The perps never go anywhere. We’re their fulltime jobs. None of them has a job. Their job is to watch us 24/7. And they don’t have jobs, because they’re paid to torture us. How do you think they pay their rent, eat, pay their electricity?

The government, through community policing, pays them to harass us. The perps get paid indirectly through the U.S. Patriot Act. The community is given a certain amount of money to keep track of people who the community thinks are dangerous. The perps don’t do this work for free.

They’re paid to stay home and do whatever they want to us. And when I say anything, I mean anything. They can set our home on fire, steal from us, beat us up, mess with our car. Anything they want to do, they can do. No one is going to arrest them, or take them to court. The police know about the gang stalkers and will do nothing to help a target. So don’t call a police officer. It will be a waste of your time, and the police will make you feel like a fool, or that you’re crazy. They’ll just reinforce that what’s happening to you is not happening.

So in the end, it doesn’t matter if you stay home, or go out. Whatever you choose to do will be hell on earth. There’s really no place you can go to relax. Our home is not a home.

Every gang stalker belongs in prison. And they should stay in prison for the rest of their lives!

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Gang Stalking – We targets can’t get anyone in the media to listen.

China is Human Suffering

Human Rights

Three monkeys.
Three monkeys. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I guess all the monkeys must have nothing to do.  Lately, they’ve declared war on my computer.  They’ve always screwed around with my computer, but sometimes now I can’t even type in the site I want to get into.  I guess there must be a monkey somewhere, hiding, just sitting in some god forsaken apartment waiting for me to get on so they mess with my mind and stress me out.  Sometimes I wonder who has it worse, me or them? Just think, they have to sit around waiting for us to get on the computer so they have something to do.  We can come and go as we please.  They can’t.  They have to sit in an apartment like a rat in a corner just sitting and waiting.  They can’t take a shower, cook, go to the bathroom, or leave when they want.  They always have to get someone to watch us,  or else they are stuck wherever they are.  Just think of  all the movies of FBI and police doing  stakeouts.  They sit in a room watching, watching, watching for something to happen.  Once in a while, if they get a chance,  go out to eat, or bring something in to eat.  That’s exactly what these perps experience.  They chose to do this work.  I feel absolutely no sympathy for any of them.  We have no choice in how we live life;  the monkeys have taken over the zoo.  So we’re stuck losing a lot of our freedom.  But we still have more freedom than the perps do.  To me, they’re prisoners as much as we are.  Or perhaps even more than we are.  We have a little freedom, they don’t!  And how good can they feel about themselves being such bastards? I think not too good.  But, of course, there are psychopaths everywhere, and I’m sure many of them are psychopaths, probably enjoy the sick life they’re leading.  They’re all nazis and lowlifes.

In the last two days, I’ve found a white powder on my counter.  I’ll be standing by the counter and a white substance appears from nowhere.  I think it’s being sprayed into my apartment.  I took a paper towel and wiped up the powder. It’s the smell of insecticide.  You won’t believe this, but the same thing happens with roaches.  I’ll be standing  by my computer and a roach suddenly appears out of nowhere. I mean out of nowhere.  I’m sure they’re sending them down from upstairs.  There are holes all over my ceiling and it’s easy for them to fling the roaches into the holes and push it through.  The roaches don’t come from under my sink, or from my sink.  I can tell by the roach’s startle reaction that they don’t know where they are. They usually stand around for a second and then realize they’re out in the open and run like hell in any direction.  They don’t have the normal roach reaction. I know what a normal roach reaction is.  I’m just curious, have any of you experienced white powder appearing from nowhere, or have roaches just pop-up out of nowhere?  Let me know.

A Chinese man, Chen Guangcheng,  arrives from China, and all the press, high level government flunkies, and human rights people attend his arrival.  None of us targets can get anyone to listen to us, but this man has people fawning all over him.  And then the people attending his arrival go into a spiel about how the man finally has human rights.   Why don’t these same people pay attention to all the human rights abuses happening in the U.S.?  I’m sure the man will have access to anyone to whom he wants to speak. I have nothing against the man; he has to do what he has to do to save his life.  But the phonies who will be surrounding him make me angry.  I guess we Americans don’t really count, because nothing is happening.  Don’t you know?

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Gang Stalking – Sooner than later, gang stalkers will have their day in court.

മലയാളം: കുരങ്ങുകള്‍

മലയാളം: കുരങ്ങുകള്‍ (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Monkeys in a barrel

Monkeys in a barrel (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Detainees at Camp X-Ray Original caption: Deta...

MTR Before Merging No Spitting Sticker at POA ...

MTR Before Merging No Spitting Sticker at POA Station (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Do you ever have days when you just feel like giving up?  Day after day, the same miserable things happen.  You never have a day when you can relax.  You just want to go to bed and sleep for a whole week.  Your bones can’t take anymore damage.  Your whole body aches.  You wonder when the gang stalking will end, and if it will ever end.  You think another day of the freaks following you around and you’ll turn around and slap one of the idiots.  But you know you won’t give in, or slap anyone around, but it’s good to think about it.  I’m sure a lot of you feel this way, too.

But you can’t give up, or in.  You have to stick around to see the end of gang stalking, because it will end.  You want to stick around so you can testify about the treatment you got, and put all the creeps in jail.  You have to believe that it will come to pass.  Whenever I feel I can’t face another day of gang stalking, I just picture the gang stalkers in prison uniforms (It will make you feel better).  I imagine them all lined up in a row, handcuffed and feet shackled.  And when they walk, they have to slide their feet in a way that makes them look like monkeys (apologies to monkeys).  I keep this image in my mind,  and I feel 100%  better right away.  I also picture myself walking down the row of gang stalkers and spitting in every one of their faces. And as I spit in every one of their faces, they angrily turn, feeling the way I used to feel.   Now, tell me you don’t feel better with this image.  I know I do.  And it will happen, sooner than later, I hope.

And for all of you who think what I wrote is mean, take a walk in my shoes some day.

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Gang Stalking – PostaDay2011 – Monkeys used as ginny pigs to test toxins.

I listen to the radio a lot. I find a lot more interesting things on the radio than I do on t.v. or the internet.

For instance, this morning I heard on the radio about monkeys that are used as test subjects for biological weapons.   Dr. John P. Pippin, Director of PCRM (Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine), stated that monkeys from the Island of St. Kitts-Nevis are brought to the United States and  used  as test subjects to test toxin materials.  Once brought into the United States the   monkeys are then injected with toxins  and  watched.  They can be seen on camera having spasms, muscles jerking and others things that the toxins  cause.  Isn’t this horrible?  They sound like a bunch of Nazis.  Only thing, they’re testing monkeys, not people.

The program was recently stopped by the U.S.  after getting a lot of complaints from protesters (thank God for protestors).  So the monkeys are no longer test subjects.  Who, then, do they test these toxins on?  The doctor stated that actors are brought into the lab, filmed to mimic spasms, muscles jerking, so U.S. soldiers can identify what a biological attack  might look like when someone is suffering from a toxin attack.

Well, I’m sprayed with pesticide all the time, or it smells like pesticide.  Maybe I’m being sprayed with something worse.  Anyway, am I part of that monkey group?  Am I being a test subject for the U.S. government?  It would not surprise me if I were part of their experiment.  I’ve complained about being sprayed with pesticide to anyone who will listen, but no one will.  It just shows that animals get more sympathy than human beings.   I think they’re using all us targets as experiments.  People worry about monkeys being used unethically, but no one seems to worry about other human beings  used as targets.  I guess we targets replaced the monkeys. 

If you want to know more about the toxin experiments, go to google and you can find more info.

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