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Gang Stalking – A class in how to drive targets crazy.

I was just thinking what it must be like to sign up to become a gang stalker.

First, they have to fill out a form, be accepted into the program and then go for training for five straight days. But before all that, the have to sign a waiver that they will not divulge any information about what they’re doing.  And then, they’re told that if they divulge any information, they will face a prison sentence. That’s written in the waiver to scare them. So I let my imagination go to work. I’m interested in the job and this is how it goes.

Me: Hi, I’m interested in signing up for the government program my friend told me about.

Interviewer:  Well, you first have to fill out an application. After you finish the application, we have to do a background check.

Me: Oh, okay.

A few days later:

Me: Oh, I’m so happy to be working for the government.

Monitor: Well, welcome to this new class.  You’ve all been accepted into the program run by the U.S. government. You’re a very special group of people (all the perps look at each smiling).  Let’s begin the training. Now, as we’ve told you, the people you will come into contact with are very violent people.  We have to keep a watch on them 24/7 because of their violent behavior.  Whenever you see one of the targets, you have to let us know what they’re doing. If they’re taking a walk, eating in a café’, reading a book, sitting in the library, driving a car,  you have to report  their whereabouts. We need you to keep track of everything they do.  Without your help, we could not carry out this program.  The U.S. government is grateful for your help.

We’re going to teach you how to use your phone to draw electricity to your target.  We use phones to keep them in line.  Listen carefully and write this code 12378930302. Did everyone get that code? I’ll repeat it: 12378930302. Now this is a secret code and you are not allowed to give this code to anyone. If you give this code to anyone, you are  violating the waiver you signed. Now, lets practice putting the code into the phone. Okay, begin.  Everyone puts code into phone.  Okay, now that’s you’ve input the code into your phone, hit the lower right hand button of your phone. Now the phone  should turn red.  Okay, does everybody have the red part?  Good! You all got it.  Very, very good.

Okay, now that we’re finished with the phone, we’re going to put their pictures on the screen. Use your phone to make a copy of the photos.  When you’re walking around and see someone who looks like one of the photos, look at your phone screen to double-check and make sure they’re a target. And when you walk around, do this continually. We don’t want you to miss hitting one of them.

Now, that’s it for  today.  You’re a very intelligent group. One of the smartest.

We have refreshments in the back of the room.  Get to know each other. One thing, when you see each other outside, you can’t acknowledge his presence. You have to make-believe you don’t know each other. This is a very secret program and the less people who know about it the better.

And tomorrow, we’ll be learning how to make them think they’re crazy.  This training will go on for five days. In those five days, you will learn everything about becoming the eyes for the U.S. government. You’re real patriots and the U.S. government will never forget what you’ve done to keep our country safe.

Now, class dismiss. And we’ll see each other tomorrow morning. And don’t forget, you’re very, very special people. You’re the cream of the crop.

All the perps go to the back of the room and laugh, smile and think they’re very, very special people. After all, the government told them so.

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Gang Stalking – I will not lose my temper.

English: A metaphorical visualization of the w...

English: A metaphorical visualization of the word Anger. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Angry Talk (Comic Style)

Angry Talk (Comic Style) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Day 6. Today is the 6th day and no one has shown up to fix my ceiling.  I haven’t removed the hanging plaster from the ceiling, either. I’ve left it as it is.  And every day, I take a picture of the damage to my ceiling.

I can get angry, but it won’t do any good for me to lose my temper.  All that would do, is they would tell me that I’m crazy. And that would make the people in the office happy. The last thing I want to do is make perps happy. They’d be happy that they made me lash out in anger. Plus, they’d have something to talk about when they go to their weekly perp meeting.  Then they can be the center of attention because they can report what I did.

You see, these perps attend weekly meetings, if you didn’t know, and discuss us targets.  They tell their monitors everything they saw us doing.  And the more they have to report on us, the better they look.   These perps will also get advice on how to handle any situation they’ve had problems with.

I’m sure the perps turn meaningless incidents into tall tales.   They blow everything out of proportion, so they look better.

So I’m not going into the office again. I’ll let the hole stay as it is.  When I get angry enough, I’ll go to Court with all my pictures.

What we targets have to put up with is disgusting.  If any other tenant’s ceiling plaster fell off,  it would’ve been repaired in one day.  But being a target, no one really cares what’s done to me.  They all revel in making my life one miserable day after another.

But as I said, I’m not going to get upset, life has a way of getting even with miscreants.

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Gang Stalking – Not able get into your computer, check you internet access service.

Internet Access Here Sign

Internet Access Here Sign (Photo credit: Steve Rhode)

English: View on tier 1 and 2 ISP interconnections

English: View on tier 1 and 2 ISP interconnections (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I wasn’t able to write my blog yesterday.  The perps got into my computer and took over my internet access.  I went to my internet company to get help to be able to  sign into my computer.   The salesperson told me that there was nothing wrong  with my computer.   I had to argue with the salesperson on whether my internet access worked.  I know when my computer is working and not working. Finally, the salesperson realized that I was right, and got to work fixing it .  So now I’m back.

If you can’t  get on the computer, usually it’s your internet access service that the perps mess with.  They get into your service and when you connect, you’re not connected to your server.  You connect into the internet through the perp server.  Once they get into your server, they can do anything they want to your computer. They can turn your computer on and off at will.  They can get into all your documents, change your passwords.  There’s nothing they can’t do to your computer.  So don’t assume that because you’re getting internet service that it is through your server.  When you put on your internet access service make sure that it is through your computer, not the perps.   You can always tell when it’s not your server, because it will show that you have no internet service, but, yet, you’re connected to the internet.  That’s definitely a sign that you’re being hacked.  You can try “Restore”, but that probably won’t work.  The best thing to do is get your computer to a technician before it gets infected with all kinds of viruses, which has happened to me a lot of  times.  I stubbornly tried to fix it myself, and ended up with an unusable computer.

I honestly don’t understand why the perps monitor my computer.  If it’s to find out what I’m write on my blog, all they have to do is go to my blog and read what I wrote.  Why do they have to waste so much time getting into my computer? Does it make them feel important?  I just don’t understand this “perping” thing.  What a waste of time and money, and ruining  of lives.

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Gang Stalking – Gang stalkers attend weekly meetings to socialize and snitch on targets.

McCarthy Meeting Room A

McCarthy Meeting Room A (Photo credit: chelmsfordpubliclibrary)

A Nokia 6280 mobile phone (A1-edition), an UMT...

Image via Wikipedia

Gangs logo for Portal:Gangs.

Image via Wikipedia


Backpack (Photo credit: slgckgc)

Today is the day that the maintenance man goes to his gang stalking meeting, but I haven’t been left alone.  (The former complex manager comes in to babysit and watch me.)  Once a week, he and others from the complex, go to a meeting.  What they do at this meeting is talk about the targets; introduce new members, and probably enjoy socializing with each other. At the meeting, the new and older members of gang stalking, will see photos of targets, told what to do them that week, and what things they should buy to annoy the target.  They’ll be given a schedule of what a certain target’s day is like.  They’re told to report anything that they think is important about the target — like did target get a new coat, what did she say, how did she act, what did she eat, and other really important information.  They’re to report everything to the monitor who runs the program.  They are to  watch the target  when they see her.

Some gang stalkers have regular schedules.  In the complex where I live, I see gang stalkers leave at the same time every day to go harass other targets. They don’t want to do it where they live.  They want to look like they’re pure as snow.  But every time I see them out on their way to harass other targets, I call them on it.  I’ll ask them questions like: how does it feel to bully someone, or how does it feel to be so evil?  They, of course, act very surprised!  And when they answer, which is rare, they’ll say:  What are you talking about?  And I’ll answer:  You know exactly what I’m talking about.  And then they go into their typical response: You’re crazy.  And I’ll tell them: Yeah, I’m crazy like a fox.  They usually walk away shaking their head.  A phony head shaking act.

Well, anyway, let me continue with the meeting of the gang stalkers.  They’ll be told to carry backpacks.  In the backpacks, they’ll be told to use a sprayer and fill it with pesticide. Then they will use the  sprayer on the targets. They’ll also be given codes to use in their cell phone.  They’ll be told to use the code to draw electricity to the target.  Whenever I see gang stalkers, they’re always using their phone to get me.  But a lot of them can’t.  I see them try, try to make their phone work.  When they can’t get their phone to work, they call the monitor to make sure the code is correct.  After they get off their phone, they’ll try again.  Again, they’ll have no success.  I’ve learned a way of preventing them from getting me.  But I’m not going to say what it is.  I wish I could tell other targets what it is, but I can’t.  If it got out, they’d probably find another way of getting to me.  I’m sure I’d find a way to protect myself if they did. I’ve always be very creative.  And it has come in handy.

My advice to targets:  be resourceful, use every day items to protect yourself.  A lot of items that surround you can help protect you.  Use everything and anything you can find where you live  to protect yourself.  You’ll be surprised at how simple, every day things can help. Use your imagination, you don’t need expensive things to protect you.

So tomorrow when I leave my apartment, I’ll probably be seeing a new group of targets wearing red. That’s the color all the new targets wear when they’re new.  The color red represents a bag I have, which is bright red. The new targets are always gang-ho.  They’re all excited about becoming part of a group that gang stalks people. It makes them feel powerful that they can do anything and everything to a target and get away with it.

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Gang Stalking – Postaday 2011 – Part 2: You’re not crazy; you’ve become a targeted individual.

Yesterday, I wrote that your family gets notification by the government (at the community level) that you are  a danger to society and must be watched.  Usually the family  will get a phone call  and told to get in touch with the community organizers.   The person contacted will  visit  the  office and given a waiver to sign that states he/she will not divulge any information that’s  given to her/him.  The waiver states that if person divulges information he/she  is subject to  prosecution.  This waiver is what keeps most family members quiet.  They’re afraid to get in trouble with the U.S. government.   If the family does not agree to be part  of gang stalking, it can become  a target of government.   The family will become part of gang stalking to avoid becoming  targets.

Monitors are the ones who run the program at the community level.  They’re the ones responsible for hiring gang stalkers, giving them their assignments, checking out their time sheets, paying them and resolving any problems gang stalkers have with their targets.   Monitors  are in constant  contact with the gang talkers  and will  let  gang stalkers know  of their target’s routine.  There are higher level monitors.  The monitor who has contact with gang stalkers is the low-level man.  Some monitors will drive around and watch gang stalkers to make sure that they’re doing their job of harassing targets.   A warning  is given to gang stalkers  to act as if they  know nothing if  confronted by a target.  They’re to keep quiet and not acknowledge target’s presence.   But a gang stalker will  often call a target “crazy” under his breath;  reinforcing  to  the target that  he/she  is crazy.

This is the part where the gang stalkers have all their fun.  Wherever you happen to live, you will have gang stalkers watching you.  If you live in an apartment complex the  landlord, or manager, will hire gang stalkers to harass you.  The landlord, or manager,  will know  of your status as a violent person.  He’s been notified by Monitor.   Usually landlord, or manager, will  recruit gang stalkers  to harass you.  The minute you leave your house, the gang stalkers will get a text message notifying them you are leaving your home.  All the gang stalkers in the vicinity will get text messages  you’re leaving your apartment and told to  be on the lookout for you.  This happens with family members, too.  The family will let  monitor know  target is leaving and  where target is going.  Your family will become very interested in where you are going and what you will be doing.  Don’t tell them anything.   Lie to them.  That’s what I did to my sister when I discovered  she  was gang stalking me.   l lied to her and felt no guilt whatsoever.

That’s it for today.   I’ll continue with this tomorrow.  I’m trying to be as clear as possible to explain what gang stalking is about.  If  you’re not sure about something I’ve written, please let me know.  I’ll be happy to respond to any questions you have.

By the way, everything I’m writing in this blog is  from personal experience.