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Happy Mother’s Day, Mom.

To my mother whom I miss so much.

You been gone a long time  now. When you died,  it was a very painful experience for me.     Years   have gone by, the hurt I felt then has  only intensified. I now think of you more and more. I think I should have been a better daughter. I wasn’t too bad a daughter, but I could have been a better one. I wish I’d taken you out more for dinner, so you’d have day off from the drudgery of life. I wish  I’d taken long walks with you. I wish I’d asked about your childhood and what it was like. I wish I’d ask you how you and dad met. I have so many questions for you about your life. Why didn’t I ask when you were alive? It is too bad that daughters and sons don’t realize how precious their parents are. No one can ever fill the empty space in my heart that you’ve left. There’ll always be an empty  space in my heart  reserved just for you and no one else will enter it. No one.

Mom, if there’s  such a  thing as  reincarnation, I hope I come back as your daughter. I will treat you like the great person you were. You will never want for anything.  I will treat you like a queen, Mom.

I know you’re in heaven, if there’s such a thing.  And if there isn’t,  maybe you’re in a better place.  I just know you were too good  a person to be anywhere else.

Mom. I want you to know there aren’t too many good people left on earth. You were one of the special ones.

Mom, I’ll always miss you. There isn’t a day I don’t miss you. I think of you all the time.

Mom, maybe some day, we’ll  meet again. I hope so.

Love you always, mom.

Happy Mother’s Day wherever you are.

Gang Stalking – Off Topic – PostaDay 2011 – Who is the most patient person you know.

The most patient person  I know, it’s certainly not me. I can’t think of too many people who  I think  fill that criteria.

The only one I can think of is my mother. My mother is no longer alive, but she was the most patient person I’ve ever known.

My mother was not a woman to lose her temper. In all the years, I knew her, I can think of very few times when she was not patient,  or angry.

I used to get angry when I was younger and saw someone be rude to her and keep her waiting. I used to think to myself why doesn’t she say something. But she never did. It used to annoy me to see someone keep my mother waiting for no reason. I wanted to shout at them and tell them to serve my mother, but I knew not to say  anything.  She was patient to a fault. And no matter what someone did, she was always polite and full of patience. I sometimes considered my mother a saint, and today more than ever.  And she always said “thank you” to someone who did not treat her right.

Now that my mother is gone, when I  don’t feel patient, I think of her and a calmness comes over  me.  I think about what she would do, and do it.  I realize she was right not to get upset.  Getting upset does  not  serve me well.  I  stay calm and do  not start screaming and yelling at someone for causing me  to be inconvenienced.  It only gives them power over me.  My mother knew that, but I didn’t.  Mothers are always right.  Love  and miss you, mom.

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