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Gang Stalking – Mirror, mirror on the wall who’s that watching me?

Oh, I forgot to tell about the experiments I told yoi to do.

The first experiment was about taking a mirror and facing it  toward the mirrors in your house/apartment.  I got only a few responses to this. One target said that when she faced the mirror toward the other mirror, she got a  demonic figure on her mirror. Another  target said he saw nothing. Another one, nothing.  In my mirrors when I face my mirror toward another one, I got multiple reflections of myself,  endless reflections. This means that they have a one-way mirror with a camera pointed at me. The camera reflected the images back to me.  That’s what I thought everyone would get, but that’s not the case. If you got no reflection, that’s good. It means you’re not being watched in a one-way mirror. Of course, I’ve covered every mirror in my apartment. I don’t care what anyone thinks when they come into my apartment. What they think doesn’t matter to me.  They don’t pay my bills.

In    the  second   experiment,  I  asked you to  put a plastic bottle  over  your socket.  This was to prove that you’re being hit by electricity, because the plastic picks up the electricity and it hits the bottle instead of you. If you tried this experiment, you should’ve heard bong, bong, bong. That’s the electricity hitting the bottle. A lot of targets think it’s satellite hitting us, but I don’t believe  it for a moment. It’s electricity hitting us.  We’re surrounded by electricity. It’s ubiquitous.

So if you tried  any of the two experiments and discovered other things, let me know, and I’ll write about it.

Thanks to those who responded.

P.S. Tomorrow’s Dr. King’s Day, if you don’t have to work, enjoy your day. Library’s closed tomorrow so I won’t be writing my blog tomorrow. HAVE a good day.

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Gang Stalking – Experiments will prove I’ve been right all along.

Okay, I would you to try two experiments.

The first one requires a plastic bottle.  A plastic water bottle works very well, preferably a gallon one with a handle.  Take that gallon plastic bottle with the handle, go to your socket and put it over the socket. Make sure the socket is completely covered by the bottle. Now take some tape and attach the plastic bottle to the wall above the socket.  Tell me what you discover.

Now experiment number two.  If you have 8 x 10 mirror, it doesn’t have to be expensive, use it.  You can buy a cheapie at one of those dollar stores.  Now take that 8 x 10 mirror and turn it facing the mirrors you have in your house/apartment. Do it to every mirror. Now tell me what you discover. I know what I discovered, now I you want to tell me what you found out doing both these experiments.  You’ll be very surprised.

I can tell you what I discovered, but if you do it yourself, you’ll remember.  If I tell you, you won’t remember .

Please do this experiment. It’ll back up what I’ve told you all along.

Thank you.

Gang Stalking – Living the disgusting life of a target.

Windows in the red brick wall of an apartment ...

Windows in the red brick wall of an apartment building in Rochester, Minnesota (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Refrigerator (Photo credit: Jo Bourne)

Bathroom 1

Bathroom 1 (Photo credit: A30_Tsitika)

I’ve written before about the way I have to live,  but I want to update you on my living situation.

I’ve told you about my window, which is not attached to the frame.  I’ve gone to the office and complained to the complex manager about it, but nothing’s been done. She keeps telling me that it’ll get fixed, but so far, nada, nothing.  I’ve given up on driving myself crazy and taped the window to the frame.  This way I feel a little more secure at night.  I used to look out my window late at night and see many men walking around the front of my door.   Since then, I carry a knife to bed with me, for when one of them removes the tape around  the window and tries to get in. I’m ready to fight for my life.

I’ve also complained about the floor board.  It was already out when I moved in. It was purposely removed so electricity can hit me from outside.  I’ve bought wooden slats and I put them around where the floor board should be, but it still doesn’t really stop  electricity from hitting me.

The carpet when I moved in was old and dirty looking.  It’s dirtier looking and uglier than ever.  There were  holes in the carpet when I moved in.  There are more holes now than before. And this is done to attract electricity from underneath.  What I’ve done is put tape on all the holes that I can see.  So imagine this picture.  A really ugly-looking grey carpet with tape all over the floor.  What’s amazing is that every time the maintenance man comes into my apartment, he never says anything about the tape on my carpet.  I really dare him to say something to me about the tape, because I have an answer ready for him.  So he doesn’t dare ask.

They removed the lower left side of my kitchen cabinet.  The cabinet is next to the oven.  He  removed the side so any electricity from the oven can escape and hit me.

My refrigerator is just a mess.  With one side of the compressor coil removed, it sends electricity throughout my apartment.  I complained to the maintenance man about this and he told me this is the way it’s supposed to look.  I told him that’s not the way it’s supposed to look.  He just looked at me and, with the straightest face, told me that’s the way it is.  Does he think I just fell off a turnip truck?  I don’t know too much about refrigerators, but I know when something doesn’t look right.  And the compressor with a broken coil does not look right.  So he didn’t it fix and left. I also found electrical parts that belong on a VCR or t.v. attached to the refrigerator cord.  I also complained about this not belonging there and he told me they do.  I’ve  looked at many refrigerator backs, and I’ve never seen electrical parts that belong on a VCR and t.v. attached to a refrigerator cord.  Does he really think I’m that stupid?  I’ve taken pictures of the back of the refrigerator.  I’m using it as proof for when I need it.  I hope it sends them all to jail!

In the bathroom, he removed the glue, or whatever it’s called, around the bottom rim of the bathtub.  He did that to let water out.  The floor gets wet and roaches will come running into my bathroom for the water.  He also removed the glue around the bottom of the toilet, same reason.

I have a mirror in my bathroom, but I  keep it covered 24/7, because I’m suspicious that they can see me from the other side of the mirror.  I know they can see into my apartment because the experiences I’ve had outside my apartment.  When I’m out, someone will imitate something I’ve done in my apartment and nowhere else.  And when I leave my apartment, many times, gang stalkers will be wearing exactly the same color I’m wearing that day, even though they didn’t see me outside.  So I know they can look into my apartment.  The bastards!

I decided I’m going to walk around the way I want.  If the perverts want to watch me, I say “go ahead” because you’re not going to make me change the way I walk around.  Have your fun, you perverts.  You’re all sick!  Sick!  Sick!  Did any of you perverts ever think of seeing a psychiatrist?  You definitely need to see one.  I can suggest one.  You all definitely need to see one!  Especially the sicko in apartment 111. I think he spends all his time watching porn.

Oh, I forgot to tell you about my air conditioner.  In the summer, the air conditioner runs hot.  In the winter, it runs cold.  So they did something to the temperature gauge.  And the air conditioner never, never goes off.  It stays on all the time.

I’m sure they do some of these things to you, too.  They do the same thing over and over to targets.

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