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Gang Stalking – Why all the shootings? The government knows why and so does the media.

Oh, the media makes me sick. Why? Why?Why? did they kill? The media and everybody else know what is going on.

The two people who killed the two police officers and a civilian in Las Vegas were called white conspiracy separatist right away. There was no evidence, but it was the first thing that I heard on television. Now, it’s come out, of course, that they were not white supremacist. They were two people who were married and came to help rancher Bundy in Nevada. And then since the media could no longer call them white separatist, they began calling them government conspiracy theorists.

I’m sure these two were victims of gang stalking. They thought the government was acting like Nazis. They did not belong to any kind of separatist movement.

These two were probably fed-up with what was  done to them.  How many of us don’t know what that feels like? Day after day, we are hunted like animals, at night we’re not allowed to sleep, we’re treated rudely everywhere we go, we’re cheated, doctors mistreat us, etc. I can understand why they thought the government was acting like Nazis, and it is.

Today, at the library, I said something about the Millers and why they killed themselves and every perp in the library began to laugh and insult me. I mentioned that they knew why the Millers killed themselves and they called me crazy. Of course, they always have to use the word crazy. These people have to do what their masters tell them to do. Of course, they are sooooo brave when it’s one woman against all of them. They’re nothing but cowards!

I realized yesterday when I was in the deli getting some cold cuts how they are controlled. I placed my order and the clerk began to talk to me in a very nice way and I responded in a nice way to her. Within about 5 minutes, a woman appeared. The clerk looked at her and stopped talking to me. I could see that the woman behind me was giving her hand signals. I saw it in  the reflection of the deli glass. I guess the clerk is not supposed to talk to me and be nice. It’s rudeness which counts when it comes to dealing with us targets. So these people really are under more control than I thought. Their handlers even come to see how they do at work. They truly are zombies, much more than I thought.

It wasn’t right for the Millers to shoot the police officers, but I can definitely understand why they did.

And, of course, as I’ve stated before, there will be more shootings.  And we will have all the psychiatrists, news media, government officials, etc. coming out of the woodwork saying they don’t know why it’s happening. They will all agree that the  person(s) are mentally ill.

When are the people going to wake up and start asking questions as to what is really happening in America??!!!

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