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Gang Stalker – PostaDay 2011 – Describe the best breakfast you’ve ever eaten.

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Oatmeal with Blueberries

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Breakfast of rasperries, blueberries and oatmeal.

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I’ve had a lot of delicious breakfasts.  I used to work at the Las Vegas Convention, and we’d get breakfast if we had to work early in the morning, about 4 a.m.  These were breakfasts for which the convention people paid about $40-50.  We’d get scrambled eggs, bacon, juice, pastries, coffee, tea, marmalade toast, eggs Benedict, etc.  Really delicious breakfasts.

The breakfasts were really good, but the best breakfast I’ve ever eaten is the breakfast my mother used to cook for me.  My mother used to cook the best oatmeal ever.  She’d take oatmeal, beat it to make it floury-looking.  When it was floury enough, she’d add milk to a pan,wait for it to start boiling, and slowly add the oatmeal, some sugar and cinnamon.  She’d let the oatmeal cook slowly, about 20 minutes to cook. She keep stirring it to make sure it didn’t get stuck to the bottom of the pan.  When the oatmeal began to bubble, she knew it was ready.  She’d spoon oatmeal on everyone’s plate and add more cinnamon on top. It was delicious.  It wasn’t too thick nor watery.  It was just the right consistency.  I loved it.  I’ve tried making the oatmeal myself, but, somehow, it doesn’t taste anything like my mother’s.  I guess it was the love she added to the oatmeal that made it taste so much better.

So even though oatmeal is a very simple breakfast, it was the best breakfast I’ve ever eaten.

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Gang Stalking – PostaDay 2011 – Describe the unhealthiest meal you’ve ever eaten.

Lately, I’ve eaten nothing but unhealthy foods. The gang stalkers, as always, are involved.  You see, I have a problem keeping my refrigerator on.  The refrigerator has been fixed so that it gives off electricity.  The back off the refrigerator was taken out and all the coils twisted in such  a way that it draws electricity.  The front of the refrigerator has also been removed.  So at night before I go to bed, I turn off the refrigerator.  I don’t want to feel all that electricity.  I can’t have meat, ice cream, fresh vegetables or fruits, milk, anything that won’t last more than a day. ‘They also mess with any fresh food I keep  in the refrigerator.  If I’ve gone out and left something in my refrigerator, I won’t eat it.  I don’t know what they’ve done to the food.  I don’t want to get sick.

So, as I stated before, my food choices lately are not very good.  The other night, I had nachos with cheese and jalapenos.  Try eating jalapenos late at night and you’ll find out how bad they are for your stomach.  All night long, I couldn’t sleep due to the spicy jalapenos.  And that’s by far not my worse meal.  That’s one of my healthier meals. At least it had cheese.  Most of the food I buy is in packages; things like dry soup and all you do is add  water.  Awful stuff!  It has so much salt in it, it should be called  salt.

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