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Gang Stalking – American Civil Liberties Union – you suck!

I. as a citizen, can’t get anyone in American Civil Liberties Union to talk to me. No, I have no rights whatsoever.

On the other hand, people who sneak into America from El Salvador, Mexico, Guatemala, etc.  have the right to return to the  U.S. and go before a judge and the judge will decide if the illegal aliens had their rights taken away from them. GIVE. ME. A.BREAK! They’re here illegally and have no rights as citizens, so what is this thing about having their rights taken away?  They’re not citizens and have no rights as Americans.

Here is a video that explains the whole thing about the illegals – http://dailycaller.com/2014/08/28/obamas-deputies-allow-deported-illegals-back-into-the-us/

Isn’t it nice for the American Civil Liberties Union to be so concerned about illegal aliens and not give a s–t about what’s happening to Americans?

Don’t you just love the ACLU people?

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