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Gang Stalking – Off Topic – PostaDay 2011 – What ordinary skill are you bad at?

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Maybe it’s tying your shoelaces, or parallel parking cars, but we all have something that we just don’t do very well.  Well, write about yours.

The one ordinary thing I’m terrible at, is while I’m cooking, no matter how clean I try to be, by the time I’m finish cooking, my kitchen looks like a hurricane passed through it.  There are pots and pans everywhere.  Forks and knives all over the place.  Spots on the refrigerator, floor, skin, cabinets, on me, on my shoes, my face, my clothes.  You name it; whatever I’ve cooked is on me.  No matter how organize I try to be, it never works.  By the time I get through, I have an hour’s work of cleaning up all the mess I’ve made.  I just finished cooking, and you would think I never clean if you saw my kitchen.  It’s awful!!

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