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Gang Stalking – Drive the perps crazy.

You drive me crazy

You drive me crazy (Photo credit: αℓєχαи∂яα)

A lot of the things the gang stalkers do to you is to make you think you’re crazy.

Well, I’ve become an expert at driving them crazy. I do things back to  them to make them think they’re crazy.  If they leave something outside their door, and if  I’m passing by, I move it to another place, like put it on the steps, or put it at someone else’s door.  At nighttime, they make stupid noises and talk  into a speaker so that  it sounds as if  they’re right in your bedroom.   Microphones are put into the walls and that’s how the sound gets into your apartment.  I find out where the sound is coming from and pipe music back into their apartment.  I can tell it drives them crazy.  I can hear them complaining about the music. They complain about not getting enough sleep (poor babies).  My heart breaks for them.  When the management leaves a message outside my door, they remove it.  I see a message  outside their door, I remove it.  And this goes on all the time.  They do unto me, I do unto them. I believe in getting even.

Of  course, you have to be devious to do these things.  You have to make sure no one sees you.  Just as you never see them, make sure no one sees you.  And even if  someone sees you, what are they going to do?  They’re all involved in your gang stalking and are not going to say anything.

Do whatever you can to make them think they’re crazy.  Have no mercy.  They have no mercy toward you, don’t worry about their  feelings. I’m sure there are a lot things you can do that will have them doubting their sanity.  Believe me, it will make you feel better.  They want to play games, we’ll play games right back.

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