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Gang Stalking – Harassed by illegal aliens.

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Yesterday,  I didn’t come home early. I don’t like to be away from my apartment for too long, because the perps will make themselves at home. They don’t have to worry about being caught.  Someone will always warn them I’m on my way.

I came home last night and immediately headed for the bathroom.  I was about to sit on the seat and noticed that someone had been in my bathroom and left me a gift.  They’d used my toilet and left their feces and lots of toilet paper in the toilet. The bathroom had a terrible smell, so it was there for a long time.

On top of that, some of my food was missing.

I also found some vapor rub and toilet cleanser,  which I’d thrown out when I moved from my old apartment.

Living in this new apartment is not working out for me.  I live in apartment 208, and three doors from me, there lives a family that has so many people coming in and out that I can’t keep track of who really lives there.  And I don’t really care how many people live there, but they all sit in front of their apartment and make lots of noise, play their radio loudly, and have their children run back and forth to my apartment.  There’s one woman whose loud laughter would give anyone a headache.  And this goes on all day.

And there’s a woman who lives in apartment 110 who is always outside when I go out.  There isn’t a time that I can go out that she’s not waiting for me.  She always aims her phone at me and acts like she’s an angel.  Today I went out to empty the garbage, and she was outside as always, and she had four women with her.  As I passed them, I gave them the finger. Of course, they acted, oh, so shock, because they’re all so innocent and I’m the evil one. One of them followed me and wanted to know why I’d given them the finger.  I kept walking and did not respond.  As I walked toward the dumpster, there were four or five men hanging around, and the woman began telling them about what I did. They all began making remarks.  I ignored them all as I walked back to my apartment.  The women were still out when I passed them on my way to my apartment. As I was walking up the stairs, I said to all of them, “Maybe I’ll call the police and tell them you’re all illegal aliens.” I did not stay around to see their expressions.

We’re American citizens and we get picked on by a bunch of people who don’t even belong here, but, yet, they feel safe to harass me because they know nothing will happen to them.  Not only are these people breaking the law by being here illegally, but they’re committing a crime by harassing me.  It seems illegal aliens have more rights than an American citizen does.  I have nothing against illegal aliens, but I do, when illegals like these can do whatever they want to a citizen.

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Gang Stalking – Don’t make perps happy.

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As I walked toward the bus stop, I felt anger dwell up in me.  As the perps surrounded me, I felt pure hate.  As women passed me, I wanted to pull out their hair by its roots.  And as men passed me, I wanted to take my pointy boots and hit them over and over where it hurts.

I kept thinking of my friend who killed herself.   It was people  like the ones I was passing who caused her death.

Silently I repeated to myself, don’t make them happy, don’t make them happy, don’t make them happy.  If I’d lost my temper and told them how I felt, it would have made the perps happy.  They immediately would let    their monitor know and tell him what I’d said.  They like to see targets lose their tempers.  When we lose our tempers, they have something to report.  If we don’t lose our temper, they have nothing.  When the perps have something to report, a fuss is made over them.  They’re praised on what a good job they did on getting information.  It’s  information that they all can use on targets to harass us more.

My friend, who committed suicide, is not the only one who had death on her mind.  There are about three to four people in my Facebook page who are having a very difficult time with gang stalkers.  Some of them say things that scare me.  They talk about death being easier than the life they’re living.  There’s one man who really worries me.  I don’t really want to write about him committing  suicide.  I want him to stay alive.

Those of us who are on Facebook with him, try to do our best to change  his will to live. But as with my friend, we have so little control over someone’s life.  If someone wants to kill himself, we can try to help him, but ultimately it’s his choice to want to live or not.

We tell him not to give up.  That maybe something will happen that will stop all the gang stalking.

It’s hard to tell someone to hold on, when, really, we don’t believe what we’re saying.  We know nothing is going to change. Gang stalking is not going to stop any time soon.  Who knows if what we’re going through will ever stop.  Maybe in 20, 30 years?  Or will it be infinite?

We need someone in government, who knows about the gang stalking, to speak up for us.  So far, we’ve had no one who will listen.

We can’t get the police, government, ACLU, senators, representatives, etc. to help.  They all know what’s going on, and they all keep the secret.

I feel powerless.  I’ve done everything I can do to let people know about gang stalking, but it’s like talking to myself.  No one listens to what I say.  And no one listens to other targets, who are also doing their best to make people aware of what’s going on.

So I keep writing my blog hoping that  people will eventually wake up.  That’s all I can do.

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Gang Stalking – Thinking of disappearing??? Go for it!

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I  have to  tell you that I’m tired.  I don’t mean mentally tired, but the pounding my body takes from all the spraying that’s done to me.  Day after day, it takes a pounding.  I really don’t know how targets who’ve  had to deal with this for 15 years or more do it.  How they’ve lasted so long and been able to stay sane makes me admire them.  I know what they’ve gone through.  The daily abuse of their body.  The constant psychological mind games that they’ve had to deal with.  The constant torture.  To have lasted as long as they have encourages me  to  never give up.  If they can last as long as they have and been able to survive, I, too, can survive.

But  I must tell you, it was easier 17 years ago for a target to get away.   17 years ago a lot of  people had cell phones, but a lot didn’t.  Regular computer use was  just becoming the norm.  But today with everybody walking around with a cell phone and a computer, it’s easier to keep track of us targets.  17 years ago if someone really had the desire to disappear, it was possible. Now, if a target tries to get lost in a crowd, it’s impossible.  It doesn’t matter where he goes, there’s someone on a cell telling the scumbag monitors where he is.  It’s almost impossible for a target to leave no tracks.  With credit cards, surveillance cameras everywhere, it’s impossible to disappear.  And if a person does get away, I’m sure it’d just be a matter of time before he’s found.  If gang stalking had happened to me 17 years ago, I sure as hell would have found a way to disappear.  They might eventually had found me, but the years would not  have been a waste, as they are now.

Men, in my opinion, are luckier than women in the disappearing game.  Men can grow beards, lose weight and no one would be able to tell who they are.  They can also change their hair color.   Women can change their hair color, but the face is easier to recognize. And woman have certain problems, which men don’t.  If you know what I mean.

So it’s harder today for someone to disappear.  I wish for the days of no computers, cell phones, satellites, and surveillance cameras.   We sure didn’t realize how much better off  we were without these things.  My wish is that all the satellites come crashing down and explode.  Maybe they’ll hit some of the scumbags on their way down.

But if someone really wants to disappear, I still think it’s possible.  Plan, plan, plan. And go for it! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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Gang Stalking – Off Topic – Some advice to men.

Marriage in America in 2010

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Today I was thinking about how my life could have been different if I’d traveled a different road.

I had a boyfriend, who I loved very much, but we did not get married.  Whose fault is was, I can’t say.  This is what happened.

He’d applied for a job overseas without telling me, and he got it. He didn’t ask me to go with him,  and I did not ask to go with him.  One day out of the blue, he asked me to marry him.  This is the way he asked:  I don’t want you to feel I’m leaving you behind, will you marry me?  This was not the way I thought  a proposal would occur.  I didn’t like his wording:  leave me behind.  I said to him that  I wouldn’t marry him.  I  told him  I wanted a man to marry me because he loved me and not because he was leaving me behind.  He didn’t say anything, and we went on dating. I found the reason insulting.

He left for Holland, and I stayed behind.  He came back in December of the same year.  While he was here, he asked me one day:  Do you want an engagement ring, or a camera?  I was into photography and my camera broke.  Again, I didn’t like his wording.  I picked the camera.

He went back to Holland, and we kept in touch by phone.   He wrote me a letter a week.  I wrote him back, but not a letter a week.  In many of his letters, he told me how much fun he was having in Holland.  After a while, I got annoyed he was having so much fun, and I was living such an ordinary life.  When he sent me a letter, I would read some of it, and put it aside to read another time.

He came to visit me again, and told me he was getting married to someone else.  I couldn’t blame him; I’d refused his offers of marriage.

Years later, I got back into reading the letters he’d sent me.  In one of the letters, he’d again asked me to marry him.  Since I had not read all letters through, I hadn’t read the part about him wanting to marry me.  He never said anything about the letter, so I had no idea he’d proposed to me again.

Why in all that time didn’t he just come right out and ask me to marry him?  Why?  Why couldn’t he just ask me on the phone?  Why did it have to be by letter?  Why couldn’t he just sit down, look me in the eyes and ask me to marry him?

So my advice to you men:  if you want a woman to marry you, just look her in the eyes and ask her pointblank.  Don’t connect it to anything else. It doesn’t work.   Anyway, it didn’t work for me.  I’d still do the same thing.

So if I’d married my boyfriend, I’d be in Europe.  And the gang stalking I’m experiencing now probably would not be happening. Either way, I lost.

By the way, if there are men out there who can explain to me why you men do this, I’d like to know. Thanks.

Countdown: 36 blogs to write.

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Gang Stalking – PostaDay 2011 – If you had a third arm, where would you put it on your body?

If you had a third arm, where would you put it on your body? Would you put it underneath one of your arms?  Or somewhere more interesting, say, the top of your head, so you could reach really high things?  Or would you put it behind you, so it’d be a makeshift tail?

Oh, no, not an arm as a tail!  Kind of gross. Only a man would think of a third arm as a tail.

If I had a third arm, I would put it beneath my shoulders.  I would attach a camera to it and be able to see what’s behind me.  This really would help me with the gang stalkers.  They’d never be able to do anything to me.  The camera would capture every mean,  little thing done  to me.  Plus, I’d have proof of their gang stalking.  Having a third arm on my back would also enable me to see my back with a mirror.  I would be able to see all the marks the gang stalkers have inflicted on it. 

If I had a third arm,  it  would be easier for me to scrub my back.  I have two brushes, one to scrub my back and one for my face.  The scrubbing-brush for my back would help me scrub away all the debris on my back.  When the stalkers spray me with pesticide that’s not the only thing that shows up on my skin.  I have to put Vaseline on my skin and rub it in.  The Vaseline takes out all sorts of things, wood, glass (this is  recent) and something black that looks like pepper (Rub your back with Vaseline.  I bet you don’t get  any of the things that I get on my back.  If you do, let me know.).  If  not on my back,  I’d like to use it as a third arm to help me carry packages.

I read some of the comments made about where people would put their third arm.  About 5 of them said they would use their third arm as a  makeshift  tail.  I bet they were all men.  

A woman commented she would use her arm behind her neck as an arm rest.  This idea I like.  When I’m tired, I can just lean on my third arm .

No tail, though.  Never.  I would feel like a monkey.

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