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Gang Stalking – Off Topic – PostaDay 2011 – There’s no place like New York City during the holidays.

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Rockefeller Center, in New York City.

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What I like about the holiday season is Christmas.  I’ve always loved Christmas, especially growing up in New York.  New Yorkers all decorate their windows, and so do all the department stores and other businesses.  Every one seems to be in good spirits.  Every one has house parties, and at work , there are parties given by the big honchos.  No matter what religion or belief, everyone gets into the spirit of Christmas.  There are chestnuts sold on the street corners, carolers are everywhere.  Santa Claus appears on every street corner with his ho-ho-ho.  And the Salvation Army is everywhere ringing its bell.  A lot of tourist come to New York to see all the decorations and take part in the celebrations.  New York is a Fairyland during Christmas.  I love it.  And, oh, how can I forget the tree that’s lit at Rockefeller Center. It’s gorgeous.  And the Rockettes at Radio City Music Hall with their Christmas show.  Everyone in New York becomes childlike during the holidays.

And I like the New Year’s eve celebration. I remember in New York my sisters and I used to go partying from house to house.  We’d go to someone’s house, have something to eat and drink, stay about an hour, and head over to someone else’s  house.  By the time New Year’s arrived, we’d visited about six houses, and we’d have so much fun acting stupid and laughing all night.  Or we’d go to Times Square and stand out in the cold throwing confetti  at all the tourists wishing them “Happy New Year.”  And then we’d get on the subway with silly hats and act even sillier.  Ah, those were the days!

But I no longer live in New York.  I now live in Las Vegas, Nevada.  It’s not the same here in Las Vegas.  There are hardly any decorations on the windows of the stores, or the hotels. And almost no one decorates his house.  It doesn’t feel very “Christmassy”  in Las Vegas.  It lacks the fun aspect of Christmas and New Year’s in New York.  And people here have no Christmas spirit whatsoever.

Anyone who wants to have a great Christmas, visit New York.  It’s a great place to visit during the holidays. There’s no place like it.

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