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Gang Stalking – Someone can only have as much power over you as you allow them to have.

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I just got back from picking up my mail (auto-correct changed this to male. I thought it was funny ” picking up my male.”)  The mailman gives the property manager my mail and she looks through it.  She doesn’t open the mail, she has some gadget the government has given her to snoop through the paper.  The mail has a mark on the back of it, that’s how I know.  If you want to know if they’re reading your mail, turn the envelope around. On the left side of the envelope, you’ll see a dark mark. If you see that mark, they’re reading your mail.  There isn’t one part of your life that they don’t mess with. And messing with your mail is just part of the gang stalking.

I’m an observer of life, always have been.  It’s paid off with the gang stalking.  I notice a lot of things other people don’t notice. Things that are right in front of their face.  I’m telling you, become an observer of what’s happening around you and you’ll find all the answers you’re seeking.

For instance, do you notice that everywhere you go, the area is always filthy? This is done intentionally by the gang stalkers.  As you go about your day, do you sit in a certain spot, go to a certain store, etc? They know all this.  You’re followed by a truck(s).  Everywhere you go there will be a truck following you around.  Take a look next time you go out. You’ll see a truck (it’s usually a white truck), and it won’t always be the same truck.   Watch the truck out of the corner of your eye and you’ll see it’s following you. These trucks have cameras in them.  They record everything you do and  follow you around everywhere.  You’ll be recorded going into a store, coming out of the store, sitting in the park, talking to a strange (perhaps a terrorists?), getting on the bus, getting off the bus, feeding pigeons, eating in a restaurant, etc. Every mundane thing you do every day.

This is what the U.S. spends a lot of money on, spying on you as you go about your very ordinary day. This is just waste of taxpayer money, but most taxpayers don’t care if this is done to us.  The U.S.A. is protecting its people from terrorists like us.  Or, anyway, that’s the excuse they use. I don’t really know what the real reason is. I really think we’re all experiments. Twenty years from, or maybe more, Congress will hold meetings trying to find out the vile things done to American citizens? They will ask the  typical questions: how could this have happened without anyone knowing; why?  And they’ll all be full of shit. They’re only doing it to get on t.v. so they can look as if they’re doing something important.  Of course, nothing will come of it. The “same old same old” will continue to happen.   Congress has no interest in what’s happening to American citizens.  All they care about is making money and looking important.  That’s it!

Anyway, I was writing about every place you go being so filthy, that’s purposely done.  You sit at a place just once and someone is watching your.  Next time you show up, there’ll  probably be someone sitting exactly where you were sitting. This is  to let you know they knew you were sitting there.  The gang stalkers will mess up the area and you’ll see plastic bottles, cups, food, the spot will be wet, electrical wires sticking up, pennies (pick up the pennies and put them in your piggy bank.  The pennies really add up.  Put them in your bank.  Sometimes they also leave nickels and quarters on the ground.  Look at the trees, if there are any, you’ll see that they’ve been deliberately damaged. You’ll see holes in the sidewalk, cracks in the street (to make you fall and draw electricity to you).  And you will see damage and more damage all around you. It is not ordinary wear and tear.   I bet you didn’t notice all this, unless you’re a very observant person.  It’s not your imagination that this is occurring.  It is taking place; no question about it.

If you pay attention to what I’m writing, your life will change for the better.  The knowledge that you gain from knowing what’s happening to you will make you stronger. It won’t be a mystery anymore.  If something is mysterious to us, we don’t know to handle it. But knowledge enables you to move forward and become stronger.

I know a lot of targets don’t like to acknowledge what is taking place around them. I know that you rather believe it’s DEWs (Directed energy weapons) and satellites pointed at you. But open your eyes and see.  See what is going on right in front of you.  Take a really good look at those gang stalkers standing next to you. They’re not as powerful as you think they are.  They only have power because you think they have power.  Remember this: Someone can only have as much power over you as you allow them to have (I read this years ago, and I can’t recall where I read it).  Take back your power!