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Gang Stalking – Keeping prints as proof.

The freaks like to leave finger prints and footprints all over my apartment. My carpet, for instance, is full of foot prints. It’s  also covered with some oily substance. It’s very oily. I think it might be diesel fuel they put on my carpet, or oil they’ve taken from my cabinets. When I get home I usually take my shoes off and walk around barefoot. By the time I get to bed, my feet are very dirty from the oil.

Not only do they put finger prints all over my carpet, but on my mirrors, walls, refrigerator door, food, windows. They also leave foot prints on my magazines. I thought to myself  “they’ve got everything covered with finger prints and paws there’s no other place they can put prints”. Well, I was wrong!  I always underestimate the evilness of these disgusting pieces of human waste.

This morning, I was unrolling a paper towel and I was standing by the light. As I unrolled the towel, I noticed there were paw and foot prints on the towel. So I kept unrolling the towels.  About half the paper towels have paw and foot prints on them. And all this time I’ve cleaned my things with these filthy towels.

So, just a warning, check your paper towels to make sure there’s no filthy footprints or paw prints on your towels.  I guess the lowlifes have very little to do in their lives. They’re miserable so they have to make the lives of others miserable.

Oh, I know these people will get their day in hell. It’s coming!!

I’d like to let the freaks know that I’m keeping all the finger prints and paw prints.  Some day I might be able to use them  as evidence of what they’ve done. And I keep all these prints close to me. I don’t leave them home.


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